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  1. Kezia Dugdale In The Jungle

    Maybe she might be one of the ones only getting a "fraction" of the quarter million reported to be paid to the top stars in it but it will still be miles more than her wages for the 3 weeks. She is taking the p1ss plain and simple. Reaching out to the youth about "Labour values" my erse !
  2. Kezia Dugdale In The Jungle

    So three weeks wages at an MSP rate is roughly 3-4k meanwhile her stint in the jungle will see her trouser 6 figures. Aye she seems to have this all sussed !!!!!!
  3. From a financial perspective it's probably one of the better ties but I agree with your sentiment. I doubt the bean counters will be too unhappy it certainly won't be a money loser like Saturday might well have been.
  4. Kezia Dugdale In The Jungle

    She's on record as having pledged to donate all money earned outwith politics to a MND charity - if that's why she is doing it then fair enough (if not then she is finished as that will be hypocrisy off the scale especially asfter the Tory linesman row recently) however she should have resigned as an MSP after her party refused her permission to go. I'm not sure those in her constituency who voted for her would share Shull's sentiments but it just goes to emphasise the state the Scottish Labour party are in - shemefull mis management for years.
  5. Bring on the Rangers

    Why would anyone want to draw a top half premier team especially one if the bigot brothers with all the shite that brings. Lower league opposition for maximum chance of progress please.
  6. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    Clearly you are not of the opinion that Harry Davis is the messiah !!!
  7. Kevin O'Hara Falkirk - 8 match ban

    What a total and utter car crash. I despair sometimes !!!
  8. Take Note, Jack Ross and James Fowler

    Didn't JR say the exact same sort of (standard) thing in the run up to the RR game ? - let's see how it pans out for QoS in reality. Talk is cheap as we all know !
  9. Kevin O'Hara Falkirk - 8 match ban

    You don't get it do you ! If someone is fat 99% of the time (certainly if he is a "professional" footballer) that is a lifestyle choice issue. Shiels did not chose to lose his sight in one eye. It's a physical impairment he has done tremeandously well to overcome in his chosen profession. Abusing someone at their place of work due to his physical impairment is 100% not acceptable and 8 match ban sends the right message that it isn't going to be tolerated. it's consistent with the ban handed out in the racial abuse case with Shay Logan at Aberdeen - far from excessive in my book.
  10. Kevin O'Hara Falkirk - 8 match ban

    Get real - he abused someone with a physical impairment, the idiot deserves everything he gets and anyone else who verbally or physically abuses anyone due to mental or physical impairment should be dealt with the same way. The only ones who need to "get a grip" are those condoning it or trying to belittle it - it's sickening in this day and age.
  11. New Utd Manager

    Seriously ???
  12. Attendances

    Discuss what. I was surprised the attendance was as big as it was. Didn't seem like or sound 5 and a half thousand
  13. Chairman's statement

    Probably been answered before but how do the voting choices get onto the final shortlist ? Specially the equipment for the training ground, New balls etc. Do the club approach SMISA asking for these to be put forward ?
  14. Liam Smith - 1 year loan

    Smith on permanent deal and Isma on loan please
  15. Let's All Laugh At Sevco/ Celtic Thread !

    Would McInnes go there - who would ? He can sit tight and get a nice top end Championship job in England - why would he want to go to that basket case in the current state it's in ???