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    well st bud reacted to East Lothian Saint in Hibernian v St Mirren Championship 6/5/17   
    Sunshine on Leith
    Only just recovered from yesterday. What a day. Started off with a tourist pint in Malones. Someone said in an earlier post he couldn’t understand why so many Buds were milling about Waverly station when there were pubs close by. Good Point.
    The Cask and Barrel was the second port of Call our Band of Buds joined the rest of the B+W army who had congregated at the HIBS end of the bar. Any Hibs fans had to sit in the Hearts section. Possibly too many cask ales here. No singing allowed or even aloud though. We got a row but more than a few singing Buds left for ER in good spirits.
    First half was OK. Didn’t think anything too scary happened around our goal. Our support was immense and our singing voices were better co-ordinated than our more numerous hosts. I think all that practise we’ve had at all our must win games must have paid off.
    Few horrible minutes of worry in the second half. Hibs must have made some Zillion passes to set Holt up for their goal but thankfully we had the Power and the Rory to lead us from relegation and the Saints came well and Truly marching in.
    The After-match celebrations were Brill but the Hibees couldn’t co-ordinate their singing and I wasn’t that impressed with Sunshine on Leith. Middleton’s pub was heaving after the match. It was like drinking in Paisley town centre. Buds packed in and in very good singing voice. Victory/survival/start of a new Era or just pure relief the Buds were bawling out the full Saints repertoire. We tried to get a Decent sunshine on Leith Going but the handful of Hibees in the bar didn’t know the words. Disappointing.
    So out we went into Edinburgh. Quite literally Sunshine on Leith was shining everywhere and the amount of Buds we found at Street tables enjoying a beer was quite overwhelming. I reacquainted myself with Buds I’d met at various locations across the country at, on route to or returning from away games. These likeminded buds who like me, scoot about the country in trains enjoying the odd beer with fellow football fans were all in good voice. A true band of Buddies united by black and white apparel were having a night to remember in the capital.
    Over the course of the evening we got talking to a few hibees who invited us to a wee restaurant on Leith Walk for a curry. It was a pokey wee place where you took your own drink but armed with suitable supplies we rocked the place. The food was Brill and after a serious conversation with two swedes about whether Larson or Ibrahimović was the greatest ever Swedish player we all got down to a serious rendition of Sunshine on Leith. Even the swedes joined in. “OH when the Saints” was the follow up and all too soon we said good bye to our new found Hibee and Swedish friends. Not sure if the restaurant is normally as noisy but no problems with singing in there.
    I left my Buds who were travelling back to Paisley and went in search of the North Berwick train. Whilst I was standing looking at the departures board two guys who were a bit unsteady on their feet bumped into me. I turned to find Black and white staggering figures who were holding each other up and noting my similar dress sense Shouted “Hey mate you’re a Bud.”
    The black and White army bond is truly a magnificent thing and Saturday was one of the reasons I love being a Football Fan. Being a Bud is special and I’m proud to be a Buddy.
    This love will last for ever. Come on ye saints.
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    well st bud got a reaction from shull in Tory Wins Ferguslie   
    Dont bother coming to america shull,we,re fecked over here too.
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    well st bud reacted to HSS in Tory Wins Ferguslie   
    I know for a fact that the orange order (no capitals required) "advise" their members not to vote SNP.Obviously,as I'm not a member of the organisation,I can't prove it.
    Our Country would be Independent if it wasn't for the oo. 
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    well st bud reacted to southsidebud in Hibernian v St Mirren Championship 6/5/17   
    Just back from the US of A and you Paisley soccerers did your town proud ️
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    well st bud reacted to Seaside Nipper in General Election 8th June   
    Utter shambles. Let's be honest here, we have MP's, we have MEP's we have MSP's, our Lordships, then we go local and throughout the UK there are thousands of Councillors. Just how many political representatives do we need ? Let's face it the country, whether on a Scottish English Welsh. N Irish parochial Indy minded level, or a unity based UK bias, the place is an utter f**kin shambles. All this political representation , that we pay for , someone please tell me, what the f**k for ?? I'm scunnert with the lot of them and now we have a GE. Christ this just encourages the talking bobbing nodding heads. Then when it's over, we'll let's bleed the electorate a little more.
    Politicians !!! Every one a right squabbling grasping dogmatic angling self opinionated f**ker. Girfuy all
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    well st bud reacted to munoz in Best Gerry Rafferty album ?   
    Well worth a listen . 
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    well st bud got a reaction from munoz in Best Gerry Rafferty album ?   
    was fergusliepark a good album? saw a copy in a small town record shop on the Oregon coast and thought about buying it .
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    well st bud reacted to Soctty in Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 15/4/17   
    I think Div will be doing it, steward and signal permitting.
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    well st bud reacted to Paisley brazilians in Morton v St Mirren 11/4/17 (Cowshed Re-opening)   
    I'm going.just tried to help out other buddies who can't make the game.after the last midweek game down their I'm hoping to see a wrong put right.
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    well st bud reacted to saintnextlifetime in Anyone know a good builder?   
    Bob is pretty good , l believe. .
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    well st bud reacted to BuddieinEK in SMISA March Update   
    I will confess to having an interest in St Mirren Warriors as my best mate plays for them.

    I never realised how much it cost them to keep the team going.

    They fundraise through bag packs and flag days etc... and had budgeted for the season.

    Problem they face is that they are in with a shout of making the play offs... In June... Which would be in Worcester and cost over 2k for travel and accommodation for a team of 12.

    I have been to two games this season and these guys are an inspiration.

    I watch footballers roll around feigning injury at every opportunity... and then see double amputees upside down flipping themselves upright whilst tied into a chair with not even a moan!

    St Mirren Warriors play home games at the Lagoon and at Williamwood.

    Each home game costs over £500 to put on as they need to hire the facilities, pay the referee, and give the visiting team snacks.

    I have a declared interest butif SMISA are serious about community involvement then I would love to nominate St Mirren Warriors for future consideration.
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    well st bud reacted to Suggestion in Loyal fan banned from club   
    9 months later, thousands of pounds of tax payers money wasted from police, procurator fiscal and court. 
    Made out to be a criminal by certain people at club before a trail all to please the police,  banned from going to see st mirren at home. Name tarred with club / police.
    3 days off unpaid to attend court, lawyers fees. 
    Not guilty. 
    What a waste of time and money 
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    well st bud reacted to salmonbuddie in Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit   
    I was 9 in 1968 when we won the old second division. My son was 9 in 2000 when we won the old first division. My grandson will be 9 when next season ends. Where's the nearest bookie?
    ETA I'll make it a double, I think. I was 28 when we won the cup in 87, my old man was 28 when we won it in 59 and my granda was (officially, anyway) 28 when we won it in 1926 - family legend has it that he added 2 years to his age to volunteer for WW1. My son will be 28 in 2019...

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    well st bud reacted to skodasaint in St Mirren Under 20's 2016/17   
    dundee u20s 0 v stmirren u20s 3 dont know scorers  well done lads 
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    well st bud reacted to shull in St Mirren v Ayr United Championship 1/4/17   
    Legend Frank

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    well st bud reacted to antrin in Periscope   
    It was a Buddie called David now living in Spain, periscoping - using HIS RRTV broadcast.
    You were listening mostly to the RRTV commentators, though 'David' did speak sometimes - and he sang OWTS, too! 
    And he was as unhappy as the rest of us - also said he would do periscope again, when and if possible.
    (He was just lucky, I suppose, that there wasn't a Fife Jobsworth lurking in his living room...)
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    well st bud reacted to Drew in it's Celtic in the Next Round   
    The ref does us a favour.
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    well st bud got a reaction from MenstrieSaint in Fans from outside Paisley   
    Does outside paisley include the thorn? That would affect a lot of us born late 50,s and early 60,s me included.
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    well st bud reacted to shull in St Mirren Photos   
    Hibs and Fulham. 
    The American team was Tampa Bay Rowdies and Best never played for them. 
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    well st bud reacted to Slash in St Mirren Photos   
    If only Bobby Reid had never been injured turning out for a Scottish League select. He was a superb player and scored a fair amount of goals from set pieces. Chances are that he would have been transferred south for big money like Fitzy and McGarvey had he stayed fit.
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    well st bud reacted to David Mc in Ayr United V St Mirren SPFL Championship 25/2/17   
    Let's get above Ayr first then think about 8th.
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    well st bud reacted to St.Ricky in Ayr United V St Mirren SPFL Championship 25/2/17   
    Choir practice - are you ready to sing along?
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    well st bud got a reaction from antrin in Paisley basturt!   
    Is he avalible for the semi final draw?
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    well st bud reacted to Steve in Stevie Mallon   
    Wldnt u be frustrated if your kid didn't get the promotion in there work or missed out on an opportunity to do better in life,your right to mention it's upsetting,as for the PDE comment,no he didn't speak to Barnsley or sit with bags packed,because nothing was finalised,yes there was an agreement but that changed at the last minute to stop it,nothing to do with Barnsley going cold,or stephen personal terms,didn't even get that far,that's bullshit,so there's the truth,
    i do read what the fans say about my kid and yes it's hard to take at times but that's the life my whole family choose,from my grandfather who played here to now also my grandson,it's true your only as good as your last game,fans can say what they like but when it's a member of ur family that's being abused or slaughtered,regardless the industry it's still hard to take.
    contrary to what people think,stephen will come good again,the prospect of playing with better educated members of his team will breed through the team as was showing against Dundee,I do believe we won't go down I do believe with the player new in will gel,I also think the weeman will learn a lot of Stephen McGinn, wether as some say heart or dig or whatever,one thing for sure is he's still learning.
    oh and for the people that don't rate the weeman that's fine cos he has been shite more times this season than last but when he's good he's good that side of him you never see but that's your choice.
    believe me no one gets on his case more than me,yeah I have the same thoughts long passes to many times,floated corners,shit one twos,I do eat and sleep football believe me.
    i know I'm setting myself up for a fall but I tired of some of the shit people write about him,just (yeah) but it's still a team EVERYONE has a part to play,that's why it's a team. 
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