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  1. Out greatest ever strike force , Doug Somner the pen pusher and Frank McDougall the painter and decorator !
  2. If Stewart's going to be our big-guy option up front , must be a chance we will try and offload Sutton !
  3. Hopefully Harry Davis !
  4. McInnes has found his club/level , after failing in England before. Sunderland , over the last few years , have proven to be a difficult club to manage , massive support , but the finance to succeed at the highest level doesn't seem to be there , I think he'll stay at Aberdeen !
  5. James Fowler was with Stirling before joining us , if Bikey's got any potential JF will know !
  6. He's the one that we really could make some dosh on , think he'll turn out the best of the lot !
  7. If you draw a veil over the early 70s then you ignore Ally McLeod's four goals at Ibrox , the stuff legends are made of , as only he and Alan Gilzean ever achieved it !
  8. Guess we know now why it's undisclosed !
  9. Graeme Macpherson‏ @Graeme_Macphers 20m20 minutes ago Other party to benefit from sale of Stevie Mallan to Barnsley is old St Mirren board. Fee goes to them as part of sale of club agreement.
  10. Lucky you , I'm working in Merchant City at 9pm
  11. I did , Us , Arbroath and Clyde all to draw , 300 smackers. COYS
  12. Dave , while you're here , another for your list , George O'Neil , had a brief spell as Thistle captain in the 60s , played with the Saints in the 70s !
  13. I see Ravenscraig has turned Tory , Ravenscraig ???? The old steelworkers will be turning in their graves !
  14. Who knows , but unlike Campbell , it was all about him ! Was a pleasure reacting to the substitutions yesterday , hearing everything loud and clear !
  15. I'm well aware of that , my point is that Glasgow , with the increased income , should now be starting to do the same.