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  1. Unless of course they use the same pool of player involved tonight for there other remaining fixtures.
  2. I was watching the end of the Granada v Malaga game on Sky tonight. Granada lost and were as a result relegated. Camera pans to greetin' fans in the crowd then pans in on someone who if not big Shuggie of East Fife wheelie bin drumming fame, must be his doppelganger. Anyone see it or know if it was him ???
  3. You said Raith's game against Ayr wouldn't matter if they drew both games this week. You honestly believe Raith would take the field v Ayr with the attitude that it didn't matter as we will definitely lose at Hibs....seriously ??? Let's all just wait and see where we stand after Wednesday night.
  4. How would Raith be totally safe come Saturday with 2 draws ??? If they draw both they would need to take something against Ayr as a Saints win at Hibs would see us above them if they lost !!!!
  5. Don't know about Archimedes but pretty sure Newton is still at Cambridge Utd !!!
  6. They are an incredible 11/1 at P Power and 11/4 with a goal start. Ive just backed both.
  7. If it is the playoffs I personally would feel pretty confident. You paint it as a 1 in 4 chance I would suggest if it happens we will be pretty strong favourites to prevail. Anyway mute point at this stage lets see what the position is this time next week.
  8. It's likely we will end up in the playoffs after today it's still unlikely we will be automatically relegated given a point better than Ayr achieve next week will see that achieved with a game to spare. If we lose in the play offs we fully deserve relegation but if it is the play offs surely even the most pessimist fan would fancy us to come through. A win v Raith and it's all to play for again.
  9. No one will this early but I expect a token allocation probably well under 1000. Point I am making is that if it is as small as that it won't surprise me nor many others I expect. Hibs no1 consideration is getting as many of their fans into their title celebration as possible. The fact we might be needing a result to stay up will be an irrelevance to them when it comes to ticketing.
  10. It's their trophy presentation day, what did anyone honestly expect ? Another reason why we need to get safety sorted before we go to Easter Road. Two wins before that and it will be a meaningless game for both.
  11. Right in front of us not over the line, right on it. A poor piece of defensive decision making by Baird.
  12. That's exactly what happened. Baird tried to usher it over the line and their guy nipped in round him right on the line to hook it back for a tap in for Miller. Those blaming anyone but Baird are 100% wrong. Big mistake ! That said it was a solid performance against a team who play basic ball over the top, get them turning type football pretty effectively.
  13. Yip either BOTW or Sporsters is my plan for me and the boy. Both decent food and child friendly. Four of us going now so just walk down the hill into town then a taxi after lunch.
  14. Anyone going by train there are no trains to Falkirk Grahamston on Saturday so need to be the Edinburgh service to Falkirk High which is a fair bit from the stadium (2 miles at least). It can be broken up easily with a 15 min walk to town for a pit stop then the 25-30m to the stadium or there is a taxi rank at the station or plenty in town. Sure I read Falkirk fans moaning that the match day dedicated bus sefvice to the ground has also been withdrawn.