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  1. Would like to think you haven't had a little accident.
  2. Speculation Thread

    Linwood no more, Paul Paton no more...
  3. New Striker

    "Naw why him". So it's not Gregory's Girl then?
  4. Speculation Thread

    Read £200K Falkirk got so they must have been shafted too. Less than we got for McAllister. Sevco bought the Hamilton player following from wasting millions in the transfer market in the last window. On that basis our downfall is that Sevco haven't signed any of our players.

    I was confident we could win the league provided two things happened. Our manager was with us the whole season and United kept theirs most of it. That said we are quite probably only one good month away from being very hard to catch.
  6. Welcome on board Jordan

    You've been stunned for years as far as I can see .
  7. Kenny McLean

    As long as the same number or more people keep paying as much to watch football on tv and devices really.
  8. January 2018 Transfer Window

    Given JR is looking for a player for the top league next year possible he has a new CH lined up for then but is not available now. So bringing in a forward is the better medium term approach in his eyes.
  9. Carillion collapse

    Not to mention their auditors KPMG who I believe took £1.8m out of Carillion last year. There's been plenty instances before of auditors letting big companies off the hook for having highly dubious accounts. It's some gravy train for the likes of KPMG and EY. All in it together you might be tempted to say.
  10. Jack Ross will come good

  11. January 2018 Transfer Window

    Minimum two additions by Monday https://stv.tv/sport/football/1406129-jack-ross-looks-to-sign-two-midfielders-over-weekend/
  12. January 2018 Transfer Window

    On second thoughts I forgot it must be Veruca Salt.
  13. January 2018 Transfer Window

    Enjoying his wiki page. Aberdeen fans call him 'Bebo' after his profile on the social networking site of the same name was allegedly hacked into. In February 2007, Maguire's profile was seen to leave abusive comments on a friend's page about Rangers players Barry Ferguson and Alan Hutton.
  14. January 2018 Transfer Window

    More chance of Windy Miller and Bernie Winters who in turn have more chance than Naismith .
  15. January 2018 Transfer Window

    Am sure I read on P&B this signing would cause high volume seethe amongst our support. Make of that what you will.