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  1. This. Ironically the interview is punctuated with references to his new bathroom going which is not obviously a sign of someone who's on a tight budget. St Mirren are. Harsh as it appears that's unfortunately a footballer's lot at this level.
  2. You getting in early with your April Fool jokes?
  3. Noises from their manager United need to invest in their squad. Seems they lost £1.5m in a year and needed a 300K loan from a supporter just to keep going. How does that stack up? Admittedly they may get £800K from the Robertson but crazy finances.
  4. Has a decent turn of pace. Done for doing 156mph on the A1 two years ago. Highest speed recorded in three years by the police. Just as well they pedestrianised the High Street years ago.
  5. Think so far we've signed players we that were immediately inclined to join us. Jack Ross is now pretty much at the stage he has to aim to persuade players to sign for the club ahead of other offers they have. We have to be patient and see what he achieves. Positive that he said a few weeks ago that plasters were contacting him to say they wanted to join St Mirren. We'll see.
  6. I can think of one other strong parallel to the 80s which is Peter Godfrey who at 27 came straight into the team from Meadowbank Thistle. He immediately looked at home and was really unlucky to be injured for the 87 cup final. Now if Gregor Buchanan is a painter-decorator like Basil was we are onto a good thing.
  7. I thought you were old enough to remember the 2-3-5.
  8. Darren Young on signing him in July “He has good feet for a big man, holds the ball up well and has an eye for goal. He should compliment the two other strikers that we have. If he works hard and continues to improve there’s no reason he can’t go on to an even higher level.”
  9. I'm just wondering how he'll top last season's Scottish Cup draw performance really.
  10. The rivalry was so good natured their supporters were throwing their Christmas beer over to us.
  11. Think we could all have our eyes opened in a positive way with the quality of players the manager brings in. As good as some of those who arrived in January were it is a difficult time to recruit most effectively, we now have some transfer income to invest and have/will offload some well paid players who didn't contribute much at all leading to greater depth in the squad.
  12. Per game or stand?
  13. Think with more time to identify the right players on the close season we can pick up more similar quality players to the likes of the latter two.
  14. Can I like this twice?
  15. Hope to be proved wrong but he's never going to be a big goalscorer. More sense in concentrating on being the best possible wide midfielder.