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  1. January 2018 Transfer Window

    We could do with. Tony Andreau style striker but maybe he is out of our league.
  2. Kenny McLean

    How do you know this? I doubt he is on as much as this but I have no way of confirming it or not.
  3. Move on Shull. Diddy cup and we are top of the league. It's done so look forward.
  4. January 2018 Transfer Window

    Chris Kane at Fakes. His loan at QOS is up.
  5. January 2018 Transfer Window

    Wonder if Chris Kane could do a job for us on loan as he is due to go back to the Fakes.
  6. Jai Quitongo

    Btw, Gert Muller, Ally McCoist, Ally McLeod and Kris Boyd had little pace and they had rather decent careers.
  7. Jai Quitongo

    Mullen has been out injured and getting match fit. Ffs give him time to get some match time and adapt to his new team mates.
  8. January 2018 Transfer Window

    A lot of players in our price bracket fail to succeed at clubs. Any player is a gamble and some have cost English PL teams multi millions in that failure. Jack, like any manager, will have his share of players who don't fit or suit post transfer but looking at his record there are far more successes than failure. Were you critical when he brought Gavin R to the club? Some of the other recent signings are longer term. If they reach the potential that Jack sees them great, if not then they will find pastures new.
  9. Danny Mullen

    No doubt they are paying big salaries to the likes of McDonald, King and Fraser. Living beyond their means perhaps?
  10. Sean Kelly?

    Heard his name during **** v Ross County highlights and didn't realise he had signed for them. Naismith and Kelly playing SPL football. Jason has come on a lot and is doing really well.
  11. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Us winning two in a row? Dung losing two in a row? Or at your most optimistic, Dung beating us a second time this season? I have faith that we will get something from the game.
  12. We are unlikely to win the SC for a while so surely a game against a team that has a big support will help financially. Don't recall anyone saying the Celtic game last season was a nightmare draw.
  13. How many teams got a doing at Celtic Park? They are head and shoulders above us and you forget we could have been 2-0 up before they equalised. Brendan Rodgers praised us and you can't expect more than that.
  14. A cup run would be good financially but the league is our priority. As for the draw? An excellent chance for our young lads to play against a higher standard of footballer. If we had got QOS, Plastics or Hamilton away people would moan about lack of crowd etc and likely we may stumble. The pressure is all on Aberdeen who rightfully will be favourites. No idea why this is thought of as a bad draw?
  15. Lots of games when a team takes the foot off the gas when the game is clearly won. No doubt Jack told them just to play game out thus avoiding suspensions and injuries. We have a tough game coming up and thankfully we are through with no problems.