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  1. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    On the crowds front it was fecking freezing yesterday and the thought of sitting on a cold seat for nearly 2 hours would have put people off A lot left early yesterday saying no more too cold The Panda Club is really excellent value but doesn't get the numbers it should My weans loved it but now too old and don't go anymore to the games i'm afraid
  2. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    I didn't think he had the best of games yesterday but you're right about conceding goals Bringing the best out of Baird it seems and Eckersley
  3. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Or the Dungvermin fans who were a lot closer than us Dive all day long
  4. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Our midfield at the moment isn't good enough to win the league as we were bossed in the second half and no one on the bench to change it I thought Baird was our best player as Davis i thought was very rusty Reilly cut a lone figure in the second with no one near him about 30 yards Really need central midfielders in as it ended up hot tottie time at end just hitting anywhere inviting pressure
  5. Christmas Songs

    A lot of hate for this song it seems
  6. Christmas Songs

  7. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    A few in that photie now follow one of the gruesome twosome
  8. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    I think that picture is from the 2nd game he played for Hibs against us 2-0 and it was a lovely sunny day as the picture shows
  9. I agree with the miserable one given it's on cooncil telly
  10. I'm Listening To....

  11. I'm Listening To....

  12. St Mirren Under 20's 2017/18

    Just clocked the goalie for the soapless Shooting practice needed he's about 5ft nothing In fact my youngest is raging as he rattled a couple past him for his school team not that long ago
  13. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    Scanlon was the best Never missed one,always top bin Peter Weir was decent as well
  14. I'm Listening To....

    Mind the gap
  15. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    Even named a stand after the same referee