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  1. Dunfermline fans talked about it first on separate thread !
  2. Seems legit. Dunfy and Fakes fans talking about it in different threads on p&b , he scored twice .
  3. Stelios knows him well , so I found out at the Smisa quiz !
  4. Or Ilias Haddad ?
  5. Yes ,Red , taken before league game v Airdrie. Airdrie were wearing red socks and shorts that day hence the reason we're only wearing our first choice socks and shorts !
  6. They've always got a grit about them that we don't possess just now. Fearing the worst !
  7. I was referring to the post above mine , when four injured players were mentioned and Magennis was the only automatic starter of the four !
  8. Not arguing with that , just trying to highlight that because someone has done well , doesn't mean they can't be held to account for their mistakes !
  9. I still think Morgan's for the off soon Griff , don't like the body-language !
  10. Yeah well , lower division players and no-user part-timers !
  11. He can only dine out on that for so long though. Some of his recent acquisitions mystify me !
  12. The Reilly one man up front shape will never work , because A. He isn't hard-working or quick enough and B. We don't have good enough players to supply him .
  13. Absolutely , like when Smith won us the cup and was gone less than a year later after a 6-0 defeat. If things ain't right , no-one is safe !
  14. Only Magennis is an automatic first pick , squad is bulging with nearly men I'm afraid !
  15. Jack's made a rod for his own back with some of his signings. We could have withstood bringing in a couple of new guys from lower divisions and gradually integrated them , but not half of the squad. Central defence really concerns me , we know Gary Mac is good enough , but that's where it ends , and if Harry isn't fit until September then we're in trouble !