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  1. On the game, it was really that piece of class from Andreu which separated the two teams ultimately. On another day, that doesn't go in and Mallan scores one of those free-kicks....
  2. Had a great day today. Disappointed with the result but feels so good to be part of that support.
  3. Just arriving at Central on a train full of St Mirren fans.
  4. 150 tickets still available (according to Div on Twitter) which means 4720 sold going into tomorrow.
  5. According to one of the directors we earned over £300K from that Quarter Final
  6. Seemingly it's 45% gate money for each club and £12-18000 in prize money so a crowd around the 9000 mark should mean a nice wee windfall of £100000 from the day.
  7. A Dundee Utd fan on P&B reckons they're going to sell around 3000 tickets. That's a lot of empty seats in that pitch-side stand and the big 2 tier behind the goal. Bit of a shame for atmosphere, but will hopefully give us an edge.
  8. There's an interview with Stephen in the Herald today. Said his agent told him not to sign for us! He did because he thought highly of JR as a teammate and his brother Paul raved about him as a coach. Also, of course, because it was St Mirren. Said we're the only team he would have come back to play for and that he didn't grow up a Saints' fan but he is now.
  9. I think for confidence, after big Harry's injury, the clean sheet today is important. We'd only had 1 in the league leading up to the Ayr game. We then went 3 in 5 with Davis/MacKenzie as centre-halves. Made it 4 in 6 today despite that partnership being broken up.
  10. I wonder if the club are considering doing a deal for the Ayr and Dumbarton games.
  11. 7 games played in 22 days and 4 league wins under high pressure conditions. You can't underestimate the monumental effort from the players. Well done to all involved. Disappointing the other results but from Ayr's point of view we turn them over then they beat Raith. 24 hours later we beat Hibs. Today they win at Dunfermline but they still can't shake us off as we win on the road too. I think we have a big psychological advantage going into the game in 2 weeks' time. Just need to do what we've been doing on the day. As for Dumbarton, Raith and Dunfermline I think the Ayr result today will have shook them up more than ours. Let's see now how they perform under the pressure we've coped with the past few weeks.
  12. Big blow as the MacKenzie / Davis partnership has yielded 4 clean sheets in the past 6 games (we'd only managed 4 in the 34 leading up to that!). We do at least have 2 centre-halves in reserve. Ayr have suffered a huge setback as well with the knee injury Paul Cairney picked up against Raith. Ever-present for them in the middle of the park and one of their main goal threats. He's out for at least another month.
  13. Well it's pretty simple now: a head-to-head with Ayr with a quarter of the season to go. Looking at the points picked up at each quarter (Saints v Ayr). 1st quarter - 4 v 11 2nd quarter - 7 v 7 3rd quarter - 10 v 7 Keep that trend going and we'll finish above them. 2 wins, 4 draws and 3 defeats in this quarter. Turn one of those draws into a win this quarter and that might just be enough (then we worry about Alloa and East Fife....)
  14. Ayr 1-4 Falkirk FT
  15. I still don't really get why Craig was brought in in the first place if he was too "old school". He was the board's choice rather than Lennon's? Interesting though that the board seemed to follow the same pattern after Craig went: Murray painted as the 21st century manager followed by the more traditional Alec Rae. Regarding Austin MacPhee, Scottish football is very conservative and tends to stick to those who have been part of the scene for a long time without being particularly successful. Gary Locke, Jim McInally and Jim Duffy all come to mind. It's hard to imagine a Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger coming out of our environment as there is a lot of suspicion surrounding guys like Cathro and MacPhee who haven't been "top level players". You forever hear it on the radio from old pros like Allan Preston. I applaud Ann Budge for giving them a chance and hope she sticks with them.