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  1. Remember the game. Standing on the wooden benches, jumped up when we scored and completely miss it on the way back down. Thought someone chopped the legs off me.
  2. Welcome on board Jordan

    Is it a yellow sub.
  3. I believe he could a job for us, now we have a better quality of players.
  4. Smacks of desperation on UTD's part.
  5. Speculation Thread

    Off to Livi.
  6. Kenny McLean

    Surely we can do that without kicking lumps out of them.
  7. League or Cup

    Think my 1987 one, is still in the cupboard.
  8. League or Cup

    Rather finish it in Aberdeen and concentrate on leauge.
  9. League or Cup

    Seriously leauge and cup next season.
  10. League or Cup

    Like me, your going for both.
  11. The Katie Hopkins Thread

    No if I'm on the moon.
  12. Kenny McLean

    No hard tackling, as we have a financial interest.