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Yeah had seen that when I tried to Google an image of his dad yesterday. I never noticed Tommy's post till earlier.

Used to see Paul regularly at his work, we were never mates but always exchanged pleasantries.
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4 hours ago, Cookie Monster said:
21 hours ago, Tommy said:
A face i have seen often in the past.
Guy far right looked like a guy i knew called Joe Kennedy who was an excellent dart player. 
Any idea of the year ?

Thought that was him, he stayed round the corner from me, when I was a youngster. Remember watching him on the TV playing in a Scotland v England match. Not seen his son Paul in a while.

He was related to my wife in a big roundabout way but I also knew him from the darts circuit. Didn't know his son but I wish him all the best in his battle with cancer. 

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12 hours ago, Albanian Buddy said:

Saints were well covered for trades in those days.

We had a painter in Fitzy.

A joiner in Frank McGarvey and it would seem we also had a Plommer.


Did Fergie not have a dig at the poor support that night?

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1 minute ago, renfrew156 said:

Did fergie not get the start time time of one of our saturday games altered to 3.30pm to allow and encourage old firm fans to come to love street sfter their early kick off? 

This sticks in my mind but I am fùcked if I can remember which game.

Hamilton possibly?

Quite a bit of fighting in the NB that day 😂

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