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  1. Gary McKenzie

    Apparently, recovered from the head knock but then injured his achilles in training last week.
  2. 16/09/17 HUGE weekend for ST.Mirren

    Hugh MacDonald was on the radio yesterday talking about interviewing Gordon Scott when we were still bottom of the league back in March. GS apparently said "I'm not worried about staying up, we'll stay up. My big problem will be trying to hang onto Jack Ross." He was absolutely right! The club looks to have played a blinder seeing off the Dundee approach and then getting JR and JF onto new deals.
  3. Lewis Morgan

  4. 5 games this season and they've conceded at least 4 goals in 3 of them....... Quite a record, especially for a team who are as good as if not better than the league leaders! Whisper this but..... A favourable result next week and there's the potential for us to be in a really commanding position come the end of the opening round of fixtures. After East End Park, we have QotS and Brechin at home then Dumbarton away to complete our first quarter. We're the only top 4 side yet to face the two part-timers. In fact, United and QotS have already played both Brechin and Dumbarton.
  5. Scotland v Holland At St Mirren Park 5/9/17

    Oh wee Stevie Mallan......scoring in Paisley again. 2-0, slots it away after a poor backpass. Nearly 3-0 there after Lewis put Oliver Burke through.
  6. Scotland v Holland At St Mirren Park 5/9/17

    Typical Morgan run which led to a corner. Mallan corner then ricocheted back to Burke who blasted in from 8 yards. The team looks good.
  7. IRN BRU CUP....2017/18

    I see that knocked-out Brechin played a friendly against a Junior side yesterday to keep them ticking over. I suppose avoiding having to do that is something the competition has got going for it. In these 2 international weekends we would probably have had a bounce game or an extra training session. Yesterday was a semi-competitive game instead. The next round will be a more competitive game on a Saturday which we'd be kicking our heels on otherwise.
  8. IRN BRU CUP....2017/18

    The next round is the weekend of the Slovakia / Slovenia double header at the beginning of October. There's a fair chance we'll get a bit of a trip even if we draw a Scottish side: Inverness, Stranraer, Elgin, Peterhead and Cove Rangers are all in the hat.
  9. 2 goals in the last 5 minutes for Crusaders.
  10. Eldest Hearts player is Angus Beith at 21. Five of them though have made appearances for the first team.
  11. Lewis Morgan not involved at all. Ill or injured presumably?
  12. I think we are going to see a crazy scoreline in one of these Colts' games sooner rather than later which will lead to a rethink of the competition. Could be us today.
  13. The sole Colt team to make it past the 2nd round last year was Celtic; you'd expect most to lose this weekend. Partick Thistle already out 0-2 at Stranraer last night. The only one today which there's perhaps a wee question mark over is Hamilton U20s v Cove Rangers. My bet is a Stranraer, ICT, St Mirren, Raith and Crusaders 5-fold at 13/1.
  14. Another wee comparison with last season: 10 goals after 4 games this season, last season we were sitting on 10 goals after 13 games.