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    kevo_smfc reacted to stlucifer in Saints Fan Kevin Davis   
    R.I.P. Kevin. Hope you see the upturn in fortunes from above.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Wilbur in Fao The Board - Lennon Must Go Threads - Merged   
    One man's atmosphere is another man's noise. I'd rather just watch the game if that's ok with you, that's what I pay my money for. If I wanted to listen to a tosser scudding a big drum I would join the line of morons watching the loyalists marching in July.
    If I had someone belting on a big drum near me for 90 minutes I would hand back my ST forever.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to spoogy1 in Fao The Board - Lennon Must Go Threads - Merged   
    If i remember correctly a certain player used to throw his arms in the air and get us too make some noise at kickoff, start off the second half and if we was a goal down. Now i beleive that none off our players have done this since junior left. I know its not an excuse but the team needs encourgement and they the players even dl could probably do something like junior used to do, it sent the northbank bouncing and should how much we as fans were needed by the team.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to pozbaird in The Swiss : Is Club About To Be Sold ?   
    It's happening folks. The new owners have already installed the Swiss flag at the Ralston training ground.

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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from whydowebother in The Swiss : Is Club About To Be Sold ?   
    Hahaha brilliant:lol:
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    kevo_smfc reacted to pozbaird in The Swiss : Is Club About To Be Sold ?   
    St Mirren allow children into home games - that puts the shock of being thrown into a cell into perspective.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Slash in The Swiss : Is Club About To Be Sold ?   
    Sorry bro.
    Just don't think your analogy made any sense. If you are such a shining light in all things Leicester City then perhaps you can go and explain to all the creditors that financially mismanaged club screwed over.
    I'm proud to say I support a team that has not so far entered admininstration and screwed many countless small businesses over in the name of fooballing "success".
    I have no affection for Leicester City fans having been to Filbert Street on a few occasions. The fact that they left debts to the tune of £30M and then re-emerge leaves a sick taste in my mouth.
    They are as bad as Hearts, Dundee, Motherwell, Gretna and Rangers from our top-flight who paid players money that they did not have and then did not pay their bills screwing their creditors over in the name of football.
    Those teams and Leicester City have cheated, lied and deceived their way to "success".
    My counter-argument to your original posting remains valid.
    I never could stand Leicester going all the way back to Jock Wallace. The fact that they had hatchet men like Savage, Elliot and Lennon in their team when I saw them made it all the more sickening that the money they spent on those players was money that club owed to it's creditors.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to oscar in St Mirren V Motherwell 14/09/2013   
    I sat behind the dugout yesterday and witnessed the Tommy Craig rant. To be honest I thought he was 100% right. We played some good passing football at times but just lack the dig and punch up front (and i'm not getting at anyone in particular) though I don't like the tippy tappy from the goalie either.
    I thought we worked hard and there were more positives out of the game than negatives (result excepted).
    Thought we deserved a draw.
    I was one of the few shouting encouragement - the guys heads were down and trudged of the park at half time after puting in a good shift then getting hit with a sucker punch!
    Some of the comments being said from the fans were bang out of order.
    We are frustrated but as Tommy said...................BE PATIENT!!
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Slash in The Swiss : Is Club About To Be Sold ?   
    Yup. Heard that rumour.
    Wonder if the Swiss were interested as our defence is very much like their cheese.
    Full of holes.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to shull in Hibernian V St Mirren Top League 21/9/13   
    Still 2-0 us.
    Got to be positive
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Big Jake in St Mirren Red Away Top   
    It's the home shorts for me. They've smelled of urine all season :-0
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Lord_Flatcap in Stephane Bahoken   
    You're a wee smarmy rat, I remember you started a thread about Stevie Thompson when he was a few games into his st mirren career. You called him a fraud I believe. You don't have a f**kin clue about anything
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    kevo_smfc reacted to stlucifer in Fao The Board - Lennon Must Go Threads - Merged   
    I didn't realise they had changed the thread title to:
    "Lennon must go threads merged,,,, WAE EVERY OTHER PIECE OF NONSENSE"!
    Lennon should stay to see if he can turn things around.At least in the short term.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to oaksoft in Conflicting Media Reports   
    I just wanted to bring this post out onto it's own thread.
    We are getting conflicting media reports from a range of trusted people about Danny's future.
    It's pretty clear that at least one director is saying stuff which seems to conflict with what Stewart Gilmour has been saying.
    We may also be seeing fans with an agenda spreading deliberately false information in order to hasten Danny's departure.
    I'd like to make a request.
    Our club is clearly being damaged from within in addition to what is happening on the pitch.
    Whoever is doing it needs to f**king stop NOW.
    The situation with Danny will take care of itself (we all have naturally differing and heated opinions about that) but we certainly don't need people within the club and fanbase allowing their egos to make things worse.
    That's the reason for splitting this post into a new thread.
    This is not a thread about Danny.
    This is about certain people trying to f**k over our club for apparently no gain.
    Please stop this whoever you are.
    We are ALL St Mirren.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to saintargyll in Sooo Much Negativity   
    Even if we do go down this season....
    Instead of moaning about the manager after only 4/5 games...
    why not just enjoy where we are right now and take our medicine when/if it arrives
    enjoy your saturday and make of it as you will,even a loss brings debates in the pub afterwards
    I'm a ST.MIRREN fan and been so all my life,seen it all ( ups and many many downs)
    but i'm still a ST.MIRREN fan
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    kevo_smfc reacted to shull in Thank You Mr Bmw Driver   
    BMW Bozzer - f**kEM !
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    kevo_smfc reacted to ronaldo in Stephane Bahoken   
    As I'm not in Scotland I've not seen this guy live, which going by some of shite being posted on here is the same as those who have written him off after 45 minutes on Saturday. How can people possibly say this guy will be a flop?
    Give him a chance and show him a bit of support
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    kevo_smfc reacted to oaksoft in Should Danny Stay?   
    Yep it's hard not to be ashamed of our fan base right now the way they are treating a club legend.
    Absolutely no sense of perspective at all.
    Judging by the feeding frenzy you'd think football was right up there with curing cancer in terms of importance.
    Pathetic pish.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to stlucifer in Should Danny Stay?   
    No. It's not about 4 games.
    It's about the last 3 years. It's about the improvement in performances in that period.
    it's about the highest points total. It's about the highest league position. It's about the cup win.
    You may well be right NOW but I'm certain there are a lot more would say you were wrong a couple of years ago, or indeed, last March.
    I hope, though I am not convinced, Danny L will turn things around but I don't believe turfing him out just after he belatedly completes his squad is the right thing to do.
    give it a wee while. Your past prediction will still be valid if he's sent packing and the "I told you so" will still have validity.
    IF the team turns the corner you can always save your statement for the next full blown crisis.
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from Eddy in Fao The Board - Lennon Must Go Threads - Merged   
    I like his involvement with the youth setup .Not many managers have been as involved in the past and a club of our size along with our fantastic facilities depends on bringing through youth. Would a future manager show as much commitment?
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Bud the Baker in Feeling Rather Positive Today...................   
    .....................maybe I've finally gone mad!
    Kilmarnock seem just as bad as us, & Hearts are beginning to show signs of strain with red cards in successive league games.
    Two weeks till the next game at home to Motherwell, I'll be there ready to support the team in my customary manner, I've just one request - that Lennon & the players take a vow of silence between now and then.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to shull in Bbc Sportsound 6.10 Pm.   
    For somebody that wisnae a born n bred Buddie, Fitzy's love for our Club is astounding and out of this world.
    He talks so passionately about SMFC and i could listen tae him aw day.
    Some on here should take note.
    Its 2013 and some cannae mind the huge high we had a few months ago.
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from Drew in Fao The Board - Lennon Must Go Threads - Merged   
    Back to square one again.
    Alot of fans didnt like the fact that Lennon got the job in the first place as he was a 'rookie'. How long would it take for a new manager to win over the fans if we brought someone in with similar experience?
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    kevo_smfc reacted to djchapsticks in Fao The Board - Lennon Must Go Threads - Merged   
    The gap between our 'midfield' (if you can call it that in the first half) and our two up front was massive. I've always felt that we'd come good in terms of both signings and performances.

    It now appears that the time for new faces has passed us by. The performances don't look like getting any better.

    I'm annoyed that Lennon doesn't seem to be able to motivate the team into looking like they are bursting a gut (save for a few), I'm more annoyed at individual players who don't seem to get it.

    I'm annoyed that Jim Goodwin was in the paper midweek shouting about how we need to knuckle down. We lost our 2nd goal and his head dropped lower than anyone else, not exactly what you want from a skipper.

    I'm annoyed that Paul McGowan was abused for losing the ball deep in his own half, deep into injury time, the very fact that he had to track back 40 yards to attempt to grab the game by the scruff of the neck and try and make things happen, as everyone else around him had f**king chucked it, was lost on said abusers, when pointed out to them.

    I'm annoyed that Conor Newton was made to look like a junior footballer today, not through his lack of ability or capability of his opponents, but that his lack of cover on the right hand side (a side in which he is woefully out of position btw), effectively saw him trying to do the job of two players and constantly chasing shadows, being done up like a kipper as a result.

    I'm annoyed that despite the being four (f**king FOUR ,where he got that from I'll never know), minutes of injury time, we did not look like mustering up a collective assault on Partick's box, much less their goal, the Paul McGowan incident aside.

    I'm annoyed that when there were guys hovering about on freebies like Higginbotham, that would have improved our squad considerably, that we were instead coveting Newcastle like subservient bitches for a player that they had no intentions of letting sign for us.

    I'm just f**king annoyed by it all. Really, really annoyed. I can accept defeat with a bit of fight or if we don't have a good squad on paper. Neither of these applies to us. We DO have a good squad on paper (at least a Premiership level squad) and we DON'T have a single f**king iota of fight, drive, heart or passion.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to seanyboy7598 in Fao The Board - Lennon Must Go Threads - Merged   
    I have followed saint mirren my whole life, and yes im young and most of you have supported st morren for more than three times longer than me, but I will stick through the thick and thin with the team. Yes todays performance was of a low standard, but think back to the league cup semi final : some of the best football I have seen st mirren play. Remember how danny lennon was a legend and everyone was cheering for him after the final? Give him time and maybe we will see the fruits of his labour. Two of his best players have left (dummett, Isma) and he has been chasing deals that haven't worked out, through no fault of his own. Lennon cant change the team for whatever reason, maybe the BoD is not supporting him financially or they dont think the deals are good enough. He has two weeks to figure things out and can hopefully turn this around.
    Imagine how the players felt today when half the stands emptied, no way to behave. Their hearts must have sank and the whole club demoralised. Im sure that you have seen worst defeats than today and we have had bigger problems than todays.
    We are saint mirren fc, lets show our support for our home team, and hopefully they can change their losing mentality...
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