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St. Mirren v Dunfermline 14th July 2019

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We lacked a professionalism on Sunday. The fact they are a league below and have signed quite a lot of lower league younger players led me to believe that whilst it would be tight that we would win. The performance and application stunk and this would not be tolerated at any premier league club. I am sure Jim will be the same and that we now go all out to ensure we qualify as a best runner up. This surely to goodness is something we are capable of when u look at the opponents we have. That said we said the same last year and we couldn’t beat Spartans or Queen’s Park 

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1 hour ago, The Original 59er said:
21 hours ago, jaybee said:

You sir are a sanctimonious prat, someone purporting to support a team that  absolutely loves it when things don't work well and you can then cherry pick comments and phrases from wherever,  irrespective of their validity or not; so long as they fit in with the LPM 'World View', that's fine.  I shan't even bother highlighting ALL the deliberately misconstrued assumptions that you use to justify the drivel you type, prodigious drivel I may say and you do spend a lot of time attempting to ratify the crap you post, very wordy but somewhat short on punctuation. My thoughts are that you simply don't have an understanding of football at this level judging by your constant complaints about the board, the manager, GM, GS, the tooth fairy, sorry getting carried away now. Might I suggest a solution? why don't you support a team like perhaps Celtic or even better Manchester City (they don't get beat very often) and give the people on the forum who DO support St Mirren the chance to discuss games in a REASONABLE manner.  

Interesting post, ……………………… I suggest if you are going to have a go at someone properly, you don't leave yourself completely open to any criticism from any angle.😫

Glass houses and throwing stones comes to mind. The internet is a wonderful invention, it provides a platform for all, that was never available to the common person in years gone by. Maybe, just occasionally, you might manage to get one of your (edited) posts appearing in one of the daily rags, but you never had the opportunity to have your personal views aired with such venom.

So pot and kettle...…………………………….., lack of clear punctuation and the overall construction of an article, e.g. lack new paragraphs when changing subject matter. Use of a verb in the wrong tense (I'll let you work out where this might apply).

Yes this is a sanctimonious post and it's not in any way a defence of LPM or his views. However he is entitled to his slightly off-beat views, in the same way as we all are, but, and it is a large BUT, he shouldn't be attacked by you because of these views, just because you can.🙄

An equally interesting post, however I was unaware that this was English 101 and surely the point of a forum is to engender debate, not to close it down, although in LPM's case I may consider an exception.  I welcome criticism if it is constructive as yours would appear to be, although as you admit; it is also sanctimonious and ever so slightly arrogant methinks.

Your analogy of  "Glass houses and throwing stones" might have a certain credibility if my previous posting history showed a repetitive and confrontational bent, but it doesn't.  There are a few similar 'debates' shall we say with other posters that irritate me and to which I respond in sarcastic tones but there are far more where the debates are friendly and informative.   A great deal of your second paragraph falls within that which I consider elitist and rather condescending; whilst the amount of venom which I choose to vent in my posts is very much dependant upon the 'drivel' to which I am responding.

You do love your analogies do you not?  Pot and Kettle indeed!  In this case if you read (that what I writted), you would note I said "short on punctuation" not incorrectly punctuated as I, like most others on here have very little right to correct others punctuation.  My point was the LACK of it and by the bye my response could in no way be considered an 'article, this is a forum not the Times.

Yes your post is sanctimonious and irrespective of your contradictory last paragraph it is nevertheless (IMO) a defence of LPM, if not his views.   And yes he is entitled to those slightly off-beat views, in the same way as we all are, no problem with that.   On the other hand who are you to deny me the right to criticise views that I do not agree with and once again if you re-read  (that what I writted), you would realise that it is his justification for those views that I find most contentious. The oddity is that (probably because LPM has not commented) everybody else and their brother feels the need to step in and have their say on his behalf and advise me ......................... well!....................   of all sorts of things, far far too many to list.

And so; whilst I have no problem with your right to post, it would appear that I need to learn considerably ................ before I have that same right ............ otherwise I may fall under the remit of the Punctuation, Paragraph and Politically correct Police.  😎


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On 7/15/2019 at 3:00 PM, portmahomack saint said:

Granted the tough preseason can take the legs from the players but that's no excuse for yesterday's performance as it was the same for the  Dunfermline team.  Reality is,  9 of those players that started the game were here at the start of last season and we found out within a few games they weren't good enough for this league, so the result was no big surprise to me,  only 3 players played anything close to there normal game yesterday Baird Mullen Cook who's normal game unfortunately falls short in my opinion of premiership level,  The same arguably could be said about most of the rest who looked like they hadn't touched a ball since the playoff,  

Young Ethan is not a left back and isn't ready yet for the starting 11 imo.  a left back needs sorted now. 

Jim has a tougher job ahead of him than maybe he realised and needs good players brought in now and not in January like the last 2 seasons 

Maybe we should learn a lesson from last season. 1 decent performance against Killie away and people were saying Fitzy was right after all and we should be in with a shout of a top 6 finish (especially after *&^%$£ added his marque signings), namely let's not place too much emphasis on one game - or even the group stages of the league cup.

The final 3 months of the season saw us regularly fielding most of Sunday's team and only losing 3 games out of around 15 matches with guys like McGinn & McGinn, Baird, MacKenzie, Magennis, Flynn, Erhahon, Hladky, Mullen doing well once they were joined by some good additions to the squad (Dreyer,McAllister, Popescu, Muzek, Lyons... less impressed with so-so signings like Jackson and The Duck). Although our last 15 games had a few games against Dundee United and Dundee and Hamilton, we also did pretty well in games against Aberdeen, Hearts, St Johnstone, Motherwell.

Goodwin was a co-commentator for BBC for a few of our games last season when Alloa weren't playing so I'm sure he had a decent idea of what our squad was like and where we needed to strengthen over the summer.

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On 7/15/2019 at 4:44 PM, santaponsasaint said:

If Goody thinks he only needs 5 players he's either kidding us on or out his depth. He needs 3 defenders to start with. At least 2 midfielders and 2 forwards. . So 7 at least if not more. I think its 8 but just my opinion. And thought that before yesterday's debacle.

I'm fairly encouraged if Goodwin is thinking along the lines of adding 5 quality players to what we have already. Last season *&^%$£ signed 11 low-budget (we hope) duds with the possible exception of Lee Hodson and where did that get us?

If Goodwin is wanting to sign 5 players with premiership experience (or a similar level) and signs them in key positions then I see no reason why we shouldn't be looking at improving and finishing somewhere 8th - 10th this season - not where we want to be in the long run but making progress and beginning to get established as a premeirship team again.

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21 hours ago, TopCat said:



Jim knows fine well what a proper captain should do in midfield. He did it plenty.

No surprise then that he seen right through wet blanket McGinn in his first game in charge. Hopefully he doesn’t pander to him the way the PE teacher did.



One of many posts which seem to show amnesia for how the forum reacted to Goodwin when he was a St Mirren player. Wasn't there unrest when he signed that he was yet another journeyman centre midfielder (when Hugh Murray and Steven Thomson were still with us). I seem to remember plenty of posts about his discipline costing us games or saying he didn't fit in with the way football was evolving or suggesting he was too slow. I was a Goodwin fan but I remember him getting plenty of stick as a player and a coach (prior to being stripped of his coaching - joint assistant manager role).

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On 7/16/2019 at 2:45 PM, faraway saint said:

^^^^^ Way too much time on his hands. :snore

Very true my friend; although I do try not use it to snipe constantly at others as some people on here do, nor do I hold grudges and whilst I may call someone an arsehole if they are behaving that way; I do try to fall short of constant vilification .........  unlike some other people.  😎

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