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  2. Must admit I don't know much about him. Welcome to the club
  3. When does the training tops come out??
  4. Confirmed on the official page! Welcome to the club Gavin
  5. Yip the golf gear was always a winner at Xmas with the Granda
  6. Says here he arrived at them with an injury so that's why he's not featured
  7. Brilliant work Div couldn't make the game but managed to switch it on on a break just in time to see us break up the park and score the second [emoji16][emoji16][emoji106]🏻
  8. Take it the JD deal is up at the end of the season?
  9. Probably drowning his sorrows cause we won
  10. See the usual doom and gloom merchants have stayed clear of this today. Signs of improvement now hopefully we kick on.
  11. What so u can moan even more about the standard and poor results that would obv come along with massive drops in attendance due to financial implications! Great theory!
  12. Exactly mate everyone is different but no need for people to come on here and make a song and dance about it and start another negative thread. I'm no happy clapper and do expect better but were no even at the end of August yet! Due to different reasons I miss games but at the end of the day St Mirren is my team and always will be no matter how good or bad we are playing!
  13. Oh boo hoo! Grew up watching us on the first division as it was then! Yes results have been disappointing but it's my team and I was always support them! Yes it gets u down but if I wanted to support a team that constantly wins or exceeds expectations then I wouldn't be a saints fan! It's what makes the successes even more sweeter! At the end of the day it's only football more important things in life!
  14. I wouldn't have a problem with it! Don't think he's as bad as some people make out!