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I'm Listening To....

Bud the Baker

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This week its been

he King Of Limbs by Radiohead which has grown on me after quite a few listens, a couple of early Van Morrison classsics, The Story Of Them plus T.B. Sheets - great blues from the grumpy genius.

Anna Calvi's debut and The Mummers e.p. are also worth a listen.

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Was watching the old poll tax riots footage and this track by the genius of Julian Cope was used, sadly there was documentary chatter through the poll tax one though:

One of Saint Julian's finest, in my humble opinion.

Adele - 21, simply fcuking superb. :D

From what I've heard of it you're not wrong.

Elton John, get's better and better. :)

Have to disagree, mate; he started tailing off round about the 80s.....

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I feel slightly behind having not entered any songs on here in the 400+ pages...

So the last ten songs I listened to were (not my favourites...just what I happened to listen to...):

01 Ghinzu - Cold War

02 Apulanta - Koneeseen Kadonnut

03 The Offspring - Trust In You

04 Capdown - Faith No More

05 Infected Mushroom - I Wish

06 Breed 77 - The Game

07 Social Distortion - Reach For The Sky

08 Muse - Unnatural Selection

09 The Prodigy - Stand Up

10 Čechomor - Proměny

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