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  1. To be fair I've just read this he says the same http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/st-mirren-skipper-stephen-mcginn-10860231
  2. I kind of good that first time. After a 10 hour working day I decided on a bit of levity.
  3. Probably his brother.
  4. Seem to remember a bloke from Govan who started our season by losing to Falkirk then drawing at home at East Fife. For the life of me I can't remember what happened next.
  5. That we are desperate for a centre back probably.
  6. Smith played a good number of games for Hearts last season. So maybe he's just better than what we have and we loan Irvine out. Not JR's choice Irvine is with us so possible. Can't imagine that scenario would cost us much. Either that or one of our full backs is going to be out for a while.
  7. That's Harry Lime surely?
  8. Was it not Loch Striven they tested early mini-submarines in WW2 some of which never resurfaced?
  9. I much preferred the cartoon character in retrospect.
  10. Touché
  11. Takes time to fill in a long term contract evidently.
  12. 25 shots so far. Looks like an entertaining season coming up.
  13. If it was MacKenzie the post has probably just been stretchered off.
  14. 1-0 Mehmet to score