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  1. Bit risky, as many fixtures are changed over the season
  2. I have and you already know the answers. Perhaps you could for once answer one of my questions: Why are you so intent on keeping them on the streets? Of course it IS simple. Your scenario if Internment was in force may come to pass, but maybe not, or to a lesser degree as they do not have the support of their community, as the IRA did in Northern Ireland. GET THEM OFF THE STREETS!! Yes, it would be difficult and measures would need to in place - vis a vis a judge's decision if the weight of evidence points to an individual being a grave danger to the innocent. GET THEM OFF THE STREETS!!
  3. The Criteria is for the Government, Judiciary and Security forces to decide. How many times after an atrocity have we heard the extremist was 'on the radar'. Get them off the streets and we willundoubtedly save innocent lives. Do you not agree? You are full of questions, which I answered before and above. You should have a good idea who 'them' are. Internment will prevent quite a few innocents being slaughtered and free up investigators to investigate more of them. GET THEM OFF THE STREETS!
  4. Been over all this before. No sides on my part. Extremists who are on the security forces 'radar' as likely Terrorists or promoters of such. If they are off the streets, they can't kill innocents.
  5. Internment? Get them off the streets, then they can't attack.
  6. Zat no jist ees washin hingin oot?
  7. Yeah, bring back hanging...
  8. I certainly did not hear that. Not that I had any, but someone may have. I'll keep out of this now as I don't want to bog things down with process discussions.
  9. No objections were asked for. Only a proposer and seconder.
  10. It's not hard... Keeps 'them' off the streets, 'them' being persons who are suspected terrorists who kill and maim people on the streets with complete disregard for anyone's human rights. I believe the security forces would know who. Obviously a degree of proof would be needed and a judge to give the nod as per a search warrant. With 'them' intered, it would free up resouces to find more of 'them'. Apart from a possible murderer's human rights, whats the cons? Genuinely..
  11. Start anywhere. I know there are Pros and Cons with Internment, but I'd like to know folks opinions as to why we should not use it. Why? My Brain hurts. and what's wrong with the song? I remember it being sung in the North Bank for a Mr Sands.
  12. That was then, this is now. At least the IRA gave warnings most of the time. These Cnuts don't. Lock them up, keep them off the streets. "Would you like a Chicken Tikka Abdul Hamsa"
  13. I said English... CAN'T YOU READ!!!