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  1. I'm sure you will correct me if I'm wrong but this time last year we were in the same position league wise as we are tonight played zero, won zero, draw zero, lost zero with zero goals scored or conceded. FFS pal give the one man anti JR bandwagon a rest for at least a few weeks.
  2. In true Elvis style I predict it will be raining and 18c for you tomorrow.
  3. According to Google translate it's....eh...fudge ! I don't have an issue with that as it was trivial, Froome was broken fair and square on that incline. Amazingly he lost so much time in what appeared to be such a short distance but that was a hell of a climb. Missing it today will catch up with the highlights tonight.
  4. Correct but since when did being up to the eyeballs in debt ever stop English clubs spending ! It would be interesting to see their wage bill but we never will so all speculation.
  5. Orient will pay way in excess of what we will and they have the lure of London which is attractive to a lot of players. I'm not sure the standard in our league is much better than the National League ! All that said I hope we get Davis (assuming he gets fully fit - no point bumping Quinn to bring in another crock) as it gives us more cover at CB
  6. That "sprint" finish yesterday was as brutal as I have seen in all my years watching the TDF - a total killer. Don't think I have ever seen pro riders finishing as slowly. Never seen that partical stage finish before (or can't remember seeing it used) - has it been used in the past ?
  7. Our keyboard warriors are up there (or should it be down there) with the worst of them but essentially the sentiment is correct every support has a fair share of twats whether they be virtual or actual.
  8. Now that would be a criminal signing !
  9. Did he ? I remember him getting done for doping but don't recall him being disqualified for any physical contact despite numerous infamous conflicts. Not saying he wasn't I just don't recall it.
  10. Poor Paris ! Hows Hilson playing ?
  11. Doomed I tell ye !
  12. Agree re Sagan, never happened in the days of Abdou, had they interpreted that way back then he would have been kicked out just about every race.
  13. Who will be Scotlands next Phiippa York !?!?!?
  14. Davis hardly kiked a ball for us yet some hail him as the 2nd coming. Gary Mac is the best defender at the club possibly even the best in the division. Some keich spouted about Davis. Buchanan will do well for us too. O'Brien was a reasonable keeper - nothing more and Loy as a "spine" player ??? Gary Mac and McGinn were the spine imo and both are still here. Seems some fans are losing theirs more than the team !
  15. 2631 ST holders - that bigger than the full home support at a good few games last season