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  1. Darren Whyte Gone

    Whyte isn't even a defender , he's a midfielder. If we'd played Whyte at CB tomorrow and lost, then everyone would have been on JRs case , especially when you consider that if McCart hadn't signed with us he would be playing for ICT , Dundee Utd or Raith, who were all lining up to sign him , this weekend . We nicked in and nabbed him simply because we need what he can bring to the team at this point in time !
  2. Never nice to read of the passing of an ex player , particularly one that you saw play for the club. He only played ten league games for us , all in the run in to the end of the season in 1972. Thing I could never understand was that we were on a 5 game winning run (T Bryceland's first five games as manager) before we signed him , we were sitting pretty at the top of the league. Jim immediately replaced Danny Stevenson and we lost three of the next four , before going on another winning run , 6 games this time. It was too little too late though , and I would love to know , even now , why we changed the goalkeeper for no obvious reason at a critical time of the season !
  3. Ben Gordon

    If it's that desperate , and we only have two first team defenders available , Baird and Irvine , I suppose we could sign Gordon , or any other out of contract player , on amateur terms !
  4. Morgan

    Brought home by the death of ex Celt Paul Wilson today , the only non-white to play for Scotland in the 20th century and subjected to awful "Wilsons a Darkie" taunts at Ibrox.
  5. The defence has been shite all season tbf. From the joke goal at Stranraer , the howler against Livvy , the drubbings v Thistle , Morton and DAFC and the early 2nd half shooty in that ICT had last week ! If it's not sorted it's going to cost us big time !
  6. Eckersley looks a booking if anything , need to appeal that one I think !
  7. I noticed JR mentioned in his interview about defending poorly. Wholesale changes at the back required and a midfield anchor too !
  8. Come off it, he was pulled all over the place yet again and must be No1 on JRs list for dropping when we're back to full strength. He treats the ball like a hot potato , can't get any decent distance on his defensive headers and has next to no composure. Buchanan's not much better. I'm counting the minutes until Harry and Gary McK are back !
  9. Craig Samson

    1968 in the league , W19 D11 L3.
  10. Chairman's Update

    Drew alluded to the new contract offer for Morgan in another thread , from what I heard it would be very much structured in LMs favour with a fairly low buy-out but if a few clubs are after his signature then he would go to the highest bidder rather than walk away for a development fee !
  11. Lewis Morgan

    I mentioned the run back and keeping the ball in at the time , tremendous appetite for the game ! And you're not the only one who's mentioning the Best comparison , I heard a few talking about it yesterday !
  12. I'm not going to single anyone out but JR will know we are nowhere near the finished article. Defensively we were poor yesterday , and a better team could have pushed us harder than ICT did. We have better defenders coming back from injury than three of the four that played yesterday , interesting team selections coming soon !
  13. If we can win games by scoring goals even when we're rotten at the back then the league is ours for the taking. ICT were through one on one on Sammy 5 times in the match and notched on two of those occasions. Getting Davis back in as organiser can't come quick enough.
  14. So farewell then...Walter Becker

    Damn. Becker and Fagen , two of my heroes growing up !
  15. John McGinn

    Likewise , they're not very good really!