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Organisations and structures going through radical transformation, yes.

I was surprised that you hadn't realised the parallels - and yet your approach to both is so different.

I do hope you'll now rethink your rash statement (on one or the other), as any rational person would.

Rational people are boring fuds who get nothing of true value done in the world.

The world is full of them.

Progress depends on the handful of unreasonable and irrational people out there.

Enjoy your pipe and slippers old man.

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In real money how much does anyone think it would cost to buy out the club.

Average crowd is round about 3,000 so it would take an eternity to make any profit.

You can't make a profit from a club like ours. We will never be worth more than what we are worth now, but we may be worth less (if we get relegated).

The only way we could make money is from the sale of players. And I don't think we've received a transfer fee for anyone since Broadfoot left! That's hardly a reliable source of income and any consortium who's business plan includes transfer fees received should be given a wide berth.

That's why I don't trust non St Mirren fans to run out club. Shull's right. We need people who love the club to run out because of their love for the club, not because they want to make a profit.

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Of course I attacked.

It was a hilarious suggestion. lol.gif

Do you have any others?

Maybe we should bring elephants onto the pitch at half time and charge kids £300 for a 5 minute ride?

I could swear I've seen something of an elephantine nature on the pitch at half time and during the match, already this season?whistling.gif

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