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R.I.P Frank McGarvey

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Just now, faraway saint said:

Tragic news, especially at this time of year, a terrible start to the year.

A true legend, and a special player.

Very sad news, RIP wee fella, you brought something special to St Mirren and the world of football. 

Never forgotten. 

Never seen this original post, apologies for the double post. 

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I wasn't born when Frank McGarvey signed for St. Mirren.  I can't comment on his first spell with Saints apart from older members of my family told me how good he was as a youngster.  I did see him play for us in his second spell when I started getting taken along to games from 1987 until he left us.  I could tell then he'd been a great player and he still was.  I think he was an integral part of that 1987 squad.  I also got to meet him a couple of times and I was a starry-eyed nipper! ☺️ R.I.P. Frank and thank you for some great childhood memories! ❤️

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Sad to hear this news. My short time at St Mirren I remember the likes of Frank,  Tony, Abba to mention a few. They were brilliant with me. I met Frank and Tony a few times after before moving to Ireland 5 years ago. Still trying to come to terms with this sad news. Rest in Peace Frank. No more stuff now pal.


Michael McLaughlin

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My favourite game with Frank McGarvey was when he played against Morton at Love Street  during the 78 - 79 season . It was the first time I saw us play in that lovely red Umbro strip . Frank was everywhere , chasing everything and looking classy in everything he did , twists , turns , beating his man for pace . We were two one up and a very strong Morton team was pushing hard for an equaliser . In the dying minutes Saints breakaway a cross comes into the box and Frank McGarvey throws himself to head home and make it three one . Game set and match . Frank reminded me so much of Johan Cruyff that day . He was absolutely superb. 

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It's easy to remember Frank for his goals, particularly the more important ones. His goal at Motherwell in the cup in 77 (my first away game) gave me my first experience of the long since forgotten terracing surge. Also his equaliser against Rangers in the first game at Love Street after coming up when he left the auld Girvan Lighthouse blinded by the sun was a thing of beauty, as I'd thought we had blown our half time lead completely.

But as others have indicated on here, some of Frank's best work was done on the wing, providing goals for others. I particularly remember a home game against Dundee Utd in our second season up. Despite having thumped then in the cup when we were in the first division, we actually lost all 4 games against them in our first season up. We had also already lost to them in the second season before this match, so it was beginning to feel like we might never beat them. We went 1-0 up early on when Jimmy Bone tapped in a long range Iain Munro thunderbolt that had come back off the post. We held onto the lead comfortably until about 15 minutes to go when Paul Sturrock equalised and it looked like it was going to be the same old story.

However, almost immediately Frank went flying down the right wing leaving the fullback for dead with his unpredictable wonky legs and floated over a cross come shot. The keeper (McAlpine I assume) was left back peddling and the ball came back off the bar, right onto the forehead of Bobby Torrance who nodded it in. I remember going completely bonkers. I've no idea why that game in particular has always stuck with me, but for some reason it has.

Thanks for all the wonderful memories Frank in both your stints with our great club.

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