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  1. Ta Ta After 4 Games

    Well done the auld dinosaur
  2. Ophelia

    They shut doon the schools over there for today There isn't a breath of wind out there at the moment
  3. Kille have a new Boss

    A better shout for the National job instead of those cheating cnuts One of my favorite players but i hope he fails here
  4. I'm Listening To....

  5. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    Had to An union of equals we are told but we have to pay to see our national team on the telly Even the Welsh had their game on that Welsh speaking channel the other night SFA always taking money but put little back
  6. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    Do i work at Hampden for big salary? Do i have a list of who has applied for the job? I would like someone who would come and revamp our set up as it's clearly not working Instead of going through the old boys network who don't rock the boat but have a cheek moaning about the standard of player Start using the SKY money for improving our game
  7. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    God,depressing stuff going by that I thought Chesney would walk this time as he never set out what he wanted to do He did not a bad job certainly did a better job than the couple before him I'm hoping our leaders take their time and think out the box going for their man Moyes,McKay,McLeish just no
  8. A lot of fitba people have came out and said our ground is ideal Kilmarnock,Motherwell,St Johnstone have 3000 rattling about in grounds too big for them For our wee ground we have never had a sell out,have we ever reached the 7000 mark?
  9. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    No actually a lot of people are blaming Armstrong and it's certainly not forgotten On the Slovenia first goal it wasn't a free kick in the first place The second from a corner shocking defending,how could any player standing in the middle of goal have no one near him by yards
  10. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    Tell Willsie he's talking oot his erse regarding England's second goal 100% Gordon's fault Before the cross came in he was in perfect position and with a couple of steps forward he would have gather the ball easily as the cross was heading straight to him But instead he retreats to his line giving Kane time and space for an unchallenged finish Gordon good shotstopper but not the bravest
  11. Juniors

    Your expert was glued to the line more often than not Auld grumpy sod Gordon was partly to blame not totally as Fletcher had his part also
  12. Latest Scores

    A game that made your eyes bleed which a mistake proved costly
  13. Liverpool

    I'm afraid all the sterotypes is true Went to the Stadium Tour at Anfield and the guide said i hope you haven't parked anywhere near the ground.
  14. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    It's the success of other small nations like Northern Ireland,Iceland and the team in our own group which is Strachan's downfall On tonight our engine room was running on empty and he didn't change things when he had pace on the bench I think there's players in his squad who would have done better job than the ones started in midfield tonight He started 2 up front but had a slow ponderous midfield behind them I hope the SFA have a replacement or least looking at one because i think he will walk this time
  15. Juniors

    They were winning but game changed once they went down to 10 men Decent crowd