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18 minutes ago, St.Ricky said:

He might be glad to be here for more than football reasons. The club he came from plays in Anatolia in a place only 70 miles or so from Aleppo in Syria. Huge American air base not far way. Paisley will seem like an oasis of calm. 

We have a huge nuclear submarine base not far away, does that not count. :wink: 

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1 hour ago, St.Ricky said:

Turkish football is quite a high standard. Dominated by the big 2 in Istanbul at Galatasary and Fernebace. Gala play on the European Side and Fernebace on the Asian side. Besiktas play on the European Side of the Bosphorus. A city with close to twice the population of London. I was given a gift of a Besiktas scarf.. Black with white lettering. Still have it. Might bring it along. 

At least you spelt Besiktas correctly. :lol: 

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