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Fort William In Trouble?


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They've had the dressing rooms burn down,the manager has packed in and that might just be enough to finish them off.:(





Due to the possible imminent retiral of some of the Board and Committee, Fort William FC urgently require volunteers to assist in the running of the Club, especially on match days. Without assistance, the future of the Club, and particularly its participation in the Highland League, will almost certainly be in jeopardy. Financial support is also required.

Please come along to a Public Meeting at the Social Club, Claggan Park on Monday, 24th April at 7pm.

If you are unable to attend the Meeting but feel you can offer the Club assistance then please contact Club Secretary, Marie McMillan on 07803049571.

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Genuinely, Fort Wullie is my St Mirren of the Highland League.  First team whose results I go look for - to see how much they've been beat by.  Be sad to see them quit.

The town and its athletes are more interested in the shinty or the hill running. 

In the conditions that predominate under the big hill, it must be hard to generate a fan base in such a bleak, dreich toon.  :( 

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On 7/26/2019 at 5:46 PM, renfrew said:
On 7/25/2019 at 11:17 PM, HSS said:

Program about Fort William on the new BBC Scotland next Tuesday night at 9pm.

Watched it last night actually found it quite heart warming.  The committee and officials show some dedication 

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20 minutes ago, Ayrshire Saints said:

Watched it last night actually found it quite heart warming.  The committee and officials show some dedication 

Best bit was when the Fort player kicked the ball off the line only for it to hit and player and end up in the net, and then in anger try to kick the ball back into the net and totally missed it  :lol:  

Other funny was when the guy at Sky Sports said the game might be off due to deer shit on the pitch, and they saying they must have been a stag do there  :lol  

Your right in what you say about the committee and official, but also credit for some of the players who lived hours away from Fort William, but still appearing for training and games knowing they are likely to get well beaten. 

Was that Colin Hendry at the end of season do I saw ?

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9 hours ago, HSS said:

Also kinda tinged with some sadness as the result may, in part, be attributed to the recent influx of yoof players from ICT.

(A couple of the goals were from them.)

the stubborn guys, who turned up before the glory days to keep the Fort alive, have been discarded....  :(


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6 hours ago, faraway saint said:

Seen an item on the STV news where their manager, I think it was him, saying maybe teams will treat them with a little more respect. :lol:

The sad thing is their win came in the North of Scotland Cup, so they still haven’t won in about 1,374 League games

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