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  1. To do so well and lose it late on is a massive boot in the baws for Raith. I feckin love it!
  2. Fleming has been good and loves a penalty save. The only note of caution would be that this time last year Scott Gallacher was pretty highly regarded at Alloa.
  3. It's the Youth Cup Final tomorrow night apparently, and it's Rangers v Celtic. The Daily Record is listing Ryan Hardie as one of Rangers' ones to watch. As Raith are playing at Easter Road on the same night, who gets first shout on Hardie? Whatever happens at Easter Road tomorrow night, it'll be a hard physical and mental shift for Raith's players and they'll need to get themselves lifted again for Saturday. I'm hoping for a physical encounter with a red card for M'voto and a demoralising defeat (by lots of goals or even an undeserved last minute penalty to rip the heart out of them). A couple of injuries for key Raith players wouldn't be a disaster either. Raith haven't won away since October, and don't have the option of choosing to play on a dry, bobbly surface which they seem to prefer.
  4. The foul had been given before the guy hit the shot. I wouldn't really describe that as a goal being chopped off if the play has already stopped.
  5. Naw naw naw! I don't agree with this at all. I've never clapped this. f**k 'em!
  6. Jack's man management skills and popularity within the game will be very important when it comes to this summer's recruitment. Just heard Hamilton captain, Michael Devlin talk about Jack on Sportsound. Devlin was only 16 when Jack was there for a season at the end of his playing career. But he was absolutely glowing in his praise for Jack, how he took the time to speak him and help him where possible. He's getting a reputation in the game as a manager that players want to play for. Things won't always go perfectly, but the team spirit, the style of football being played and the bond between the fans, the team and club could suggest that we've maybe got ourselves a wee gem here.
  7. Just on Twitter that it's not broken but they won't be able to assess the extent of the injuring for a couple of days.
  8. It's won't matter what happens between now and the end of the season, Jack Ross will be our manager next season. GLS has stated that.
  9. I'm holding my hands up as well. Fair do's to Gary, he's played very well in the last few games.
  10. I have to say that the continuing desperation of some to find a negative angle is very impressive.
  11. A great 3 points and while a wee bit disappointed at the other results that soon wore off. Rode our luck a bit in the first half but the 2nd was pretty comfortable. Special mention for Kyle Magennis. He doesn't have as high a profile as Mallan or Morgan but he's a great player who hardly ever puts in anything but a good performance. I'd have him in the team every week.
  12. I realise that escaping relegation isn't a cause for celebration, but given the absolute clusterf**k of a season we've had with all those defeats and so many piss poor, disinterested performances, I'll certainly be celebrating my relief if we do get away with it.
  13. Bringing in 10 players in January and blending them into a hard working, effective and motivated team that have been regularly picking up big wins and points within a few weeks, scoring goals from pre-planned set piece moves, creating a positive mood around the team and club, engaging with the supporters and clearly understanding the importance of a bond between the team, club and fans beating Dundee, Hibs and Dundee Utd No-one's perfect and he's made some mistakes but aye, he's doing alright for me.
  14. I saw Mallan and Langfield sharing a wave and thumbs up as the teams readied for the restart. Maybe Langfield had seen something in the way Cammy Bell sets up for wide free kicks and mentioned it to Mallan? He was giving the league's best free kick taker a massive amount to aim at.