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  1. Feed the Shanks and he will score.
  2. Happy to see Harry come back. Assuming he stays injury free, he'll be a good signing. Problem we still have is nothing to do with our centre halves and everything to do with our brand of attacking football, It leaves us open when we commit so many bodies forward. We don't play a defensive midfielder, we play two playmakers. That's the issue. Maybe a shift to 4-3-3 rather than 4-2-3-1 might tighten us up in midfield a bit.
  3. 1-0 Agnew f**king hell
  4. Might have a year left on his deal then, there's definitely a fee involved.
  5. Seen Robertson was about to sign for Liverpool. Biggest fear is that it's enough of a windfall to bring back Tony Andreu.
  6. ST MIRREN: Samson, Irvine, Buchanan, MacKenzie, Stelios, Smith, McGinn, McShane, Morgan, Stewart, Reilly Stewart in ahead off Sutton. Disappointed in that.
  7. Dundee Utd sign their second keeper this week. Looks like Cammy Bell is offski. They've also signed Sam Stanton on loan from Hibs. Never been overly impressed with the lad.
  8. More worried about how were not in a position to bring in more players. Pretty clear we're lacking.
  9. saintmirrenfc #SMFC starting XI: Stewart, Irvine, MacKenzie, Buchanan, Stelios, McGinn, MacPherson, Todd, Kirkpatrick, Hilson, R.Stewart #COYS
  10. Don't know why a throwaway comment has irked you so? Really wasn't meant to spark a debate. At the end of the day friendlies are only worthwhile if players get a run out and finish the match injury free. Maybe you should take yourself for a walk and catch some of that sea air. Chill out.
  11. At the end of the game JR said it was a worthwhile exercise, the question now is does he still think it was worthwhile. I'm not asking for your crystal ball mate.
  12. Time for Rocco to go. Total waste of a wage. Giving a two year deal to a crock was an absolute masterclass by Alex Rae.
  13. Obviously referring to the friendly. Not sure how you didn't get that. Friendlies are only worth it if the players get a decent workout and remain injury free. We've now potentially lost one our first names on team sheet for a considerable length of time.
  14. Wonder if JR thinks Dundee was worth it now. Horrible news. Looks like Kirkpatrick will be given his chance early on.
  15. How do you know he's our top earner? Suttons wage is irrelevant to me, that's his business. He's a different option to what we have at the club currently, therefore he should stay. We're a little bit light up top to be letting go players of Suttons ilk.