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34 minutes ago, J.M. said:

One question, what kind of midfielder was Tony Fitzpatrick?

A bloody damn good one...


His career was nearing an end when i was in my mid-teens so i may not be fully accurate, but he played

in the centre, probably a bit defensive but a good passer of the ball and would be the link between the

defence and the playmakers, he never scored many goals but was a really good solid central midfielder..


I'll wait on someone correct me now.....:)


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The measure of the team back then. Is that I found it impossible to have a favourite player. Fitzy, Lexy, Stark, Iain Munro, McGarvey, Torrance. All heroes to name but a few. 
ETA how could I possibly have left Dougie Somner out of that list. I suppose that just goes to prove my point. 

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Paul Kinnaird - Does anyone remember him playing for St.Mirren?

Mind getting gubbed at Easter Road. Kinnaird got subbed. As we walked back to car after game PK was coming out of bookies. Had went there rather than watching rest of game. Cue some very unhappy Saints fans. Davie Hay wasn’t very impressed either if I remember.
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