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North bank , Drum, Noise and Colour

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8 hours ago, W6er said:

I think the Northbank are, generally, a credit to the club. There are a handful of idiots, but don't throw out the baby with the bathwater...

I would agree but it is the baby that's the problem not the bathwater.

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On 7/20/2022 at 11:29 PM, Rascal said:

W7 give great backing at home with lots of noise and colour and thankfully no flares and little aggro.

Away from Hope the noise and colour remain but there is more aggro towards other fans - moving then to take the spot for the drum - more aggro towards away supporters and use of Flares. Illegal, dangerous and could cost St Mirren £1000 fine. Not clever. Oh and what’s with the balaclava with eye spaces only - not a good look. Come on guys drop the flares and antagonist.





SFA been fined £1,712 for the smoke grenades let off at Hampden! 


Welsh fined over £12,000 for "flares" and fans on pitch.

Edited to add, in case link not working...


The Scottish Football Association has been fined after flares were let off in the crowd during Scotland’s defeat to Ukraine in their World Cup qualifier at Hampden.

FIFA issued the £1,712 fine over a breach of the order and security of matches – lighting of fireworks – under article 16 of the game’s disciplinary code."

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It's illegal to set off a flare if it's not an emergency so why aren't these folk getting whipped out the stadium and arrested .

The cynic in me says it's because the police and Stewards know that it will lead to an altercation as most the flares are thrown by casuals looking for trouble. 

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Just now, ALBIONSAINT said:

I wonder how many will be picked out from the Sevco or Septic games? 



let's take care of our own house first before doing the usual and deflecting towards the Old Firm. 

Not denying you have a point but the old "He who throws the first stone" etc. 

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44 minutes ago, Hendo said:

Football hooliganism seems to be back, just like the Thatcherism that spawned it. Fecking hell, what a shite world we live in.

I have no time for it. A season ticket holder for many years. I would stop going if this becomes the norm.

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