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Motherwell v St Mirren 2/4/22

Cookie Monster

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27 minutes ago, Cookie Monster said:


2nd last game before the split. Will this game be a decider for a top 6, or even better a European place?


These questions need to be answered. emoji848.png


Disappointed you didn't start a thread about the last game before the split................................rascal will be fizzing you've beaten him to this game. :lol:

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17 minutes ago, guinness said:

Motherwell to beat us and St Johnstone to beat Livingstone and we are all shiting ourselves.


Tight as a drum. Just how a league should be but to go up to 4th and down to 8th in one match as we did today is hard on the nerves. Motherwell is always a tough place to go and has been entertaining in the past.

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17 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Going to be a LONG 2 weeks till this game. :rolleyes:

I see where you are coming from FS but disagree. For me, the game can’t come quickly enough. For the manager and team it maybe gives time to have more fit players and more time to work together. What a great position to be in to still have the opportunity of being in the top six. A challenge to be welcomed not feared.

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