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  1. Love Street. Now & Then

    The barriers were added later cos in frosty/icy weather, well... every c**t fell on their c**t
  2. So Farewell then...Jerry Lewis

    Funny guy
  3. Total Cunts

    In Glasgow... tonight apparently don't go anywhere near Ivory Blacks !!! https://www.facebook.com/events/247367965687514/?acontext={"ref"%3A"22"%2C"feed_story_type"%3A"22"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}&pnref=story
  4. Telly Programmes

    The main Wummin can't act, but it is funny
  5. Jack Ross Must Go.

    I think some fans need to get a grip and stop judging the manager/team/players on a game by game basis. That is just counter productive. December and end of Season is when a manager's record can be scrutinised IMO. It's Football FFS, you win some you lose some.
  6. Consultation/Involvement..?

    Kenny, you said "Clubs everywhere go to their shareholders, sometimes as a group and sometimes to individuals, for funding and there's nothing wrong with that". I agree, but what I was really pointing out was: Before the Quarterly SMiSA spend, where did the Club get the money from for wishlists? Certainly not from Sjhareholders and almost certainly not as a gift.
  7. Consultation/Involvement..?

    I am a SMISA Member, I have been asked s everal times to vote on a Club wishlist. I am also a Shareholder. I have never been asked to fund a Club wishlist. Does anyone see an anomally here?
  8. Talent So Young - That Wee Lassie

    Seen that Comedian a couple of years ago at Paisley Arts Centre. Very good.
  9. I think there is plenty of free seats in W5. If their view is blocked, move over a bit? I might just pop along from W3 when wer're shooting into the away end to lend my vocal support
  10. Why still W7? THAT'S TOO FAR FROM THE MAIN SUPPORT. W6 would be better. Now we have the whole of the West Stand, why can't those who wish to, move from their crap seat to W5 and W6? Why are we still alienating the singing section?
  11. Speculation Thread

    We already have ground across from the stadium.
  12. Speculation Thread

    Shut Ralston down, Astro Greenhill and run everything from Greenhill. We would save a fortune each season.
  13. I'm Listening To....

    They were on Twin Peaks last night. Nah forget it. Not got the same line all the way through... it was the drink! Honest Guv! Anyway, ended up booking Republic of Soul
  14. Facebook...............Making a Fortune

    Oh! You are missing out on some great deals at some marvellous new Restaurants and some more established ones.Meals cost pennies. Shhhhh don't tell him!
  15. Sport Scientist

    Sounds like a great idea. Can't be much for say 4 stewards and electrics for 4 hrs. and it would only be for a small number of games. One £8000 spend might cover the season. Only you seem to be saying 'us and them' mate. No understanding... No it is not. Your last sentence would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. Debating with you is tedious as you are bereft of understanding. Shoots/Shuts people down. Probably what you wanted. I'm out too (debating with you). Nice looking chicks were they? Must have been where Macca got his catchphrase