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  1. The Sun is reporting we could use some of the Mallan money to sign Andy Ryan from Airdrie. Former Hamilton youngster who is under contract for another year, scored 27 goals last season and nine goals in 16 for Forfar in the first half of 2016. Sounds decent, seems a few clubs are in for him though. We'd need to pay a fee or maybe we could swap him for Hutton...
  2. Had heard a wee while back that all the loan players would be happy to stay, which would be good news [emoji846] Dunno if Storie was included in that though...
  3. Only bothered about the quality and financial resources of other teams rather than the pish crowds they may bring. From that point of view it would be a big help if Dundee United won the playoff final and both Hamilton and Caley Thistle came down. There'd be no real favourite for promotion, although the media would probably go for the teams coming down from the Premiership. Not fussed if it's Alloa or Brechin that comes up from a competition point of view, although would like Alloa for the Goodwin factor. The big question is if ICT come down will we be sent there at Christmas or New Year?
  4. Not that you'd know - he was tremendous wide right. Wouldn't be the end of the world if that's where he played next season. Was John McGinn's preferred position not in the middle? Seem to remember he spent a lot of his time on the left and it didn't do him any harm. Wasn't fussed either way with Todd. Hopefully a full-time pre-season will help him.
  5. Guessing he's one for the under-20s. See he was at Hearts before but looks like he left the same summer Ross was appointed.
  6. I wrote some drivel about us staying up if anyone wants a read:
  7. Baird, Dacvis and MacKenzie would be three pretty good options when they're all available. Do we have any youngsters that would be decent cover? Just slightly concerned given Davis is coming back from an injury and MacKenzie has had problems in the past.
  8. I may have to reconsider who I have on ignore if that's the sort of thing I'm missing out on
  9. This is what young Stevie has to look forward too (possibly NSFW):
  10. Wonder which ones he thinks will re-sign. If you take the loan players out of the equation I think the only ones out of contract are MacKenzie, Fjelde, Clarkson and Todd and whatever is happening with the options of Irvine and Stelios (if they haven't already been triggered). He'll obviously be looking to keep MacKenzie and wants Stelios but it looks like he'll go elsewhere. Fjelde will surely be off and Clarkson has a long-term injury so no point re-signing him.
  11. It's a bit like the six seconds rule for goalies though - how often do you see it enforced? It happens occasionally but not as often as it should. Having a clock there should stop that problem.
  12. Shot clock sounds like a good idea. Guys like Nadal spend far too long messing around between shots. Should do the same in golf, might help stop club golfers taking forever because they see the pros do it on TV.
  13. According to this we're one of the clubs after Stefan Scougall, who is leaving Sheffield United. Would be surprised if we get him.