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  1. Lewis Morgan should be rested and absolutely nowhere near this match. We should comfortably dispatch of this team without him.
  2. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Not one for criticising refs but McLean should’ve been nowhere near a high profile match like that after the week he’s had. For a man that parades around with FIFA badges on his chest, he was atrocious today. Could’ve bet my life he was gonna even it up by giving Morton a penalty. Corner was barely even kicked before he blew for it. He knew he f**ked up with ours and couldn’t wait to make it right. 2 wrongs don’t make a right, unfortunately. Gavin Reilly incident was in front of me, it’s an absolute stone waller and he books him for diving. I think he had gotten to a point where he wasn’t gonna make anymore big decisions and took the easy way out. Referees can be frustrating but when you make decisions that affect the outcome of a game, we’re in trouble. Not to mention the fact it should’ve been a corner to us before their goal. All this being said, we had plenty of chances today and frustratingly couldn’t tuck them away.
  3. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Horrible bumpy, uneven surface to play on. Think our passing game goes out the window here, cant help but think we should opt for a more direct approach and have Sutton in for Reilly and let Morgan and Smith work their magic behind him.
  4. Defence has been a shambles all year, can't wait for our 2 injury prone defenders to come and save the day [emoji849] On a better note, good to see Gavin get back on the scoresheet, his confidence must've been waining having not hit the net in a while. Hopefully that'll give him a boost in the right direction. Also mentions for Hilson and Stewart who put in a lot of effort and done a power of running. Will give Jack a headache in an attacking sense, shame the same can't be said about defenders.
  5. We played Dundee Utd of the park playing 3-5-2 as well. This is our first defeat using it, I would stick with it, albeit personnel might leave us with no option but to go to a back 4 next week. Our problem is that we play with two playmakers in central mid, rather than having a ball winner in there, our defence might be poor but they've got nobody in front protecting them. It's just the way we play unfortunately.
  6. Stelios having a shocker here. Partially responsible for both.
  7. 5 minute delay to kick off.
  8. When you get to the ground you need to buy a ticket to get in, technically not pay at the gate. Big queue forming already!
  9. There's passionate commentating, then there's just screaming through the mic. The examples you mention above are nothing compared to this guy.
  10. Understandable but the highlights are being put out as an official product of the club at least have a bit of professionalism about it.
  11. That co-commentator's screeching at every goal really puts me off watching the highlights.
  12. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Can't wait to hear the opinion of those who were screeching to get Baird back in the team, purely because Buchanan was incapable of single handedly stopping Livingston from scoring against us. With any luck it'll be a long road back for Jack, not that Buchanan is much better. Baird is just far too unreliable.
  13. Brian Graham

    Hard to achieve such a feat when you're a bit part player reduced to mostly sub appearances. Like our other summer signing in Reilly, he has a good record in the championship and is looking to put a poor couple of seasons behind him. I'd be delighted if we could get Graham in.
  14. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Don't think we should be getting ahead of ourselves, been here a million times before with Saints and it never ends well. I'll reserve my confidence until after these tough opening 4 fixtures. Derbies are always unpredictable and form never counts. I'll settle for three points however we get them.
  15. Sutton and Reilly, two players written off by some in here before the league had even kicked off. Tremendous. The pair of them.