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  1. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    I wonder how much we paid out on wages and transfer fees on those 3 [emoji53]
  2. Ta Ta After 4 Games

    I'm sure he will leave this off of his CV [emoji23]
  3. Falkirk sack Houston

    An excuse to hate them even more.
  4. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    6 Scottish Cup winners there [emoji1360]
  5. Transfer deadline?

    He couldn't find his yellow tie.
  6. We were great, Craig Thompson was shit. I'm away to celebrate us getting a deserved 3 points [emoji1360][emoji481]
  7. Darryl Duffy

    Bhajis? Bhajis? We don't need no steenkin bhajis!
  8. Sevco /Celtic We Can Do Without Them

    Obviously not bothering with Europe this season to concentrate all their efforts on the league [emoji848][emoji57]
  9. One example of the sort of thing I hoped for when the new regime took over. As you said, some folk take a big interest in what the kit looks like and when it comes out and for kids it's important to them to get the new one as soon as they can to get the wear out of it. Simple marketing is all that's required [emoji53]
  10. Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit

    Thought that was Harkins and McCall for a minute there.
  11. Kenny McLean

    Aberdeen missed at trick here. Should've bought Stevie Mallan for £500k and sold Kenny for £1.5m
  12. Gary Harkins

  13. Latest Scores

    Worthy of champions league final [emoji460]️
  14. Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    Jacks agent has played a blinder here. Possibly [emoji53]
  15. Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    Dundee should be taken to task on how they've conducted themselves throughout this fiasco. Totally unprofessional [emoji35]Unless it's all been bullshit from the sun and record in which case they can Fcuk off!