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  1. Ophelia

    Same! Although it's a plane to London I'm getting in the morning rather than a boat.
  2. Not sure I agree with the claim in bold! Game doesn't need to be on a Saturday or even a Sunday, Edinburgh City played last night because they're groundsharing with Spartans who were home today.
  3. LTHV are a senior side, not a junior team. They're arguably not amateur's either but semi-pro. There's nothing wrong with non-league teams playing in the cup, however you could argue that it's not right for unlicensed clubs like LTHV to be in it.
  4. Wouldn't be overly surprised if it's shifted given the capacity, which probably hasn't been tested for donkeys years. It's a third of the capacity Spartans had in 2006. Dunno where it would be moved to though. Spartans' new ground maybe? Or Livingston? Guessing the other Edinburgh grounds are too big.
  5. Injury Updates

    I'm totally lost reading this thread. Without asking for too much detail, is the rumour now that MacKenzie is physically fine but has other issues (and I'm not talking about concussion)? If so it's no laughing matter.
  6. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Great result considering how hard we've found it at Dumbarton before. John Sutton
  7. The end of our unbeaten home run is a bigger annoyance to me than going out the cup.
  8. Game went pretty much as I expected with Brechin being stuffy and hard to break down. Lack of urgency from us was worrying at times, didn't zip the ball about as well as we normally do. Couldn't have complained too much if Brechin had left with a point. Not great but got the job done. With our form and the fact we like to play on the break more and more teams are going to sit in against us. We need to work on breaking teams down, especially with Dumbarton in a fortnight.
  9. Big fan of the seethe that nearly always accompanies these sorts of statements which effectively boil down to "Don't be a bam".
  10. Double Winner Speaks

    Kevin McGowne was our double winning captain.
  11. Stephen Mallan

    Seems crazy to me that Mallan hasn't even been on their bench (one League Cup game aside). His set-piece ability alone surely makes him worth having as an option if they need a goal. Barnsley aren't doing very well this season - maybe their manager will get sacked and Mallan will get his chance then.