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  1. billyg

    Who would you like for next manager

    I'm disappointed Derek Adams has signed a new deal at Plymouth , he would have been the ideal candidate for us , I know he comes across as a bit of a loony but no-one can argue with his record. When I look at who's available , we're very limited for choice. A wrong move here and the top league dream will be over before it starts !
  2. billyg

    Saint's Premiership Era

    To my mind , Ricky dined out on the Fergie/Clunie legacy for three years before leaving Alec Miller an absolute shambles to contend with. Ricky was a manager on his granny's side !
  3. billyg

    Saint's Premiership Era

    I reserve judgement , we made the wrong appointment after Alec Wright , after Jim Clunie , after Tom Hendrie , after Danny Lennon etc etc I await with interest ...........
  4. Derby weren't mentioned in the story I heard !
  5. It's doing the rounds up here , along with rumours that other clubs are trying to beat Ipswich to get him !
  6. There's no doubt that Fergie's legacy was behind our success following his departure , the younger players he nurtured were blossoming after he left. The same could happen post Ross , but only if the incoming manager embraces the ideas that JR already has in place !
  7. Sorry guys , I'm at the stage that if he goes , he goes ! He has done a wonderful job getting us to where we are and has earned any success. Now Gordon Scott , over to you to get it right , because our future depends on your next move !
  8. billyg

    Bye Harry , thanks for the memories

    That about sums it up for me , we need a high quality "sweeper" type like Harry , and they don't grow on trees ! I get the feeling that JR would have bust a gut to keep Harry had his own mind not been on other things too ! The thought of filling our squad up with failed SPL journeymen is giving me the fear now !
  9. billyg

    Bye Harry , thanks for the memories

    Losing someone of his calibre as we move up is a major concern . Need a whole new back four now imo
  10. This is a tough call , and the outcome will be about how much JR believes in himself. There is no steadier job in the Championship than Ipswich , he would get away with a poor season I think as long as they don't go down. On the other hand , if he really believes he can he can do the business with us , he may stay , as it would give him even more bargaining power with any suitors !
  11. billyg

    SMISA Annual Report 2018 email

    TBF I voted that down , there's no great interest in the woman's team imo , I know if they were ever successful I wouldn't bother my arse turning up to see it. I support St Mirren , not a woman's team of the same name , just like back in the 70s when I didn't support St Mirren Amateurs , in fact I had a great dislike for them !
  12. billyg

    SMISA Annual Report 2018 email

    Everything is crystal clear and above board. Anyone who has unfounded issues with the content is attention seeking and is basically talking jobby ! eta In my opinion of course
  13. I'm next to certain he'll be with us next season and beyond , there's definitely a player there. He may even go out on loan again and train with us full time , he still needs to bulk up , but I can see him as a future first-teamer |!
  14. Unstable club , with hire and fire rich fannies in charge , Barnsley are in big bother and JR wouldn't touch a club like that !