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  1. Only Serbian ones They seem to do the trick
  2. I would keep him i as an example drugs don't work He's shite and taking drugs certainly haven't improved him
  3. Lira Behave
  4. Still George owns the ground
  5. Wasting money i'm afraid There has to be a better structure at the club The committee consists of pensioners who in some cases barely walk They are at loggerheads with the owner of the ground who they pay rent to The ground is a crumbling mess especially the changing rooms which has plumbing problems and they need a plumber fast Considering the owner runs a builders business seems madness As i said there has to be big changes,banging of heads or things won't change
  6. Shambles Could be worse The Burgh held their AGM given their poor state and help needed A grand total of 10 turned up that's including management Has to be big changes there or Burgh no more
  7. Did she not do that in a field with a married man
  8. How dare you, feast your ears on this
  9. Higdon?
  10. You must had a cast iron gut McEwan lager worst drink known to man
  11. Was it to the UK No 4 The charity will do well Dress it up a dreadful result
  12. What a turn around the boy has done He was a talented fitba player being on the books at Motherwell and Morton Went to Australia with his mate and came back once his vista ran out His mate ended up staying and Gavin came back a different person and made a struggling shop a success The shop isn't big enough for the demand especially Xmas time The Coffee Shop is also a roaring success with Fitzy,Lambert among others used it The Steak and Grill has up to 400 bookings already and that's without knowing the Menu or prices We will see if he can make it 3 in a row
  13. That day came against QotS at home when he was getting roasted and ended up subbed to cheers He must have impressed when he and McManus where in charge for a short time
  14. I don't know Their season ticket sales went through the roof As season ticket holders carry a vote on committee matters The power struggle has brought in more money than usual
  15. Apparently the ADL and Central are joining up next season 4 leagues of 16 and doing away with some cups Good or bad thing?