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  1. Train for me, £7.20 return from Bishopton to Airbles.(Electric bar) No road works.
  2. This topic should have been well left alone. Presently one for other football.
  3. Dot

    . ditto
  4. Norwich City strip from the mid sixties. Do I get a prize
  5. Strange when one doesn't like or falls out with a fellow supporter they label them a sevco follower.
  6. Necessary evil comes to mind.
  7. “Paisley is like Beirut without the bomb craters now. And they want Paisley to become City of Culture.” What a stupid statement. Hull was just as bad and turned it around through getting the "City of Culture" title. Ogilvie club had all the craters in their car park the last time I used it.
  8. Do you really think so.
  9. Wrong topic
  10. Thought we did.
  11. Wouldn't thinks so, have to take the six points legally.
  12. Any seats available on supporters bus for cup final. Two required.