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  1. Who many Darryl Duffy are there.
  2. We've no money.
  3. Because it's his mate.
  4. Eta; just a guess of course ;)
  5. Why not tomorrow.
  6. Loch Striven Highball
  7. In preparation for the raid, many tests were carried out, both in the laboratory to prove the concept, and at various locations around the country to prove the full-size versions, and train the crews in advance of the raid itself. On such location was Loch Striven, where dummy Highball bombs were dropped as part of the tests. These dummies contained no explosives, and the empty steel casings were filled with concrete, with stories of some having been made of wood, constructed and filled with wood, sawdust, and glue by CE Morris Furniture of Glasgow. These were abandoned and left in the loch after the war, but were located during dives carried out during 2010. Our Loch Striven page contained links to footage of the dives, showing the dummy bombs as found, but the urls have changed over the years, and we eventually lost track of them, so the links on the page no longer work. They may be available elsewhere, with a bit of searching. We were told of plans to return to the site, and to raise one or more of the bombs for display in museums, with the first to be presented to the Brooklands Museum in Surrey, where the Barnes Wallis collection is held. If more were raised, then they will be placed in local museums. It is worth noting that at present there are no complete Highballs on display anywhere. Note that Hihghball was the naval version of the bouncing bomb, intended to be used against ships. This version was never used operationally. Spherical bombs seen in the film were dummies. The device was still classified as secret when the film was made, and shots that would have shown the final cylindrical design were censored. Loch Striven was closed off while the tests were being carried out there, and a number of writers have describe how the Lumberjills were sealed in their cabins, with the windows covered and guard on the doors, while the bomb was being tested there, and smoke screens used to hide the public view along the loch from its entrance. 25 seconds in. Again 4min 30s.
  8. Stick them in with the away fans, their opinion about our players are the same.
  9. My language is not much better well spotted.
  10. Hence the toothbrush.
  11. He had to nip home, forgot his toothbrush.
  12. Not all our players are kids.
  13. Came across them once I'm sure, when taking in a cup game a couple of seasons ago. Didn't appear to be anything but sober. But the language was very intoxicating and aim mostly at our own players.