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7 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

You can see why the Danes are a top side, even without the ball they press high and we're finding it difficult to get any real space.

Still, much better than the game in Denmark. 


Last 10 mins we've been finding some space, and almost scored, certainly the better team over the last wee while. 

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1 minute ago, guinness said:

Excellent first half. Not a weak link. Adams. Christie ,McGregor in particular have been very good. O,Donnell good defensively.a!l going well against a good side.

Aye, glad O'Donnell is playing well, much maligned, and sometimes deserved, but, playing like this, a more than decent left back.


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2 hours ago, [email protected] said:

SFA should hide their heads in shame. Yet again no live coverage on tv. Would never happen in any other country. Serves us right for putting up with this. As for the match itself, I predict a defeat, just heard the line up. 

And the fanny of the night award goes to..............:lol:

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Well, 6 COMPETITIVE wins on the trot, seemingly never been achieved since 1930.

Tonight was, as @guinness said, as good a 90 minutes as we've produced for years.

Not one weakness over the 90 minutes but again, McGinn was outstanding, how he manages to last 90 minutes, with his work rate, is astonishing.

Just great, roll on next March, plenty teams won't be wanting us, that's for sure. 


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