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  1. Would fit in with the rest of that transfer deal then. More and more deals are structured like that these days. Sure I read from our former chairman on Twitter the McGinn one will be similar if he gets sold.
  2. If it's a 10% sell on fee I'd be satisfied if he went for half a million. Anything else is a bonus. We could do with him and McGinn getting punted this summer so they don't leave for nothing next year and we end up with nothing. Only worry is we only get a percentage of the profit, rather than the whole fee. Means the £200k (or whatever it was) comes off whatever Aberdeen receive and we get 10% of the difference rather than the overall fee. Quite a lot of deals are structured like that these days.
  3. Will the club make more money the more shirts that are sold or do they just get a one off fee?
  4. Seemingly Birmingham are interested in McLean.
  5. Good to see the club getting into the spirit of the Crystal Maze by making season ticket holders complete a series of quests before they can gain access to the (Feegie) dome.
  6. To support the Paisley 2021 City of Culture bid, this year's St Mirren kit is a conceptual art project. It exists only as a construct in the mind of the fan and can be made to look like the perfect kit for every supporter, thus ensuring no complaining. Tremendous blue sky(view) thinking from the club.
  7. We have won our opening league game just twice since the turn of the century. One of those was against Falkirk in 2004, the other was at Inverness in 2006. Last beat Falkirk at home in 2008 and away in 2009.
  8. I thought the pipefitter had asked for his account to be deleted?
  9. Seems silly having an open day that's season ticket only (not that I'm overly bothered as I wouldn't be going anyway). Can't be to control numbers as they've not had that policy before and it's not a problem. Anyone who feels strongly about it should contact the club? I don't mean just firing off an e-mail to the general address either. We have two directors and a chief executive who can be contacted on Twitter and we now have supporters liaison officers who can be contacted by e-mailing [email protected] Far better doing something than just moaning about it or hoping someone sees it - if the folk at the club were to respond every time someone threw the toys out of the pram on here they wouldn't have time to do anything else.
  10. I think most clubs in our division have revealed their new kit - we used to reveal them at the annual dinner which was usually held mid/late May. Can't understand why that didn't happen this time. I really don't understand why some folk (well, one particular poster) wants to have his kit in April but I don't think having them on sale a few weeks before the holidays is such a ridiculous request.
  11. Striker Dale Hilson on trial. Spent the last two years at Queen of the South and has had a ridiculous number of injuries.
  12. I asked David Nicol about it on Twitter last night and he said he'd definitely be consulting the fans. Had to laugh at a Celtic fan claiming colt teams would stop other clubs relying on loan players and they'd have to develop their own. That's the same Celtic who've had a couple of guys on loan from Man City in recent seasons.
  13. East Fife next Tuesday. Article suggests it's at home but could be behind closed doors:
  14. Cheers [emoji846]