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  1. All true On Fergie he simply picked up the players who weren't any use to Rangers ie RCs
  2. For once i will agree with Stu Dickson We are now where we should be in my eyes Livy shouldn't but now are They outplayed Thistle with their style which will cause problems next season Modern day crazy gang
  3. I'm Listening To....

    Remembering Ian Curtis who passed away on this day 1980
  4. Kenny Pointon

    RIP Buddie
  5. Sin Bin Snooker THread

    He said spectator sport Higgins made it watchable as you never knew what was going to happen next
  6. South stand for OF

    Every single one Very few home games apart when they play each other
  7. How many seats do the bigots get ?

    The Family Stand was 3/4 empty when we played them They aren't family friendly anyway the right decision by the BOD
  8. John McGinn

    Only one flaw the Irons are on the way down Moysie is doomed wether they stay up or down At the moment he has the worse record of any West Ham manager
  9. Jack Ross

  10. Juniors

    Bad day for the local sides apart from the Fermer Boys
  11. Jack Ross

    2nd highest i seriously doubt Considering we lost out a player to Falkirk ICT money from the top league Dumfermline i would say level Your jealousy is staggering, Ross inherited an utter shambles to turn around to runaway leaders is decent Clarke has done the same turned around a shambles but Rogers who hasn't won his one team league yet. Europe another shambles again with real pumpings handed out Lennon a decent job but Hibs have got decent resources compared to many in the league Robinson should have been considered especially if they win the Scottish not beyond them
  12. Juniors

    Burgh 7 v Newmains 0 All goals scored in the first half
  13. The Rangers And Stephen Gerard

    The story i heard Neil Warnock will be the new manager Allan McGregor will be back between the sticks Scott Arfield and James McArthur will leave their premiership clubs to don the mighty blue or orange Sevco tops next season
  14. Watching Sportscene

    We got pumped by every team we played from the top division this season Get a grip
  15. Music Gigs

    Aye best fiver i spent yesterday