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St Johnstone v St Mirren


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Anyhow, get Brophy on after an hour or so, surely he's fit enough for 30 mins?
The game could go either way TBH, more likely it'll be 0-0 and I'll have travelled 100 miles for SFA. 
If it's a virus then he might just be on the bench for show and to make up the numbers.

Def our best option, tho I'd love to see Dennis the menace given a free role up front... His pace could draw their defence all over the place leaving space for McGrath and Ronan to exploit.
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1 minute ago, Slash said:

He’d get free hospitality every week. I guarantee he would make the journey to munch the sausage rolls and quaff free vodka.

His wife on the other hand might not like the additional driving duties.

Gies a flippin brek, I'm trying to enjoy this game, you and @Slarti can go play on the motorway, pair of fannies.

C'mon St Mirren, gies a goal. 

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