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  1. Well, I was impressed. I thought, in the first half, you could see why they finished top 6 in the Premiership last season. Certainly better than anything we'd see in the Championship. And yes, we stood off them too much, but goals 2, 3 and 4 were high quality.
  2. Momentum, confidence... Thistle brilliant in the first half but we looked totally disinterested. No heart, fight or leadership. At least we've seen some of the ball in the second. Only plus point for me Darren Whyte: he looks like a tidy footballer who could play a few positions.
  3. Livi were seemingly very good against a strong Partick Thistle side. The BBC reporter at the game was predicting they'd finish in the top half of the Championship. This will be a really good test I think.
  4. Liam Buchanan left Livingston for the league below because Raith offered him more money. David Hopkin said they have a very strict wage structure which they aren't willing to compromise. Would be surprised if Livi are in the running for Ryan.
  5. JR on the radio: really pleased with today, working on signing 1 or 2 more players (a defender and a forward), aim for this season is promotion.
  6. A John "Robbo" Robertson love-in is currently in progress on Radio Scotland. I think we can safely say that ICT will be the media darlings of the league this season.
  7. Goals 2 and 4 coming from McShane set-pieces.
  8. Championship team scores: Falkirk 3-0 Stirling ICT 2-0 Brechin Dunfermline 4-0 Elgin Dundee Utd 0-0 Raith Berwick 0-1 Morton Stenhousemuir 1-0 QotS Livingston 0-1 Partick Stranraer 1-3 St Mirren
  9. Sounds like it's all Saints.
  10. Ross Stewart 2-1
  11. 1-0 Stranraer (against the run of play)