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  1. Correct If we go on a run which we are capable of now it will be in our own hands I expect Ayr to go on another bad run They are a poor team and not the only one either
  2. There's a nagging feeling that they are due a result against us Saying that they are dreadful and i'm shocked they have picked up 2 wins in a row Just way this hellish season is going
  3. An other cnut who seems to score against us every time he plays Flood is just streetwise unlike our midfield I thought Stellios should have been brought on the second half to add a bit of energy which we were lacking
  4. Chronic Bye bye Chesney and take Mutley with you
  5. I blame the kick off time nothing else
  6. Naw This is the real deal Gt yer plastic bottles at the ready
  7. Believe it or not they have discovered a wee spring on a part of the pitch lol
  8. Don't agree with that I don't think anyone was sleepwalking well apart players on the pitch at times The players weren't good enough or suited to the Championship hence 10 went out Better players have came in and some players are playing in their preferred positions now Before he tinkered around trying to get a reaction or a surprise out the squad trying to squeeze out results He has no longer got any excuses now and has to keep us up to keep his job He should really as he has put together a decent squad to compete with all teams in the division We should be looking for a decent result in every game from now on in
  9. Didn't know All season with my team The players who recieve treatment on the pitch have still being told to leave and await a signal to re-enter This has happened all season in more or less every game Is it just the senior game this is happening?
  10. We will need to score to get any kind of a result Dobbie will score he always does against us
  11. Eh The game was held up for him to get treatment he should have left the pitch and waited on the referee signal to allow him back on
  12. Sutton was important especially those last 20 mins when it was backs to the ball He won most headers defending our own box He also set up the first goal He is what he is an old fashioned No 9 and he puts himself about On a side note the referee didn't seem to know the rules Twice he gave Sutton offside from a bye kick Also Dillon got treatment on the pitch and just got up and carried on playing Never left the pitch
  13. Hard fought victory which we made it hard for ourselves Lost the midfield in the second half and sat too deep The goalie was a bag of nerves and was glued to his line Can't fault effort but need to keep the ball better when under pressure We were just hitting it anywhere the last 20 apart MaGennis who when had the ball didn't panic I hope Davis injury isn't as bad as reported
  14. Need to score goals to close games out I think we have tightened up but don't score enough goals That's 2 blanks in a row