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  1. Said earlier on P&B that if this game is off, Caley Thistle have no free midweeks between now and the end of the season. Probably end up being a Monday or a Thursday!
  2. Ton 's Debt

    He's already started that one months ago.
  3. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    Was a clever/cynical foul from Eckersley. If the boy had got past him we were in big trouble so wiping him out was the right, if not the sporting, option. He probably knew he was about to get hooked due to injury so from that point of view it was ideal he was the one making the challenge. When I'm sitting in the press box at Palmerston I love when we score into the end the Queens fans are behind because either it takes a few seconds for the cheers to reach me or I know before the rest of the fans we've scored. Saturday was a case in point, there seemed a good few seconds from knowing Mullen had scored to hearing the roars. The sound for the second and third goals was awesome as well
  4. W7 Fans & Banners

    Good work on the banners yesterday Maybe doesn't work so well on here as on Twitter. Says "5 years to the day players became legends. Now it's your turn."
  5. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    Great result. Started well and deservedly took the lead but felt we were poor for the first half after that. Second half was much better. Two tremendous goals and could have had a few more. Fantastic save at the end to deny The Bank of Gary Mack. Livvy and Dundee United results capped a great day
  6. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    Real-life soap opera at Palmerston these days: https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/2375272/queen-of-the-south-baby-jim-thomson-lyndon-dykes/ Very windy in Dumfries today with some snow flurries too. Could make things a bit of a lottery.
  7. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    Quick heads up for folk going by train. No idea if this is normal practice as I don’t drink or get to the train to games!
  8. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    Being without our best player on Saturday didn't exactly do us any harm.
  9. St Mirren v Falkirk 17/4/2018 (defo)

    Weather would have put paid to the game on its original date so no harm done there, however if we'd left it then we could probably have re-arranged it for last night.
  10. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Should have gone one stage further and treated them like a kid who'd forgot his PE kit and made them play in their pants.
  11. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Despite having him on ignore I see the attention seeking, oxygen stealing f**kwit is making an arse of himself again - not least because the man of the match is voted for by Saints fans on social media so a number of folk must have thought Mullen had a good game, not just "his da".
  12. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Good performance all round I'd say. Best I've seen from Mullen and Flynn, although haven't seen them much. 20 points from nine games will see us over the line regardless of other results.
  13. St Mirren v Falkirk 17/4/2018 (defo)

    Can't see it happening either, however was just mentioning it because it looks certain he'll not be available that Saturday.
  14. St Mirren v Falkirk 17/4/2018 (defo)

    Morgan will definitely be called up - The Sun seems to think there's an outside chance he could make the full squad, let alone the under-21s. We're either playing without him or the game will be postponed because the others are called up.
  15. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    I see going by this that Saints fans will be allowed in the terracing behind the goal: https://www.stmirren.com/news/matchday/away-matchday-information/1651-ticket-info-queen-of-the-south-v-st-mirren-17th-march