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  1. Ayrshire Saints

    Alan's first signings

    I can't recall any Prem team having had success with players from such a low standard as tier 6 in England - enlighten me ? The boy from Truro is 24 - he has had 6 years plus for his talent to have been "discovered". I really hope I'm wrong but I just can't see guys from that level being good enough to establish us in the top division. I agreed with the Reilly decision but is anyone seriously suggesting a guy from tier 6 in England will be better than Reilly or for that matter Davis ?
  2. Ayrshire Saints

    Alan's first signings

    3 of the 4 are from non league football. I seem to be in the minority here but we need proven experienced players now and a few of them. This is a big gamble if we supplement the guys signed with English young loanees as Stubbs has said.
  3. Ayrshire Saints

    Alan's first signings

    Seriously ? You think we would be paying a championship side 75k compo for their asst manager ????? I'm concerned we would be paying a team at Darlington's level anywhere near 75k for a player - that seems silly money for the level he is playing at (if true of course)
  4. Ayrshire Saints

    Kilmarnock v St Mirren League Cup 13/7/18

    Yes no draws - pen shoot out to decide if level. Will we be able to field a team ???
  5. Ayrshire Saints

    Stadium developments

    Do people seriously advocate spending thousands on enclosing the corner gaps just for aesthetics ? I would much prefer that money was spent doing the one and only thing that will improve atmosphere, that being putting a winning team on the park. I'd be furious if the club even contemplated spending my hard earned ST money on building needless brick walls. A replacement indoor facility where the dome is fair enough but we simply don't have the money to waste on aesthetic projects.
  6. Ayrshire Saints

    Gavin Reilly

    I agree with the decision re Reilly but I sincerely hope Mullen isn't our first choice striker this coming season. We require a couple of better quality still to be competitive. Yes Mullen is clearly keen and may improve but I have seen nothing to suggest he should be leading the line next season although like you I may be (and would like to be) proved wrong.
  7. Ayrshire Saints

    Alan's first signings

    You can only "miss out" on a player if you were actually in for him in the first place.
  8. Ayrshire Saints

    Sunday sun

    It will be 2 nearer 4000 (or for that matter 2 nearer 10,000, 50,000 or 1,000,000) come next Monday when I renew. Good old Fitzy, we were on the road to x number the minute we sold the first one. It's getting to x that will be the difficult part. He'd make a smashing politician.
  9. Ayrshire Saints

    Sunday sun

    I never knew there was such a thing as the "Sunday Sun" ! Oh and it's total bollocks as you would expect from any rag with that title (unless the club have been keeping record sales very quiet which I doubt greatly - Fitzy would have been publicly orgasmic by now if true).
  10. Ayrshire Saints

    New Assistant Manager

    Is there a suggestion there won't be ?
  11. Ayrshire Saints

    League Opener

    Motherwell at home twice midweek - that's a fair loss of income right away given they would have brought a good Saturday support.
  12. Ayrshire Saints

    Alan's first signings

    I'd like to think any new manager would at least like to see a player in the flesh training (at the worst) before making a decision. He hasn't so he can't and there is no way he will be relying on hear say if he is in anyway competent.
  13. Ayrshire Saints

    Alan's first signings

    He never mentioned the WC. He just said the people he needed to speak to about loans were "away" More likely on holiday imo but it wasn't made specific in his interview. He appeared to be rambling a bit hopefully just not wanting to give too much away. Have to say he didn't really inspire confidence in the interview. Not exactly a ST selling rallying cry.
  14. Ayrshire Saints

    Alan's first signings

    The STV news interview revealed that we should not expect any major signing for some time and that we need to be patient. He talked of nothing other than using the English loan market. Hopefully he has other feelers out and hopefully Jackson is a bit more clued up on the Scottish market. It appears there will be no signings of note for a while.
  15. Ayrshire Saints

    Why should we buy a season ticket?

    I can do but it's piss poor. Little surprise we are way behind the likes of Killie and the Dundee clubs , we make very little effort to maximize sales bar price.