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    bud72 reacted to eastlandssaint in New SMISA badge   
    Badges  badges  .................. Yeah, good idea.
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    bud72 reacted to munoz in I believe Anton   
    Thought the big man put in another decent performance today. Need to get him signed on a longer deal. 
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    bud72 reacted to chalky1 in Alcohol Ban to be Lifted?   
    I think it is a good idea, having been to many a game in the English Premiership I find it refreshing that if I want a beer at the game I can have one if I want. 
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    bud72 reacted to magnus in Speculation Thread   
    I like Edwards. High energy and gives the opposition no time on the ball. The big plus for me is that I think Flynn looks more effective with Edwards in the team. 
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    bud72 got a reaction from St.Ricky in Big Signing Happening Now....   
    Anton Ferdinand apparently on trial with a view to a deal
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    bud72 reacted to buddiecat in Club statement please on police activity in W7   
    Wisnae me
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    bud72 reacted to pozbaird in Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018   
    There’s a couple of things I don’t really get. One is that somehow Dundee over-ran us and we were somehow lucky to win that game, and secondly that Nat King is some sort of dreadful bombscare, an accident waiting to happen.
    The way I saw it, Dundee had a great spell for fifteen mins or so at the start of the second half, but over the piece, both teams had spells where they were on top. In regard to Kpewkwakawa.... he clearly isn’t Willie Miller or Alex McLeish, but I’m really not shitting myself any time the ball goes near him. For every mistake he made yesterday, there were at least two good headers clear, or just hoofing it away from danger (fine by me)... plus, he tried some good balls forward, especially trying to play balls out wide to his right. The Baird / Nat King combination must have played all of five or six games together and certainly, a keeper and central defensive partnership need more time than that on the training ground to get it right between them.
    Give the big guy a chance I say. I think ‘bombscare’ is dreadfully harsh after only one league game. 
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    bud72 reacted to scottd in Striker from European club!   
    Featuring Candy Staton?
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    bud72 reacted to eastlandssaint in Speculation Thread   
    Hopefully we` ll  give him the platform to perform
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    bud72 reacted to Stu in Speculation Thread   
    To add to that from the BBC:
    Stubbs indicated that he is looking to add a goal threat having concentrated on working on his defence.
    "Over the next three weeks, we will look to work on that," he said.
    "At times we didn't reward ourselves for some of our good play.
    "It is an area of the pitch where we have good payers, but I hope to add to that and make a few marquee signings."
    Looking forward to the arrivals of Jimmy Tent and Barry Gazebo.
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    bud72 got a reaction from billyg in St Mirren P Bolton Wanderers P   
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    bud72 reacted to alwaysabuddy in Open top Bus and Party   
    Just watched a video on youtube of the team celebrating in Bankhouse after Saturday's game and a good watch it was.
    Can't help thinking though that 4 clubs have run buses throughout the past xx years leaving from Court Bar, Tile Bar, Brewers Tap as well as the CW club from Bankhouse.
    Would it not be an idea for SMFC to acknowledge all the travel clubs and organise players visits to each of these hostelries ?  
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    bud72 reacted to scottd in John Baird   
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    bud72 got a reaction from scottd in John Baird   
    I see Baird has signed for the unwashed, down the road in emergency loan. Even more reason to hate him now.
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    bud72 reacted to djchapsticks in Massimo Donati   
    40 year old Joe McLaughlin springs to mind. 
    Scored a vital goal and kept a vital clean sheet at Airdrie in a massive 1-0 win in the run in.
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    bud72 reacted to eastlandssaint in Pub talk and Joma Tops   
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    bud72 reacted to smfcuk in Captain Fantastic   
    Stephen Mcginn happily getting his picture taken with my son at the end of the game ,then gave him his armband, said happy  Christmas. ..the wee man's best Christmas what a gent ...COYS

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    bud72 reacted to TPAFKA Jersey 2 in Billy Mehmet top   
    Ahhhhh so it was just me being a thick twat.
    That explains everything! 
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    bud72 reacted to djchapsticks in ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17   
    Bissett's refusal to send Ross Tokely off for a last man challenge on Barry Lavety in a midweek league Cup tie meant Tokely was free to play the game where he did Chris Kerr.
    Had Bissett done his job correctly, Tokely would have been suspended for that league game the following Saturday. 
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    bud72 reacted to cardeebuds in Pub talk and Joma Tops   
    Pretty sure this was addressed on the last update from GS. The company that Joma use to iron the badges has been blamed and changed to someone in Scotland for next year. My badge on mthe away top I got was coming off, but I took it to the shop and it was ironed back on by the kit man and i've had no trouble since.
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    bud72 reacted to FTOF in Chairman's statement   
    Much ado about very little.
    You can just imagine what would have happened if he hadn't made a statement and the usual infantile shit stirrers had twisted matters to suit their extremely tiresome vendetta against the club.
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    bud72 reacted to VivaLaDron in Chairman's statement   
    There are plenty of clubs in the P&D that could do with investment, but as far as I'm concerned my extra £2 a month should be going toward improving the stadium, the matchday experience, or the chance of us picking up 3 points (Yes, there is the slim chance that we fund Glenvale who in turn produce a new Morgan who signs for us).
    This one looks too much like us playing camelot dishing out money to worthy causes. Who next fancies some of our pot?
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    bud72 reacted to Bud the Baker in Disgrace   
    Maybe Dunfermline would like to put substance to the apology by knocking a fiver of the price for the next game.
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    bud72 reacted to bungle_1981 in Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit   
    I keep noticing Macron strips this season. Like Joma, It's not one of the big name manufacturers. But they have been designing some cracking bespoke strips this season for the teams they supply. 
    PAOK's strips are the most recent I've seen. Whilst I like our strips this season,   would love to have seen us in something like these.

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    bud72 reacted to div in A timely reminder   
    I started this website 15 years ago to give Saints fans a platform for discussing the club and the team with each other.
    We won't always agree on everything, otherwise there would be no point in having the forum at all. The only thing we all have in common should be a desire for the very best for the club. We want the team to succeed on the park and the club to thrive off the park. That should be a given.
    It's important to me that when we disagree we do so constructively and with respect for each others views.
    It's also important to me that the forum is not used as a vehicle to continually attack the club. The club make mistakes and should be called out on it when they do, but the players, the staff and everyone else associated with the club shouldn't be continually attacked by their own. It's not what the forum was created for.
    The stuff posted in the last 48 hours on a couple of threads, which have now been hidden, has been miles away from the sort of stuff I expect to read on here, and yes I'm including myself in that.
    It's been poor. Let's draw a line under it and move on and try harder to be civil to one another, using the ignore function if necessary to block out those users you don't wish to engage with.
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