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  1. Director Election Candidacy - Kenny Morrison

    Not a dig but interesting to note the change of opinion there. I remember plenty of arguments previously where you stated the "st mirren community" were the community to be benefited rather than the wider community. I'm sure it was in an argument with Dickson.
  2. 2017 Annual Accounts

    Not disagreeing, was thinking more along the lines of the accounts being theirs so the work carried out within their tenure. So thought the line about profit despite extensive repairs was a bit of a stretch given the figures further on in the accounts.
  3. 2017 Annual Accounts

    Surely that makes the comment even more of a red herring with regards to these accounts? They also mention how the directors havnt been in place for a full accunting year but feel these are their own.
  4. 2017 Annual Accounts

    The spiel when the takeover happened was that the place was in ruins and needed extensive work. The opening part of the accounts say they made a substantial(I'm sure t said substantial but I could be wrong) profit despite having made extensive repairs. Later in the accounts it shows the profit is less than last year and the spend on repairs is less than last year. So imho that's a bit of a red herring.
  5. 2017 Annual Accounts

    Player expenses are up 40k or so as well
  6. 2017 Annual Accounts

    Doesn' say that. Just says they turned a 15k profit despite substantial repairs at Ralston.
  7. 2017 Annual Accounts

    Bit of a red herring at the start about the extensive repairs at Ralston when further down the accounts shows less was spent on repairs and renewals than last year.
  8. It' not an "executive" Megabus though. With access through the "executive entrance haha
  9. Darren Whyte Gone

    Glad to be of service pellet. I knew someone would have a use for that wisdom of mine. Glad it was you.
  10. Darren Whyte Gone

    Never really answered it though pellet. First choice is the clue. Unless we choose them 4 at a time they can't all be first choice. Glad to help pellet.
  11. Darren Whyte Gone

    Do we usually play 4 centre halfs?
  12. Darren Whyte Gone

    How can the 4 of them be first choice ya pellet
  13. London Dump Uber

    I use them coming home from work sometimes. If you avoid the surge pricing nonsense they're pretty much the same price. Paid through PayPal so no need for cash which is very convenient.
  14. saints fans survey 2017

    Similar situation to the scenario of paying for players wages just before money came in from naismith. That didn't sit well with me when it wasn't paid back.
  15. St Mirren's stance on SFA EBT

    Absolutely nothing most likely. Because as above the people in charge are shitebags and complicit. I'm not overly fussed, either way. I'll still sleep tonight. But to say nothing is going to happen because it was a "loophole" is nonsense. Nothing is going to happen because the people that run the game don't want anybody looking at them for their part in it. Eta ps it's a reply to a post which was also nothing to do with st mirrens stance. Nobody on here knows st mirrens stance do they?