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  1. Been none of the last 4 or 5 games on st mirren radio. Has it been abandoned completely?
  2. St Mirren V Airdrie - Third Place Decider

    Was the same the last few games. Almost like they've binned it
  3. Sevco /Celtic We Can Do Without Them

    Saw this shared on Facebook. Down the bottom. Sporting integrity - belter
  4. Sport Scientist

    Could any decent proposals not be put out to suitable members of smisa to do a costing exercise on. I seem to remember tradesmen from the support have helped with work in the past so should be no real reason why a suitably qualified member couldn't help assess the feasability of a suggestion for the spend.
  5. Jack Ross Must Go.

    I'd hope he would, but most of his tenure has been pretty poor. A good end to the season and some decent football coupled with the great escape brought a bit of feel good factor. Doesn't make him untouchable though. Hopefully his new contract doesn't bite us on the arse.
  6. Jack Ross Must Go.

    To be fair he's got a bit of a point. Play like that for the first round of games and there'll be no other option.
  7. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    Men against boys. Like thensummer of beith all over again. A lot of pish on display today.
  8. I'm in work so won't have a chance to watch it properly. Could've listened to it though.
  9. Try it an see if it works for you
  10. No broadcast. Had already tried. Just wasn't sure if it was my app that wasn't working.
  11. No st mirren radio? Have they done away with it?
  12. Cracking bargain there. Tables of 10 for the price of....................10
  13. Open Day

    Bizarre, bizarre individual.
  14. The Jack Ross Interviews Thread

    Alex Rae signed McKenzie
  15. Welcome on board Jordan

    Same as you can't judge a guy on one game of golf