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  1. Am I correct in saying Gary Mackenzie is suspended for this? 5th booking in the league yesterday. EDIT - seemingly it's 18 points for a suspension with yellows incurring a maximum of 3 so he should be okay. A booking next week though and he could well miss Easter Road.
  2. I really like him. Good player and a calming influence on the defence and team as a whole.
  3. Morton, like Falkirk and Dundee Utd, are stumbling towards the play-offs. No wins in their past 4 games with defeats to Dunfermline and Dumbarton. We should be looking to beat them on Tuesday no doubt. I think the players will really fancy it.
  4. Looked a better side in the second half with Sutton on but not up to the standard we were hoping for. Perhaps missed Morgan but more significantly Mallan and McGinn not at it today at all. Dumbarton are incredibly effective at stopping team's playing and have guys like Thomson, Nade and Vaughan who will come up with a goal. Frustrating side to play against. Still, off the bottom and with a game in hand!
  5. Not a good performance. Created very little. Turned into a scrappy game which seems to suit them more than us.
  6. I hope he is bold and goes for Stelios in midfield but it is a big call for a big game. JR has said Dumbarton threaten down the sides and you put a guy who Jack himself has called a maverick out there in a position he's unaccustomed to. Could make us vulnerable. Fingers crossed we're 3 up after 25 minutes again and it's all academic!
  7. If he brings back Irvine and pushes Stelios up then it's 2 changes from a team that won 6-2 and you're playing a guy out of position. Bringing in Todd for the straight swap would be the more conservative option I guess.
  8. Looking forward to this afternoon. Weather forecast is excellent and the team are playing well. Be interesting to see what JR does with the Morgan position. Tough call. Wouldn't be surprised if it's a straight swap for Todd with Irvine left on the bench. Hoping for an early goal again today to settle the nerves. Going to go 2-0 with a brace from Loy.
  9. This early on in the process I think it's worth experimenting and spending money on lots of different community projects like the season tickets and youth team sponsorship. Lets see how they play out over a season then think longer term.
  10. The key point on that is: "We would then keep members up to date with our adopted team’s progress over the season – and would involve St Mirren’s staff and players with the youth team where their commitments allowed." I've actually found it quite sobering looking at Morton's attendances this season. Arguably their best team for 30 years and they're still not getting any more than 1700-ish home fans coming to games. You wonder what their attendances will be like 10 years down the line. We can't assume that there will be a next generation of St Mirren fans who will come along and replace those who are getting too old to come to games or passing away. We've got to get out there and sell the club to kids.
  11. Really pleased again with the thought that's gone into the latest spend: The amount available from the January to March subscriptions is £8,249.01. This quarter, we are putting forward three suggested projects which total £8,200 when added together. However these are three separate projects and we are asking members to cast three votes – yes or no – for each one, with results decided by simple majority. So rather than asking you to vote for Project A or Project B with the result one must happen and one doesn’t, this gives greater flexibility, as – depending on how you vote – all, none, or some of the proposed options could be passed. If members vote against any of the projects, the sum of money allocated to it it will stay in the pot for future use. The projects we are asking you to vote on – along with proposed spend – are as follows – 1) Community season tickets (£6,000) Over the years the club have run many free-tickets-for-kids schemes to get more young fans along to games. A couple of our members had suggested SMISA subsidise the cost of this and it was one the committee were keen to look into, although we felt it shouldn’t just be restricted to kids. Our research uncovered a simple scheme initially run by the Portsmouth Supporters Trust – where the trust buys a block of season tickets and invites community or youth groups to apply to use them, with a different group getting the block of tickets, free of charge, for each game. We propose setting aside £6,000 for this scheme, which would buy a block of 24 adult season tickets for 2017/18 (we negotiated a bulk discount with the club). We chose adult season tickets so we could open up the scheme to other groups, for example, charities working with disabled or elderly adults. Even if the tickets were being used by a youth group, a number of adult tickets would be needed for helpers, so this keeps the arithmetic simple. We see this as an all-round win – SMISA benefits the Renfrewshire community, up to 19 community or youth groups get a free day out at the football, and the club gets guaranteed income and people through the gate who may come back as paying customers. If members voted in favour, we would produce a more detailed application process and criteria, but as a general principle we would open the scheme up to any local charity, youth or school group. 2) Hall of Fame boards (£1,500) As members will know, the Hall of Fame boards around the ground have not been updated in some time. Also, they still carry JD Sports branding, who will no longer supply club kits after this season. We have costed the replacement of these boards at £1,500 and would ask members to vote for or against that spend. If approved, the new boards would include players added to the Hall of Fame since the boards first went up and would carry SMISA branding, meaning less JD Sports presence around the stadium. 3) Youth team sponsorship (£700) We have also been looking into various ways SMISA could bring the club and local youth football community closer together. While we weren’t able to make all our ideas happen in the timescale we had, there is one we think will work. We are proposing SMISA sponsors a local youth team for next season. We would set aside a £700 budget for the team to buy a set of new kit – which would carry SMISA’s logo as the main sponsor. If the spend is approved by members, interested youth clubs could put their names forward and we would draw the winner from a hat. We would then keep members up to date with our adopted team’s progress over the season – and would involve St Mirren’s staff and players with the youth team where their commitments allowed.
  12. I see that Marc is just about to start his second season at the Icelandic Division 2 club, Keflavik. Wonder if he'll stick around for awhile. There are a few Scots up there. The most well-known maybe Steven Lennon, who was at Ibrox as a youngster and has been in Iceland for 7 years now.
  13. Great news that it's not a fracture but must be a severe sprain if the medical staff feared the worst. 5 weeks' today the season ends.... Hopefully he'll back for the last couple of games.
  14. Garry Fleming will still be suspended for them but Nade will be back having missed the last couple of games.
  15. JR & McCall interviews: McCall: "Good St Mirren team, scoreline didn't flatter them..... we have a number of players we're patching up who haven't trained in weeks.... team were leggy"