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  1. If another loan has been made to the club - why? What has it been used for? Or are we in such dire straits that the club couldn't continue without some extra cash?
  2. For what it's worth, I follow the West Lothian Courier's sports reporter who covers Livingston's games on Twitter and he has said for much of the season that whichever Championship team ends up in the relegation play-offs will have little problem staying up because the standard is awful. Would rather not test his theory though!
  3. The anti-Celtic agenda at the SFA must be one of the poorest executed conspiracies in human history
  4. I don't know how many bookings are needed but I think when someone goes over the threshold it takes a fortnight to kick in - so if Gary Mac gets booked next week it won't come into effect until either next season or the play-offs (might even be the second leg of the play-offs). So annoying that two wins might not be enough but we have to at least get those two wins so that if the worst happens we go into the play-offs with momentum. Next week is the biggest game since Stirling in 1998 and we have to win it. Hope the players aren't too down following the nature of yesterday's defeat.
  5. There seem to be quite a few folk keen on the idea of rolling the cash over for another three months being an option. Has this been put to the committee and, if so, any idea shwy it hasn't made it onto the vote?
  6. Ultimately this is why we are where we are and will be the main reason behind our relegation if we drop into League One. We can moan about pish refereeing, missed penalties and the like all we want but not registering a league win until December is why we're in the shit. I really don't understand why JR has gone public with what the referee allegedly said. What good would come from it in the off chance the ref admitted to it? ANd the chances are he won't, the SFA will side with him and Jack will get done. Can only assume he's trying to create a siege mentality.
  7. Just presenting some alternative facts.
  8. Apologies, got the sheriff's quote wrong yesterday as I was trying to do it from memory. It was actually: "It’s an important time for your team at the moment so I’m not going to ban you at this time."
  9. Someone appeared in court yesterday about this. He denied it and it'll go to trial. The sheriff decided against imposing a ban on him from going to all grounds in the interim because it's an important time of the season and "Your team needs you"
  10. Maybe Stelios was just sick he'd been schooled by some kids at FIFA on Friday.
  11. Said before the game I'd have been happy with a point, however frustrating to draw after being ahead twice. The Raith result is a blow but not entirely unexpected after we thumped Morton during the week. Today should act as a reminder it was always unlikely to be straightforward.
  12. In fairness, you did also try to defend Raith's appointment of Gary Locke
  13. Like the Morton goalie fouling one of our players at the fourth goal then whining he's the one getting fouled.