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  1. Lots of games when a team takes the foot off the gas when the game is clearly won. No doubt Jack told them just to play game out thus avoiding suspensions and injuries. We have a tough game coming up and thankfully we are through with no problems.
  2. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Wouldn't say a 2-1 loss away from home against Utd is a 'bad' defeat. Dunfermline and Soaps were bad defeats.
  3. QoS Game

    Wouldn't it be nice if the powers that be at BBC Scotland gave some mention of our league rather than simply concentrating on the SPL? Even a short highlight of the allotted game of the day in the Championship would be a start. Even Sky show highlights of all 4 of their leagues. BBC Scotland is a joke
  4. Lewis Morgan

    Santaponsasaint hasn't mentioned the contract that is on the table. Rather he thinks he will leave in Jan and be loaned back to us until season end.
  5. It was Ken Mackie. Just came into my old head
  6. Anyone remember a red headed striker who played for Dunfermline in early 70s. Wore white boots and seem to recall a name like George Mackie? Shull you may know.
  7. How did we do against them in the last game? Aye, that was a struggle.
  8. Stephen Mallan

    Lot of small players did fine down South. Bremner, Gemmil, Beardsley. If you are good enough then you will do well.
  9. Or, we could give our young lad a game and see if he is any better.
  10. Andy Ryan

    Wonder just where he will fit in at Dunfermline with Nicky Clarke , Declan McManus and Higginbotham?
  11. Speculation Thread

    How can QOTS attract someone like Kane when we appear to be seeking another striker. Maybe JR doesn't rate him? Can we have Dobbie then?
  12. Speculation Thread

    We will always struggle wage wise to compete against bigger clubs for decent strikers. Any decent known striker will have better offers so we are always going to have a battle to bring a recognised 15-20 goals a season man in. Our main hope is to unearth our own talented striker despite knowing he will move on to a bigger club.
  13. Speculation Thread

    Fair points but the revenue in tickets book sales has to be balanced by any debt, higher wages and other running costs.
  14. Harry

    Remember Darren McGregor had injuries to both knees and he came back and is still rated as an excellent defender.
  15. Speculation Thread