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  1. [emoji51]
  2. Worthy of champions league final [emoji460]️
  3. Jacks agent has played a blinder here. Possibly [emoji53]
  4. Dundee should be taken to task on how they've conducted themselves throughout this fiasco. Totally unprofessional [emoji35]Unless it's all been bullshit from the sun and record in which case they can Fcuk off!
  5. Jack must be strutting up and down the beach just now like that guy from the Southern Comfort ad. All this attention he's getting in the press /everyone wanting a piece of him. I hope sevco make a few signings to keep the Record and Sun busy and away from our club [emoji19]
  6. James Keatings just can't escape the Championship [emoji1]
  7. Moses went over like he had been hit by a big wave [emoji51]
  8. Fcukin Brechin [emoji19][emoji849]
  9. Appreciate the update IOBS. I'll keep my eyes peeled as I'd definitely love to see that.[emoji1360][emoji279]
  10. Secco 1-2 down at home to the sheep worriers. Can't be far away from Sevco dubious penalty time with 10 to go [emoji19]
  11. 17 for me and I'm much younger than you [emoji1][emoji6]
  12. I wish I'd known about this. I would've loved it. Hopefully they will put it on again.
  13. That boy Mvoto had an absolute mare.
  14. Does it not say 'welcome tit bansli ' Big Yorkshire boy I work beside when I asked him about the place said, "shit ole" Seems conclusive.
  15. We love you Saint Murn, we do !