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  1. David Mc

    New Manager Latest Odds

    What Neilson is saying is no different from what I would have expected our former manager to have asked for from our board this season (and got).
  2. David Mc

    Jack Ross - SMTID?

    Think you're right. JR and James Fowler have been seen belting out "We're on our way" on more than one occasion weeks ago. Pair of chancers .
  3. David Mc

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Oddschecker has Goodie and Neilson at 4/1 then Kennedy from nowhere at 6/1. Best of the rest at 16/1. Interesting indeed.
  4. David Mc

    Paul McGinn signs

    It's all that Jack Ross's fault you know. I suspect he sabotaged the North Korean peace talks too .
  5. David Mc

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    BBC confirm https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44238168
  6. David Mc

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Hopkin preferred candidate according to this https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/david-hopkin-st-mirrens-no1-12592502
  7. David Mc

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Oh bollocks! Since the turn of the year he’s won us the league at canter, helped a Championship player get into the Scotland squad and won the manager of the year. Of course he’s raised his profile and got a salary rise out of it. Agree with the last two sentences right enough and am sure the Board have been alive to that for months.
  8. David Mc

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Danny Lennon ffs [emoji4]
  9. David Mc

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Not sure Jack will want to call you [emoji4]
  10. David Mc

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    BBC update https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44226120
  11. David Mc

    Speculation Thread

    Hard to say too much about defensive capabilities as Livingston sat in and had no width.
  12. I do think if the Ipswich job doesn't happen we are getting closer to the stage that for JR's own professional integrity he must strongly consider committing to St Mirren for the next season. If he's confident in his own ability which he clearly is then his expectation must be that his profile will continue to be high after a successful season in the Scottish Premiership.
  13. Well I have it in good faith that Sainsbury’s merger is holding up all our transfer business now.