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  1. St Mirren v Brechin Sat 24th Feb

    Points comparison after 26 games: 17/18 - 57 05/06 - 52 (finished on 76, 10 points clear) 99/00 - 54 (finished on 76, 5 points clear) Hibs 16/17 - 51 (finished on 71, 11 points clear)
  2. St Mirren v Brechin Sat 24th Feb

    Halfway through the 2nd half I thought this is how it must feel to be a Celtic fan a lot of the time, a game at Parkhead against someone in the bottom 6. Flat atmosphere, expected to win easily and the team hasn't taken its chances..... Anyway, the job was done.
  3. Livi looked like they were settling for a point as the game was coming to a conclusion.... I don't think they really believe they have a chance of winning the league. Anyway, that's United out of it surely with a quarter of the season still to go. Who would have thought that at Christmas? A win for us tomorrow and Livi dropping points in their game at hand at Cappielow on Tuesday and I think we're just about there.
  4. St Mirren v Brechin Sat 24th Feb

    Donati is being treated as a reserve centre-half it seems, behind Baird, Davis and MacKenzie in the pecking order. I wouldn't expect to see him in the squad.
  5. St Mirren v Brechin Sat 24th Feb

    I see that Craig Storey has signed for Brechin and may well start on Saturday.
  6. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/chance-take-st-mirren-premiership-12041286 The final words on this? From Jack himself: “The gut feeling for me all along was that I really enjoy the job here. I’m really close to my players and I have a degree of loyalty towards them and also the club as a whole. The club has been very good for me in terms of helping me progress my management career by giving me the platform to do that and build a relationship with the supporters. It’s important to stress I hadn’t been offered the Barnsley job and nor was the decision based on me thinking I wouldn’t be offered it. It was based simply on my own feeling having weighed up all the information. We work in a unique industry where being approached or head-hunted or shortlisted is done very much in the public eye. People will look from the outside and believe it’s a very straightforward choice – you go for the allure of something that people perceive to be a lot bigger or the allure of greater finances. But I don’t think it’s always just about that – there are other things to consider. This job has been good for me, I think I’ve been good for it – so it’s a good fit. I came here with a drive and a vision to take the club to where I believe it should be and I think we’ve made progress. But it’s still a country mile off where I want us to get to. There’s a lot of work still to be done, even this season, and it feels right to be here doing that work. I’ve been consumed by this from day one of pre-season when the squad were put under no
illusions about what their target is – to win the Championship. We have worked towards that every single day and I have to lead that. It has been a big driver for me over the last seven or eight months so to just stop and come away from that all of a sudden would be difficult. I don’t wish to sound too romantic about it but I
desperately want to achieve and share success with these players. Football is about that love and enjoyment for the game and the rush you get from achieving success. There is a mercenary aspect to the game, of course, and a reality of trying to provide as best you can for your family. But I’ve loved football since I was a kid and it’s difficult to ignore that emotional side of wanting to achieve success and enjoy the feeling of lifting a trophy. I’m aware people will believe ruling yourself out of a job like that shows a lack of ambition. But people who know me will tell you how driven and ambitious I am. I have to consider what I think are the best opportunities to be successful – sometimes I might get it wrong but any decision will also be based on my gut and other considering factors. That emotional aspect was 
a big factor but also don’t underestimate what we have here. Scottish football is far from the backwater some people perceive it to be. There’s a lot of good things about it and this job I’m in is one of them. I’m fairly single-minded in trusting my own judgment but equally sometimes it’s nice to have support for that judgment. Derek McInnes is somebody I have an enormous amount of respect for and has been very good to me since I went into management. From players he’s given me on loan to conversations I’ve had with him when I was going through a difficult time when I first took this job. So when you see someone of his standing in the game choose to make the decisions he has it perhaps gives you comfort that you’re not daft! That sometimes there is a case to be made for not moving when people believe that’s 
what you’ll do. That’s often what happens because the downtrodden belief we have about our own game leads to the suggestion that everyone wants to escape from it at the first opportunity, as if it’s some sort of horrific ordeal. It’s far from that. Of course in terms of finance it can’t compete with the other side of the border because of the television revenue but there’s an awful lot of good things about our football. I have been steeped in it for all but one season of my career. I’m a fan of it, I’m supportive of it and pleased to still be involved in Scottish football.”
  7. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Yesterday, the SFA rejected the appeal of Thompson's red card so he's out for them today.
  8. Fantastic. Have to say, I think this has been beautifully played by SMFC and JR. It looks like Jack's bailed out before Barnsley have had the chance to offer anyone the job. That would suggest to me he was not really that interested in the post in the first place. Wrong club, wrong time I would think. Result is Jack gets his name out there and gains some interview experience. It's also spun that he chooses to remain with us rather than remaining with us because Barnsley picked someone else. There's the implication that he's rejected Barnsley. That enhances his relationship with St Mirren fans and his reputation in footballing circles. For the club, as a whole, it's a great boost going into an important game.
  9. It's not just a football decision. Shouldn't forget he's got a family like everyone else. Girls in primary school and his wife is a teacher I believe. Looking at the length of contracts of past Barnsley managers what does he do? Live in Yorkshire by himself to see how it goes? Remove his kids to a school down there in the hope he lasts longer than their previous bosses? Really tough decision but we can at least guarantee his family stability and a good wage until 2020. Easy to forget that until we came along he didn't have that for a long time. Apart from his year at Hearts, he'd spent 6 years in and out of the game part-time. He'd been involved in the PFA and wrote kids' books amongst other things.
  10. Struggling to work out why we would refuse Dundee permission to talk to JR but meekly allow Barnsley. He is under contract for another 2 and a half years... Contract clause? He's assured the board he won't take the job even if offered but wants to go through the process? He didn't want the Dundee job but does want this one?
  11. My hunch (and hope) is that he will be thinking Barnsley, at this moment in time, is probably not right. However, he won't want to bypass the opportunity of having interview experience at English Championship level. At the same time, if he got a good feeling from their board then he could be open to persuasion.
  12. Herald this morning saying that Barnsley will make a move but JR likely to stay at the club until the end of the season.
  13. Lots of chat regarding this on Sportsound. Chick Young confirmed no contact with St Mirren (spoke with Fitzy in the past couple of hours) but did his usual "I understand..." and says he expects Jack to speak to Barnsley in the next few days. Allan Preston was bigging up Barnsley's innovative, new owners and reckoned that if JR speaks to them and sees the infrastructure then he'll want to go. Alex Rae also involved in the discussion!
  14. http://www.the-gazette.co.uk/sport/15991113.St_Mirren_chief_executive_Tony_Fitzpatrick___There___s_been_absolutely_no_contact_with_Barnsley__over_manager_Jack_Ross/ Tony: “There’s been absolutely no contact with Barnsley to us. It’s all speculation. I would know as they’d have to come through myself. There’s nothing happening. The great thing is Jack and the players just get on with it, despite the speculation. We take it as a compliment every time a top club loses their manager that the first person mentioned is Jack.
  15. Exactly what I was going to say. He will have in mind that he actually failed to turned us around when he had to work with players he inherited. For a guy who clearly has a career trajectory in mind, taking the Barnsley job right now is hugely risky. Who knows though....