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  1. St Mirren Photos

    Thank you Squire
  2. St Mirren Photos

    Paul Rudden?
  3. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Usually when you do this you go that way Why Samsom goes the other i'm struggling to think especially Tidser body shape showed he could only go that way
  4. Football Fans and Behaviour

    Fair enough I was talking about you knew there was a death before the polis pulled you in A tough one
  5. Football Fans and Behaviour

    Just for talking sake what would you have done if the junkie had lost his life from the beating Thoughts
  6. Latest Scores

    He's a dead man walking Billic His results consist scraping 1-0 wins here and there and too many pumpings along the way They were beat before a ball was kicked the way he set the team up Made Man Utd better than they are
  7. So farewell then Glen Campbell

    More remarkable he couldn't read music,played it by ear
  8. Morton v Saints 12 August

    More than that i feel Beyond Fitba i think going by work experiences Seems to be an Inverclyde and Paisley thing Even the old scum fans down there take great delight in Morton wins against us "Well done in beating those Paisley b*st*rds" is the shout
  9. I'm Listening To....

  10. World Athletics Championships 2017

    It's fecking jogging Cheating bassas
  11. World Athletics Championships 2017

    Is the lead up the duff She had a muffin top She wid get it first though
  12. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Any team with pace and movement will outdo us Our defenders are slow and ponderous Mallan and Magennis are a huge miss and haven't been replaced At the moment Morgan is the key man going forward not much else
  13. Juniors

    Good result hopefully get a bit of confidence about the place We played them on Sat and gave them a bit of a going over and i couldn't see where there points would come from Tuna tuna
  14. Darryl Duffy

    Getting the same sinking feeling when we signed Alan Gow A player who has rejected our offers in the past when younger Only to sign when in his twilight Hope it works out but i'm not holding my breath
  15. Sometimes Other Artists Do It Better whats yours