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  1. Brillo Fudd booked at last. Wee diddy [emoji835]️[emoji836]️[emoji835]️
  2. Got to be a draw I think. Keep them both within close reach.
  3. Who makes these daft decisions? Surely can't be coming from the top. Is it someone just being awkward for the hell of it? [emoji53]
  4. Superb effort from all tonight. What a difference when we give 90 minutes of hard graft. Players are really up for this. Forget the playoffs, we need to aim as high as possible. More of the same on Saturday to put real pressure on the teams above COYS !
  5. Not a nice sight seeing a player stretchered off. Didn't really see what happened. I was following play and looked back and saw him lying there. Dislocated knee sounds pretty bad though.[emoji53]
  6. I wonder if he agrees or disagrees with Thommo and Teales version of events. They can't all be wrong, can they? [emoji848]
  7. More than likely , unfortunately [emoji53] Old board not coming out very well with these stories. Advised by experienced football people to avoid TC as manager but still continued. He wouldn't even have cost a coin to get rid of as he was also out of contract. Easy and lazy option in my opinion.
  8. Good to hear folk being honest and outspoken for once, but I wish DL had been strong enough to have sacked Craig once he realised he was being back stabbed especially with players coming to him reporting trouble at the club. Where was the board at this point ??? [emoji57]
  9. Stelios is a much better left back than right. Raith were in our faces from the start and didn't allow Mallan or McGinn a minute forcing them into giving the ball away all too often. They could've played Stevenson in goal tonight as it wouldn't have mattered. Big effort needed on Saturday.
  10. Well that wasn't the best night out I've had [emoji53]
  11. I'll text you updates Drew [emoji1360][emoji460]️[emoji460]️[emoji460]️
  12. There would've been a lot more tickets sold than that. A few in my work bought tickets but had no intention of going and have done so in previous rounds. They are just trying to guarantee a final ticket.
  13. Wow, just wow [emoji1]That was 1980's St Mirren [emoji460]️[emoji460]️[emoji835]️[emoji836]️[emoji835]️
  14. My brother, my son and I had one each at half time yesterday, a wee bit of nostalgia . No wrigleys spearmint chewing gum though.
  15. Sultans of swing album. The very best of Dire Straits.