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  1. McGarvey Mews. You've absolutely no idea where it's going to turn next.
  2. Does this potentially enable some of those tenants to move that are slated to be moved as a result of the Ferguslie Park sports development? Can't remember the detail of it.
  3. Just invite Alex Salmond to the debate as a Westminster MP and former FM. I'd enjoy the May/Corbyn/Salmond encounter for entertainment alone.
  4. And apparently Scottish top flights have been watching him too according to the article. Hibs will have the privilege of watching him running past their defenders repeatedly next month.
  5. Carey in the League 2 team too. We educated them in football very well is my positive spin.
  6. Can you two not use the link like everyone else. Spoils the surprise
  7. Think I will just agree as it's easier.
  8. I didn't imply it. Not sure why I would?
  9. But no one said we played midweek before the cup final. Just that the number of games had caught up with us. United were far faster across the ground than us on the day particularly on the break. I expect different this time. And we'll be in Flood's face.
  10. Looked to me that we were suffering from several midweek games in the run up to the final and United ran the legs of off us on a hot day. If true it will be different this time.
  11. Looks like someone's employed a slightly controversial goalkeeping coach.
  12. Slightly clumsily worded. In the real world Langfield, Webster and Clarkson wouldn't kick a ball next season and will be off all of whom are high earners. So goalkeeper and centre back to come in are obvious. If Smith were to stay he doesn't score enough goals for a striker and would be better getting familiar with playing wide IMO. So two strikers in preferably with height and/or pace. And another wide player with pace as cover because I am greedy.
  13. Think regardless of who we have of the current squad next season there are some definite minimum requirements to bring in. A goalkeeper who commands his area, a centre back, a pacy wide midfielder and two forwards.