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Saints Away At The Dingwall Tramps.....

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Someone mentioned earlier "is the squad good enough?" In terms of depth I'd say no, but in quality, absolutely they are good enough. Why aren't we getting better out of them? It was also mentioned they should shoulder some blame. Possibly, but they are coached on what to do in a match (I hope) during the week so they are carrying out the tactics of the coaching /management staff. I don't see Danny on the sideline screaming at the players that they are disobeying orders and not playing the way he wants them. Therefore I believe he thinks that he is getting enough out of his players to get results. Let me tell you Danny, you certainly are not!

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I just want our team to stay up. You feel hopeless don't you right now but if we don't watch we're going to be in this bloody playoff and then it's anybody's game.


Right now, I wouldn't feel confident about beating any 1st Division team in a two-leg play-off.

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Acht, f**k it, some context ladies.........

This is all about our continued inability to make in roads in this league. Danny is just the latest to try and age prematurely to crack this seemingly insurmountable obstacle for ST Mirren.

ICT, Ross CO, The Fakes, even the crumbling Killie seem to manage some nous and progress, us, we lamentably claw , just about and stay in the SPFL up till now.

It ain't pretty , it ain't pleasant and it leads to excessive comfort drinking on my part, but I genuinely just don't understand our continued lack of resolve and inability to lord it over fellow diddy clubs.

We seem to be perennial bottom feeders..........I think worryingly, this season, that the media establishment and our own core of fans are resolving to the reality that we are potentially taking a drop. Ffsake even Per tick can grab Lyle taylor on loan. Wtf ??? He was a player we all saw last season, yet , not available to us ???

I think our core management infrastructure is starved of resource and guile, scouting wise we wing it, team wise, well, it's a shambles, the club is for sale, a sorry state for long suffering Buddies.

Someone buy us and end this cycle of persistent underachievement.

It was nice of the Rugby chaps to produce a late and spirited performance today, well done, puts a smile on a terrible day for this SMFC supporter.

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