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  1. Is that just one player that started on Saturday ?
  2. Hibs line-up : Laidlaw, Ambrose, McLean, Forster, Harris, Martin, Murray, Shinnie, Humphrey, Keatings, Graham
  3. I don't have a problem with this at all. Edinburgh Airport has been doing it for years and the money made from the scheme has been channelled into attracting new airlines and services to the airport by reducing landing charges in start-up deals etc
  4. Teams rest players all the time , if Hibs say players are drained , then that's all the excuse they need .
  5. Malaga's his 2nd home , so probably !
  6. I lived both the 60s and 70 teams , and the 60s shades it for me ,68 in particular , a full year unbeaten in the league , probably the only time we've had real consistency in our history !
  7. Apparently was doing a great job with the Spurs youngsters. Dead at 44 ! Shocker.
  8. Raith will be worried , it's the kind of job Yogis looking for and he's on a short term deal just now !
  9. Why 3rd strip , that should be our 1st strip next season. Could do with a couple of reincarnations of Shug McLaughlin , Billy Fulton and Peter Kane too [emoji16]
  10. He was one of Alec Rae's unfit , perma-injured signings . He has blossomed in the new regime !
  11. Nah , he's too big a shitebag !
  12. Harry Davis would have romped it if not for his injury , the best central defender we've had at the club since Big Jack ! I would just love if we could get him back next season , but I'm sure he'll be on a host of club's radar now !
  13. This could be a very interesting window providing we stay up. Obviously we'll lose all the loan players and probably Mallan as well. JR proved with the Davis signing that he can come up with some unexpected diamonds , I'm sure there will be a few more this summer !
  14. Not just some people , but several regulars, particularly at away matches. It's been a well talked about subject for years. What goes around , comes around, eh Phil ?
  15. Baird was outstanding , certainly made me eat my words ! #gojacko