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  1. Neil Doncaster Joins The SFA Board

    "Neil's experience in the game should be of great benefit to the Scottish FA and I look forward to working with him and the other directors to drive the game in this country forward."
  2. W7 Fans & Banners

    ^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^
  3. Having recently gained my over 60s National Travel Pass, I intend to put it to the test tomorrow by travelling to the Cup game, Freebie all the way (although I may get a cheap day return on the train from Paisley to Central), except for the Edinburgh Trams. For any others wanting some company, my itinary is (approx) - Buchanan St. Bus Station for City Link express service 900 (every 15 mins no booking allowed) to Edinburgh Haymarket 10.30- 11.40 - Tram from Haymarket to Balgreen 7 mins. - 8 minute walk to stadium, hopefully Pub along the way. COYS
  4. Antonio Carluccio, pan bried

    Gennaro's twin brother owns the Jam Jar Italian Restaurant in Shuttle St.
  5. Wilko for President!

    Was that not Eddie & The Hot Rods?
  6. Telly Programmes

    That Guy Fawkes character looks a right baisturd!
  7. Telly Programmes

    Should be shown in every School.
  8. Kenny McLean

    Probably not, but any club would want ALL monies up front. No Tic for that mob.
  9. Paisley -Renfrewshire Leisure

    A great afternoon's entertainment wuth my favourite being Republic Of Soul. As was the Northern Soul night on Sunday with the fantastic Berry Tweed & The Chasers. The Cooncil should buy that Speigeltent and make it a permanrnt feature. Great venue.
  10. Telly Programmes

    Gunpowder. Excellent and Atmospheric stuff from the BBC
  11. Living On A Island Any Island Within The UK

    Shocking Bud. It's not as if you were in the Ooter Hebrides or Rockall or sumfin. I think they are at it...
  12. Gary McKenzie

    '74 or '75 more like John
  13. The UEFA Nations League

    Well, that's clear
  14. Welcome Jack Ross

    Many Thanks Jack. You have renewed my enthusiasm and love for the Club