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  1. Where is the Poll?
  2. I believe Buddiecat was alluding to the fact that Official Confirmation of the repairs by The Club has not been given. I would have thought some statement in the Club News on the Official site informing of such and thanking SMiSA for their input will be forthcoming.
  3. Hall of Fame boards could have been done a lot less expensively. Are the SMISA board looking at that alternative?
  4. That's from 2015, maybe changed policy by now
  5. As usual when Mr Thomson is in charge of our games he over-compensates to show he is not biased, which means we get a hell of a lot of decisions given against us... or so I thought... I now think he is biased... I realised on Saturday that although Craig did indeed gave Falkirk a lot of free kicks against us, very few were in a dangerous or telling position. I now think he's a tremendous Referee I suspect if we looked back at his other games with us, they would tell a similar story.. Well concealed Craig
  6. Keeping on the Northern Soul Theme... They are a local band to boot...
  7. Great tune... KTF indeed
  8. Harry Styles has found his solo one direction... Bowie! and I like it...
  9. Is it f**k, it's cringeworthy. For some Saints fans it's the ONLY time they applaud FFS There were so many complaints about it, Phil eventually had to add his wee patronising "and thanks to the Saints fans for their continued support"
  10. Consider the Lillies...
  11. A Clitoris, if you will... or maybe his Labia Lips will manage to say something humble? Doubt it, cos if you roll back the Beef Curtains, you'll see he's still a bit of a Pie. His attempts at defending the other Fud Alex Rae have all been blown down the proverbial Fallopian Tubes! Both halves are shown as lonks on previous pages of this thread and are still available mate.