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Ross County v Saints, Sat 14th September

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We managed 2 shots on target - and that's inflated by Andreu's poor effort that the Goalie has a bet on...

3 points we should have been looking to get - lost to a team who won't be too high up the league at the sharp end . . . (and it is looking like it might be similar for us too)...

It is still early days, but we really do not want to lose ground in the next match . . .   come on JG and the Team hurt and turn it into a win please...

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Accies at home now a must win... and we know how we usually get on against them.

Toothless upfront, soft in defence. 

McLoughlin been poor at a number of goals lately - have to feel Baird would have been grilled for that.

Who knows what's happened with McGinn either. Not even on bench. Injured? It's simple no matter how numpties dress it up - we are a poorer team without a fit Stephen McGinn

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Said it before and say it again, obika and junior rotten,and wont score us goals to move up league, am not wee mullans greatest fan,but I'd have him every week before these 2 disasters.and a don't get any satisfaction saying this,Goodwin has to start using squad rotation as this same starting 11 every week not working or winning 

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3 minutes ago, Bud the Baker said:

Bit of a blow - last minute and all. :boo:

Any info on Mackenzie?

Statin' the bleedin' obvious but we need to start getting some goals from our strikers or the season's gonna be a tale of narrow defeats...……. 

2014/15 written all over it at present.

Can have all the talent in the world in midfield but if you have utter pish upfront you're in trouble.

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I was feeling quietly confident when I saw the squad Goodwin was putting together, but that confidence it being worn away witch each passing game, I'm afraid.  Don't see many goals in the forwards and the defence is still full of holes. Another frustrating season coming up on current evidence.

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