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I hear they have a shed load of grants, soft loans and alternative funding in the bag!

The only reason any group like this (if it exists) being interested in a club like SMFC would be to strip the playing assets out to make money. Do you think they are bothered which league the club might be in if they are making money?

and when the pipeline of talent quickly dries up??? they have no plan B, no way of funding the club, a club lets remind ourselves that loses money each year.

This is akin to what Thompson from Dundee Utd wants to achieve in Australia. do you think he wants to invest in a club, or bleed it dry of talent/assets then dump it?

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The way we're going , we're going to be a struggling lower division club in the immediate future anyway so I'm happy enough to take the ride with these guys and see where It takes us. If it fails , we'll be a "struggling lower division club" for a bit longer !

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The way we're going , we're going to be a struggling lower division club in the immediate future anyway so I'm happy enough to take the ride with these guys and see where It takes us. If it fails , we'll be a "struggling lower division club" for a bit longer !

If it fails, we, the fans, better be ready to step in.
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Full article for those unable to read it behind the Herald Paywall;

English group close in on St Mirren takeover

Published on 8 January 2015

Graeme Macpherson

AN English-based consortium is in advanced discussions to buy St Mirren and remain confident of concluding a deal in the near future.

The group travelled north yesterday expecting to finalise a takeover of the majority shareholding of the Paisley club only for talks to hit an unexpected snag at the last minute. Despite the setback, the ambitious consortium - who plan to appoint former Liverpool and Coventry City midfielder David Thompson as manager should they gain control - are still hopeful of getting the agreement over the line in the coming days, giving them scope to bolster the squad before the transfer window closes at the end of January.

The four-man group believe they have met the asking price for the club, put up for sale by a coterie of directors more than five years ago, and have already lined up several players who they believe would be willing to sign for St Mirren, including a one-time Barclays Premier League star with Champions League pedigree.

Plans are also said to be in place to appoint a director of football with more than 30 years of experience gained at youth academies at several top clubs in England, while the group also hopes to replicate the success Southampton had in producing Gareth Bale, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and others by developing the St Mirren youth academy at Ralston. Thompson's proposed assistant manager and backroom members are also said to have worked at some of the biggest clubs in the world.

The group face competition from a rival South American consortium but believe they are in pole position to take over the club. Given the precariousness of St Mirren's league situation - they sit second bottom of the SPFL Premiership, six points from safety - those with knowledge of the situation, however, believe speed is of the essence.

"The group thought they were really close to completing a takeover but it's stalled at the 11th hour," a source close to the consortium told Herald Sport. "But they still want to get a deal done and believe it's not too far away. Hopefully whatever is holding things up can be sorted out and it gets done soon. With the transfer window open, however, the guys feel it's important to act now to give them a chance to put Thommo in and let him bring in some new players who they believe would enhance the squad."

Thompson would be an intriguing appointment as Tommy Craig's successor given he has no senior management experience. Those backing him, however, believe his coaching credentials and contacts list are second to none.

"He is a very good coach and a great motivator," added the source. "He might not have been a manager before but the contacts he has and the people he's been around is hugely impressive."

The group believe there is untapped potential at the Paisley club. "You've got to be looking at qualifying for European football in the next couple of years."

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The English yins are not St Mirren supporters and should not be entertained.

St Mirren R.I.P.

Shull, there are plenty of clubs run by non-supporters of the club they own that are working financially sound.

The consortium mentioned going by the herald have a similar view to our current board of producing our own, making full use of ralston to get a better pick of youngsters and adding in some experience through contacts in the game

I for one think its an exciting proposition and would like to see us challenge further up the league instead of constantly setting ourseleves out for a relegation battle, or worse, scrapping it out in the lower leagues.

Crowds would come back if the product on the park is delivering imo.

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