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  1. The Great Politics Thread

    He also has again totally failed to state the facts behind the rape clause. The objection by ALL politicians (including ultimately Davidson when she was shamed into an embarrassing climb down earlier this year from her ridiculous isolated stance) was to the victim of rape having to prove that they were indeed raped in order to gain a tax credit cap exemption. It's politicians job to object to legislation especially when it was so badly cobbled together as this was. Davidson knew she was isolated and ultimately wrong in her stance and she has subsequently stated she was open to it being amended as all other parties demanded. Anyone who even tries to defend or justify that clause is beneath contempt, verging on Nazi Germany stuff.
  2. The Great Politics Thread

    Seems history is being rewritten by this Bellend Bud guy. He totally forgot the last and most important line about the outcome of the GE.....and the Tories lead by Teresa May lost their majority but hey hoe that's just a minor detail Just as the plucky Ruth got Scottish Tories as close to the SNP ss Aberdeen got to Celtic we can describe the TM Tories as the Leicester City, champs to chumps. It is a football site after all.
  3. The Great Politics Thread

    Ruth did indeed do well at the GE but as this us a football site she did well in a Derek McInnes type if way in that she got the Tories within 22 seats of the SNP in other words she got the Tories as close to the SNP as Aberdeen got as close to winning the league. As was pointed out by Brian Taylor recently since then she has become totally obsessed by independence to the extent that he counted she used the word over 100 times in one week to Sturgeons 12 in the same period. To use another apt analogy she has taken her eye off the ball since leading her party to their relative "success".
  4. The Great Politics Thread

    All LA's and the DWP have confidentail fraud hotlines and they are well used (sometimes usefully sometimes malisciously). I never ever condone fraud low level or otherwise what I said is the current government and all those before them (not those of certain political persuasions) basically do but not really through choice. There has been millions spent on detecting fraud, the systems in place are good at detecting low level fraud (you appear to have misread / misunderstood my previous post) . It's complex organised systematic HB fraud that is very difficult to combat and that is where the money leaches out. You would be in favour of tax rises specifically to counter fraud ?
  5. The Great Politics Thread

    Fraud detection and prosecution is a massively costly exercise. Despite there allegedly being record low unemployment the numbers on benefits is massive, there is no correlation between the two. There are approximately 7 million working age people on benefits in the UK. Around half of those are on DLA / PIP leaving 3.5 m either out of work or earning a wage that's low enough to still qualify for benefit. Fraud detection in these scenarios is comparably simple and hence we see the cases in the local press week in week out mostly where a benefit claimant has failed to notify the authorities of a change in circumstances that has subsequently been detected by the systems in place. These are almost without exception low level frauds. Catching high value frauds (mostly Housing Benefit) is a totally different kettle of fish. They are organised, serious, complex crimes many run by criminal gangs a lot of which are non UK nationals. It needs costly complex surveillance and forensic accountancy. It can take years to build a case acceptable to the PF (if in Scotland). Yes Benefit fraud is a disgrace and needs addressing but that requires more money and sometimes it's a case of chucking good money after bad. It's a very complex issue. Currently the budget for fraud detection and prevention comes directly from the benefits budget, extra taxation would never see revenue from that directed into anti fraud, that would be a suicidal policy for any government. Many would argue that fraud at under 2% of budget is well within reasonable bad debt provisions even by private sector standards. Greed is human nature unfortunately.
  6. Craig Samson

    there's still three and a half months to go ffs !
  7. St Mirren's stance on SFA EBT

    Do we need a "stance". Things are going well right now why rock the boat at any level with something we simply cannot influence anyway. Sit tight, say nothing and lets concentrate on our own season.
  8. 16/09/17 HUGE weekend for ST.Mirren

    lets just take it one game at a time and enjoy it rather than already building the next game up week in week out. If we are in there challenging come the final quarter fair enough but the players can do without added pressure this early. After the shite since 2013 this feels wonderful but it's there to be enjoyed rather than ramping up every game for the next 9 months.
  9. meaning ??? Explain
  10. Samson 5/10 today, talk about playing the man, your crucifying the guy. He barely put a foot wrong today yet you maintain your vendetta against him. Pretty poor stuff.
  11. Seriously and honesty ? Bar awarding the I CT 2nd goal he got very little right despite me defending him on here pre match. I thought that was as poor as I have seen him and I generally think he is ok. Oh and wasn't Sammy excellent today ?
  12. Utterly breathless stuff. Our will to win is totally fantastic and beyond anything displayed by the Hendry or Gus league winning teams. We won today despite Column and my earlier post that we would win regardless of his performance seems prophetic now, he was utterly deplorable to both teams. Today saw us at our gutsiest best and Morgan, McShane and Sammy were superb. Despite me now missing umpteen games until Morton at home I truly believe this is a championship season.
  13. Injury Updates

    How are his teeth these days I wonder. Would love to have been his dentist !!!
  14. Injury Updates

    Sure as hell hope it's not Morgan after the U21 game !
  15. If we play well enough we will win the game regardless of who the referee is !