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What A Way To Treat A Child!

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Liked the photo of them under a HoF board. If they'd waited for the Rankin - Lavety - DVZ one, the kid would be in Primary school.

I think you mean university...that is of course if Labour do not make a miraculous recovery and introduce tuition fee's.

I saw this little kid getting carried away from the match all wrapped up in a little ball.

Nothing wrong with starting them early!

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Labour won't introduce tuition fees when they come back into power!

I'm not so sure about that.

Will be interesting to see what happens but putting over 30% of young people through university is probably not financially sustainable (although of course substantial numbers of those won't actually end up graduating and will drop out fairly early).

I can see universities either closing down completely, merging (this is most likely) or shutting down some courses (also very likely).

Bringing in tuition fees could be a disaster IMO but it could also bring academia into the 21st century as students suddenly realise they are now customers. Lecturers are typically hired for their ability to bring in research funding and not for their ability to actually teach so you can get a hideously bad teaching experience as a student. Fees would incentivise universities away from research funding to tuition fees from students and that would change their hiring priorities which would definitely be a good thing.

I can certainly see why lecturers don't want them brought in. Don't fancy their job if it happens.

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