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The Quatar World Cup 2022


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12 minutes ago, BuddieinEK said:

Had Scotland been there and played in the exact same way, we would be praising them for a tactical masterclass.


They deserved that result. 


1 minute ago, BuddieinEK said:

Congratulations to our fellow European country Croatia on a superb result.

Tactical masterclass and so resilient.

They earned that. 


I totally agree with both of your posts.  I mentioned earlier on in this thread about how Poland attempted to stifle Argentina and if Scotland had been playing Argentina, I would have fully expected Steve Clarke to have set-up similarly.  The Croatia Coach and his Background Team did their homework, came up with a gameplan and it worked.

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18 minutes ago, StanleySaint said:

Had to go pick Mrs S up and got back in time to see the last missed pen, shocker!

Klinsmann made a valid point that keeping your best player till the end isn't a good approach.

I learned this years ago when captaining my team in a big pool match, holding big players back before realising the game was out of reach.

The Sam Torrance approach worked for me, hammer in the big players early and things will be what they will be. 

Brazil stuck in 21 year old first, missed, and under pressure from then on in, not forgetting Croatia held their nerve to score with their penalties. 

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