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  1. Stephen Mallan

    Seems utterly bizarre that he's not even made the bench for any of their league games. Worth having him there just for his set-piece delivery if nothing else.
  2. Jack Ross Must Go.

    While it's fairly obvious he's on the wind-up (at least I hope he is or he's going to be in for a tough few years), Lex is fully entitled to come out with his pish after every defeat seeing as some folk are determined to bring this thread up after every win. Don't like it? Then block him. Did it months ago but unfortunately folk keep quoting his posts.
  3. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Duffy was right to go mad about that throw as it was clearly their ball. Typical of our luck what developed from it!
  4. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Not great in the first half but we had plenty of the ball after the red card, just did nothing with it. Third and fourth goals were awful. McShane's corners are atrocious and no idea why Sutton was the man sacrificed for Buchanan when it was fairly obvious we'd resort to pumping the ball forward for the midgets to try to win.
  5. Forum Upgrade

    Has the ignore function gone? I still have a list of folk on ignore but, sadly, can see their posts.
  6. Speculation Thread

    Sutton leaving only makes sense to me if we're bringing in a guy who is as good as, if not better than him - the name rumoured doesn't really fit that description. Maybe Sutton going frees up enough cash for the new striker and someone else? Anyway, it seems no one else is leaving... for now.
  7. Speculation Thread

    Was he wearing an Oakland Raiders cap? Assumed that guy was a pal of Stelios.
  8. Not a great fan of Samson and he was the main person at fault for the first goal (although our marking was poor). However, he pulled off a number of good saves from Austin so more than redeemed himself.
  9. Awful start and we were dodgy until just before we scored. After that we were great although, typical St Mirren, we wobbled a bit when they got reduced to 10 men. Reilly was outstanding, Smith was excellent and I enjoyed Baird pretending he was Beckenbauer, even if it does make me panic at times. Stelios maybe made the most of it for the red card - the guy definitely swung his elbow but if there was contact it was minimal, definitely not to the extent he made. Still, we've been victims of such nonsense plenty of times before, even today with Hippolyte falling over and then getting away with kicking folk. Said this year and last that I'd be happy to sacrifice the league cup if it meant a good start to the league season. Hopefully lessons have been learned from the Livvy and Thistle games, namely that Reilly isn't a lone striker and we shouldn't be punting the ball forward for him to win in the air. Hopefully today should silence a few of the doubters after the league cup campaign and also answer a few other criticisms, such as Ross doesn't know how to turn things round when we go a goal down. Only the third time this millennium we've won our opening league game and the first time since 2012 we've managed a league win before the end of August. Happy days
  10. Aside from everything I else, I fully appreciate James Fowler's regular bampottery in the technical area. Today was a joy to watch - and because the focus was on him it let Jack Ross get away with taunting Houston. The perfect double act
  11. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Why can't money from SMISA's reserves (separate from share purchase cash) be used to sponsor the Panda Club as has happened for the last few years? Is that money earmarked for anything? Was always said the £2 monthly spend was for other projects. If a reserve needed to be built up for when SMISA buy the club (which seems a sensible idea) it should have been built into the payment structure when we started - for example £1 for projects and £1 into the reserve - rather than shifting the goalposts 12 months down the line.
  12. For those not on Twitter, it is worth joining purely so you can follow Cairters Corner. Great photos and goal videos: https://twitter.com/CairtersSMFC
  13. Although it was a meaningless game and against a team from League One, Airdrie are a full-time outfit so winning 5-0 is really like winning 10-0...
  14. SMISA Wall

    Shambles. Should have been unveiled before the end of the season so that kids could take photos in front of it to show their pals during the school holidays.