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  1. The League Cup is now a "diddy" ???
  2. If this thread is anything to go by some of us would have us carrying a squad of 30+ !!!!!!!!
  3. Gaining access to an arena in possession of a bomb, massive security failure even if it was strapped to his body. ETA seemed the bomber entered a foyer that was a waiting area for people to be picked up after an event which makes a bit more sense.
  4. They were in the Bankhouse yesterday
  5. In official competitions tunes have to come from a RSPBA approved list hence no Saints tunes on show. Out with completion bands play a lot of contemporary stuff at concerts etc.
  6. Superb afternoon again yesterday, hats off to Renfrewshire Council for an excellently organised event. Bands were great again despite my son's band only coming 8th in their grade. A real asset to the town with another year to come of this rotation in 2018. Sons
  7. And Raith were a division above both but Brechin beat them. Thoroughly deserved given Brechin have over come both Raith and Alloa, playing both away in the second leg. Why we're folk wanting Alloa up when Brechin will be far poorer financed and hence weaker, perfect outcome for us.
  8. That might remind Shull that it's time to go down the cellar and feed Liam !
  9. FFS Im beginning to think you have this guy tied up in your basement while you negotiate his ransom / contract !!!!
  10. To return to Australia, so what ?
  11. I doubt we can command anywhere near that sort of fee when the two most recent sales were by a club who avoided relegation to the third tier in Scotland on GD on the final day of the season. We were very nearly a third tier side and when at that level you would be lucky to see 100k for your star talent never mind 500k. People need to be realistic here. There was no other club bidding, the player wanted to go, the player only had a year of his contract left and we are the 19th ranked team in Scotland this season. We are where we are in the pecking order and when you take all that into account the fee paid for Mallan was understandable.
  12. Inevitable he was going to go and equally inevitable it would be for an undisclosed fee. Smashing player who will be fondly remembered. Personally up there with Dorman as the best attacking midfielder I have seen since Ferguson. Just hope he breaks through at Barnsley. The championship is an attritional physical league which will be tough for Stevie initially. Would be disappointing to see him back up the road at the likes of Dundee or the Fakes in 18 months time like so many from up here before him, but that's not our problem and out with our control. We have had our pleasure from watching him and the club have played this well sending out a positive message to other young talents.
  13. Not sure about Hughes for us but Raith interviewed Ross when they appointed Locke - BIG mistake that in hindsight !!!
  14. The large increase may well be to cover for those that are using the car park WITHOUT paying for the season pass !
  15. Helo Gregory, not heard of you for a while, where have you been playing recently ?