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  1. Similar to shull - not a great fan of drums at football and was slightly concerned about being on the fringes of the whole singing/flag display stuff but I had a great time. Just a shame about the result. Given this tweet from Tony the other day it would be pretty silly if the drum wasn't allowed into home games.
  2. Anything coming soon in terms of an update or proposals to vote on?
  3. If you think the SFA and SPFL are corrupt I suggest you read some of Andrew Jennings' work. Our lot are amateurs compared to the football associations he writes about. The SFA and SPFL are incompetent and useless but corrupt might be pushing it.
  4. Great picture of him from Saturday.
  5. Genuinely can't see any replies to any of his tweets supporting the view but will take your word for it. Safe to say they are in the minority!
  6. Ah I see posting tweets doesn't work if you're using the app! Our chief executive says away fans will continue to be put in the West Bank so that home fans can go behind the goal, which gives the team a boost. Apparently. He claims this is true but I think it might be a Trump style alternative fact. About 10 people have replied and all have disagreed. Personally I'm with them, better to have fans all bunched together making noise rather than spread out across for stands.
  7. Fair to say this has not gone down well on Twitter...
  8. Yeah, it's going to be absolutely crazy and impossible to call. Gamblers would be as well staying away from it. Given where we were a few weeks ago and how mad things are going to get I'd still take ninth.
  9. The main worry I have is not how we'll play but our inability to string together league wins. We're OK at doing it back-to-back but we've only managed three consecutive league wins once in the last 10 years - December 2008 when we won all four games. We really need to repeat that run if we're to have any hope of avoiding the bottom two.
  11. The guy managed to make it back into the crowd, down one of the tunnels, through the doors and out of the ground! Unfortunately for him he was dragged back by the stewards 30 seconds later. Let's hope our escape attempt is slightly more successful.
  12. United play Ayr a few days after the final. If the cup final is level with a few minutes to go I suggest we let United win to ensure they are nice and fresh for the game against Ayr
  13. We were awful in the first half, wasn't quite sure how we were in front considering we created better chances for Queens than ourselves. Couldn't see any way we would keep a clean sheet but we were much better and pretty comfortable in the end. Just wish O'Brien could catch simple shots and crosses rather than randomly dropping them. Mercer will wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat mumbling Morgan over and over again after that one. He was absolutely skinned for the penalty and Morgan went one better after we scored. Disappointing with the results elsewhere but ultimately we're still a point off Ayr and the gap to eighth is four points instead of five so not too bad at all.
  14. Aye, my point was there's no point hoping we'll keep a clean sheet as that won't happen. We'd be as well being proactive and go on the attack from the off rather than being forced into reacting when we inevitably concede. Could be another high scoring one on Saturday.