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  1. Foodbank Collection

    I popped into my local co-op and filled a polly bag....... This collection looked very well organised and I hope it was a runaway success as usual. I am sure the Buddies stepped up supberbly as ever. Great wee toon this.
  2. Christmas Songs

    Oh no thats not music at all
  3. Christmas Songs

    I heard a song on the wireless to day by a boy called Justiin Bieber called Mistletoe........is that more your taste young man?
  4. Christmas Songs

    Tis the season to be jolly tra la la la dee dee dee da Anyway for a bit of fun whats you top five favourire Christmas songs Here is my list 1) Greg Lake - I believe in Father Christmas 2) John Lennon - Happy Xmas (War is over) 3) Jona Lewie - Stop the cavalry 4) Boney M - Little Drummer Boy 5) Wizzard - I wish it could be Christmas
  5. January 2018 Transfer Window

    Liam Henderson in would please me somewhat, as would any potential return (via a loan) of one Stevie Mallan. We have enough strikers now, an abundance if you like and we really could do with jettisoning up to two of them, Duffy of course being the first who's tea would be out. I like John Sutton enormously and I would be sad to see him leave but I strongly suspect our management team will be working to this end. Is Hilson's peg shoogly? With young Maggenis returning to fitness the occasionally problematic right midfield should see some improvement and hopefully we will see a return of Josh Todd, a player I like, to bolster our attacking options doon the right flank. A worry would be any injury sustained by young Lewis Morgan, I don't know if our new boy Mullen is any good on the left flank but we could be short of cover should Lewis take a shot on the treatment table. All in all the squad is looking no too bad, no too bad indeed. Season greetings fellow Buddies.
  6. Danny Mullen

    Whose pudden you pullin
  7. Paisley, Uk City Of Culture 2021?

    Hurry up......that Matt Baker is a pain in the arse
  8. Thank you for sharing that I was confused at the time as to how Eckersleys goal went in......that sorted it!!!!
  9. W7 Fans & Banners

    Wholeheartedly agree. Most disappointing here is the club have once again made a rip roaring arse of themselves. Just hours after the club is rightly being lauded for the "wummens team" announcement they go and eff it all up with stupidity. Petty minded halfwits a times. A wee word would have sufficed.
  10. St. Mirren ladies team

    Taking Betty out of the equation, I don't see the joke element. A big thunder thighed ginger called "Betty fae Glenburn" is my prediction!
  11. St. Mirren ladies team

    The more I think about the Buddie Burds the more I like it. Once the female of the species has its more deadly than the male team up and running this will provide real opportunities for all involved to develop within the game. For example opportunities will exist for those players wishing to develop in the coaching side of the game. Young coaches will get opportunities with the Burds and young Burd coaches will get opportunities with the male squads. All in all our fantastic, wonderful and cutting edge club will have a larger, more experienced pool of coaches available along with real opportunity for players from either sex to develop in a coaching capacity. What's not to like? I tell you this forum user's as previously alluded to the day when we have a female playing in the famous black and white stripes (men's team) is fast approaching. The day when we have a female manager of the men's team is fast approaching, the day when the men's teams is back to being called the first team well that is already here as it always has been. All of this is good news as we venture forward into a fairer, more equal society. Again though the Christmas night out will be fraught with danger.
  12. St. Mirren ladies team

    Are the ladies eligible to play for the real team or are we only able to sign them during a transfer window? I ask as it is surely a matter of time before we see women play alongside the men. We wouldn't be the first, we really would not! Anyway my prediction is this...the first wummen to turn out for our first team will be big, called Betty and play at centre half!
  13. St. Mirren ladies team

    I see on the official site that it is now well erm..official. Good news, our club is brilliant it really is, brilliant it really is indeed. PS Will the first team and the burds team share a Christmas night out? I see scandal ahead
  14. Two Doors Down - New Scottish Comedy

    Well yes I agree......I was just making a point. Really didn't like the young ones. To the Manor Born was good in it's day as was the likely lads (and whatever happened to the likely lads). Another good un was "only when I laugh" best remembered these days for the theme song H.A.P.P.Y the tune of which will be familiar to our younger forum user's who may chant "Saint Murrn till I die" along to it.
  15. Two Doors Down - New Scottish Comedy

    Not a bad list, excepting of course the young ones, Thatcher era braindead urine. Although socially unacceptable these days the Alf Garnett sit coms were very good at the time. Like Gary Glitter music we really don't like it anymore but at the time!!!!!