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  1. QoS Game

    Todd looks like may have done his shoulder again. Stewart on.
  2. QoS Game

    First taste of ALBA. Jack Ross's gaelic is pretty shoddy.
  3. QoS Game

    Not many on here predicting an easy win.
  4. Darren Whyte Gone

    Starts for Forfar against Nathan Flanagan's East Fife.
  5. If Davis is back in four weeks and we are in contention it will look like a gamble worth taking. Let's see what happens.
  6. celebrity signed shirts

    We used to raffle off signed stuff for our team. One of our team won the raffle for football signed by Ally McCoist. We used it in our next game and several players took great delight in kicking sh*t out of it.
  7. Plus he's added more goals so far this season.
  8. 16/09/17 HUGE weekend for ST.Mirren

    Been saying that for ages. It's only thing that put me off putting a bet on us winning the league.
  9. Great strip

    2 pens. Imagine that.
  10. John McGinn

    Lennon on the BBC site saying Forest bid noticeably more than £750K latterly. Expects bids from a number of clubs in next two windows. Everything comes to those who wait [emoji4]
  11. Injury Updates

    In late news Yards and Basher are still very unfit [emoji4]
  12. Lewis Morgan

    Online article in the S*n quoting Morgan as saying the club kept him up to date with a number of bids coming in during the window. Our most sought after player in years must be.
  13. Revised Predictions

    Agree. Waiting until after the first quarter is a bit of a cheat. It's supposed to be a prediction rather than science after all. Based on very little other than instinct I think if JR hasn't been poached and United's manager lasts until after the next window we can finish top. Need a bit of luck with the front three too staying fit and on form or Morgan going in January allowing us to bring a couple of quality replacements.