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Bud the Baker

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15 hours ago, Ralstonite said:

I'm listening to Fields of Gold by Sting. He played it my 60th birthday party. :)

Vinyl, CD or streamed?

2 hours ago, Ralstonite said:

There are aspects of my life which will inspire incredulity amongst the hoi polloi. I don't mean to brag, but I am connected to quite a few famous people. Indeed you may well have heard of me

Are you Ghislaine Maxwell?

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On 7/3/2022 at 12:26 PM, faraway saint said:

Downloaded Paolo Nutini's latest album, Last Night in the Bittersweet, the other night.

Only briefly managed to listen to the first 4 or 5 tracks, will listen in the car going to/coming home from work this week to give it a real listen.

The single, Through the Echoes, is a stonking tune. :thumbs2


Been listening to Nutini's album and this song is just simply beautiful..................I'm away to see if I can play it on the gutar.


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Paolo Nutini...

Last Night in The Bittersweet.

A mixed bag but overall I love it, having had over a month of listening on and off.

Some classic Paolo. Some great ballads. Some brilliant rocky guitar driven tracks. Some mad as a hatter tracks that take a bit of getting used to but definitely grow.

A nod to the Beatles here. A nod to U2 there.

Overall... I love it. 

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