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What's the Hampden? Is it still fcuked?

I thought it was just me. I can't log-in, as it keeps telling me i have the wrong password. I've tried to change it twice but that makes no difference.

I seldom post on there nowadays, but I do use the PM facility to keep in touch with folk so it's a bit of a pain.

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My username was wrong? I registered again but getting the same message as you, wrong password!

Apart from the drivel posted on that official forum AND the censoring of EVERYTHING, which ripped the heart out of my attempts to be a contributor... It has NEVER been easy to retain membership.


After it first bombed me out, as it has done you, I went thru all possible hoops to get back in several times, when I was that way inclined... then gave up. I think there's a flaw in the signing in/password/member reconciliation software... which I overcame by re-registering.

More than once, cos it happened more than once(600?). If you REALLY need to be in there. Re-register - don't bother remembering/writing down what password you give it - when it times you out, it won't remember what it was anyway.

Or ask one of the Mods who posts on here.

Teeheee (that's a clue... :rolleyes: )

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