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  1. I have very little to add to this constructive conversation. I do wish to state though: I think Stellios is a smashing player. It is very rare to see such a two footed player with realy ability. Stellios would start every time he was fit if I were the manager, Christ almighty his two goals against Hibernian fc demonstarted that for goodness sake. I would start him, I would indeed.
  2. The twitters are telling me the Hibees have scored 2-1 Hibs
  3. Come on Faraway do it for us Buds. You don't even need to clean your house, just the bit around the telly!
  4. Unfortunately I am very much im the country. Thank you for your information
  5. Is it on the telly?
  6. Bradford Way Lapsley Lane Abercrombie Ave Goowdin Gate
  7. The drum stayed on the bus The drum, the drum stayed on the bus The drum, the drum has caused a fuss The people in Dundee are not very nice The drum, the drum was banned from Tannadice The drum, the drum sat silently when St Mirren took on the Tannadice men The drum, the drum will beat again When next we play the Rath Rovers men The drum, the drum will beat loudly When St Mirren clinch eighth and we go on proudly The drum, the drum, it is a snare The drum, the drum not welcomed everywhere The drum, the drum, the drum, the drum
  8. Shorted the FTSE 100 as soon as Theresa called the election. Dropped 140 points at £1 per point! Currenly long on Dominoes pizza, my next foray will be the morning after the GE, if the Tories win big then the FTSE will likely rally. If the GE delivers a dogs breakfast then gold would be a good long.
  9. We could have two moments of the season, a positive one and a negative one. Here is my tuppence worth Positive The second half Vs TNS was pretty special. It marked a new found confidence and swagger that we are still confidently swaggering. The 0-2 win away at Ayr United was also a memorable day as was super Stellios slotting home his second goal at home to the much fancied Hibs as I watched on with real pride as my team really started to show that a corner had not only been turned but "swaggered right roon". The cup final when that pain in the arse drum was actually really good, so good in fact that I like it now? For me it was seeing young Stephen McGinn running out with our strip on again. Negative A low point would be Rocco Quinn hopelessly giving the ball away on the edge of our box during a 0-3 defeat to Queen of the South. Perhaps the moment the board decided that gaffer Jack needed enough backing to sign an entirely new team? By Christ we were really rotten. Another low point would be Jamie Langfield trudging off the park, shoulders haunched forward, staring dejectedly at the ground having given that hopeless goal away at home to Dumbarton. By Christ we were really rotten. Shankland missing that penalty? By Christ we were really rotten. In conclusion We need to remember just how rotten we actually were, by Christ we were rotten. Alex Rae was a truly hopeless manager. By Christ was Alex Rae a rotten manager. The contrast with Mr Jack Ross could not be more...... well contrasting. By Christ has Jack Ross did well! Addendum:- Too early The moment of the season has yet to be lived. When Jack Ross, Stephen McGinn, Stevie Mallan, super Stellios, big darling McKenzie, Billy the fish, Lewis Morgan, Cammy Smith, Rory Loy, Jack Baird, Adam Eckersley, Gary Irvine, Kyle Magennis, big John Sutton, Josh Todd and everyone else involved with first team duties walk over to our support to receive our adulation having just secured 8th place will be a moment to cherish, to enjoy, to look upon with pride. That moment has yet to be written and when it happens (and it will happen) let us recall just how awful the mess was and appreciate the turnaround these magnificent men delivered. That moment will be the moment of the season, the moment we can look confidently to the future, the moment we kick on, the moment our imminent success could be built from. That my freinds will be THE moment of the season. When it comes cherish it, then go and get pished!!!!!!
  10. The chat room was very realistic........I went in and no-one spoke to me!!!!!
  11. No Drummer in Dundee Dundee Dundee Dundee We soon are away to thee In Tannadice Street We are in for a treat Even without our beloved drum beat Dundee Dundee Dundee To enter your stadia you will charge us a fee But no you wont impress me For sing we still can And that you cannot ban And your arses we will tan You idiots and buffoons from Dundee
  12. No need to promise such things to me...you already have my vote. Do you have a vacancy for a campaign manager?
  13. Well I nominate Shull, Shull can stand as the Spangle party candidate I look foward to reading Shull's election manifesto with points such as Bigger tips for taxi drivers Cheapen the pie Part time is sublime VOTE SHULL FOR MODERATOR
  14. It is essential for the wellbeing of our Clyde valley ratbag neighbours to see us remain in the division, the very same division that our "doon the water" heroin addled parasitical neighbours will fail to win promotion from. You can almost hear the frantic speech that Jim Duffy will be encouraged to deliver to his below average squad by Warren Hawke and the rest of the ne'er do well's board. Jim "right player's we need our more illustrious neighbours in this division with us. The only team to bring a decent crowd when they come to our shockingly neglected midden. So if you want this midden we play in to get a lick of paint every now and then we must do all we can to keep the Buddies up....that and to see a great team like that go down a division would be the second greatest crime against humanity, beaten only by whoever decided to build a town as shitty as this and call it Greenock". Players "we like marshmallows" Jim "I used to have a career" Players "we are off to the bookies" Jim "and I am off for a shower whereby I will disinfect this body of mine before returning to wherever I live"
  15. Player of the year will take some thought I am veering toward the following Lawrence Shankland Callum Gallagher Kyle Hutton Scott Gallacher I just cannot make my mind up between them