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  1. Inverness CT Dundee United Falkirk Morton Dunfermline Queen of the South St Mirren Dumbarton Livingston Brechin City
  2. Still 0-0 Accies-United ¾ of the way through the tie.
  3. Long interview below with DC about his injury. The paper are going to be following him for the next few months as he recovers. Poor guy, I think I'd forgotten how bad his injury was. Not expected to returnl for another 9-12 months. The only mention of the situation with Saints is that his contract runs out on Wednesday. http://files.heraldscotland.com/sport/15313990.EXCLUSIVE_David_Clarkson__I_ve_had_to_learn_to_walk_again/
  4. Stewart (GK) - 6 foot 3 Buchanan - 6 foot 3 Stewart (F) - 6 foot 4 Looking good for defending and attacking set-pieces next season!
  5. The Alba interview with Kirkpatrick starts exactly 1 hour into this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08rb138/scottish-championship-201617-playoffs-2017-alloa-athletic-v-brechin-city-second-leg
  6. .... in which Jack Ross was providing analysis. At the start of the game, he picked out Waters rather than Kirkpatrick as Alloa's player to watch. Obviously, he didn't want to point anyone in Jordan's direction!
  7. Under Murray and Rae so many signings were past-their-best Premier League players: Webster, Langfield, Clarkson, Quinn etc. It's nice to see that, with JR, there's much more of a focus on players who are hungry to succeed and whose careers are on upward trajectories. It started with Magennis and McAllister getting a chance and continued with the likes of O'Brien, Smith and Todd. Stewart and Kirkpatrick are in that bracket as well.
  8. 6 foot 3. Came through the ranks at Motherwell before being released in 2015 after just 1 appearance. 80 games since then for Albion.
  9. Having posted this today he really would be a maverick to sign for another team in Scotland now! Anyway, looks like further good news. Jack said last Wednesday he was hoping to get "2 or 3" signed up this week; Stelios must be the third man.
  10. I wonder if Rocco Quinn is in a similar boat? He returned from injury in December but was subbed after an hour in just about every game. Once McGinn arrived he was totally sidelined and has played a grand total of 17 minutes since the transfer window closed.
  11. Adam Eck and Gary Mac are a month apart in age - AE signed for 2 years, GMac for 1. Seems likely that Gary was offered a 2 year deal but turned it down. Looking to be playing in the Premiership in 18/19 and if we don't go up... Might also have an eye on a lucrative deal abroad before his career ends. Anyway, brilliant to have him back for next season.
  12. Aberdeen are at their best for decades: 3 seasons now they've comfortably been the 2nd best team in Scotland and are in both cup finals this season. Would be very tough for Smith to break into that team so no surprise they've released him. I did think we might miss out on him to a Premiership team though. I'm sure some will have offered him a deal.
  13. http://www.afc.co.uk/news/9629.php#.WSL5l8szXcs Even more impressive that we've managed to get him when you read the section in bold. I didn't realise that, at the age of 21, Cammy's already got 100+ games under his belt (most of them in the top league). More than Stevie Mallan has having been a regular with us for a few seasons. He's been around the Aberdeen first team since the age of 16.
  14. Signing these two so early is a real statement of intent and should encourage others to re-sign or join from elsewhere. Even at this stage we could put out a decent team: ------------Langfield------------- Irvine Baird MacKenzie Eckersley Todd Magennis McGinn Morgan ---------Smith Sutton----------
  15. If it is those two then fantastic! I'm really hopeful Loy returns too but he's probably in limbo until Dundee make a decision on McCann.