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  1. John Sutton

    What a childish, disorganised and unnecessary collection of letters
  2. The UEFA Nations League

    That's nice
  3. Dead At Last

    Heres is a better link https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/oct/02/rock-star-tom-petty-dies-heart-attack
  4. Dead At Last

    He's not dead...on life support Seriously he is still with us https://twitter.com/heraldscotland
  5. Catalonia

    It is unfortunate that the acts of terror in France and Las Vegas have very quickly shifted focus away from this most important of topics (the attacks were entirely unfortunate it is the timing I am commenting on). I see the BBC have moved as quickly as possible to report on the newer stories and push this massive crisis of democracy and human rights somewhat down the pecking order. What a pathetic organisation the BBC have become. One again I salute the people of Catalonia for showing such bravery in the face of such cowardly and pathetic oppression from a yellow bellied bastard Spanish government. Make no mistake people, this is a fellow European democracy and this disgrace reflects on us all. The Westminster gov have issued a weak as piss statement on the subject, Scottish Labour blame the SNP (these people are morons, check the the twitter accounts of our own Renfrewshire Labour cllr's, these people are brain dead) and our national news agency appears to be trying to avoid the subject altogether. I can say with confidence that if I was a Catalonian I would have been one of the elderly voters with his head split open....... Barcelona FC are worthy of a mention, what terrific conduct and although a big club it is fair to say that they are indeed a community club. Magnificent from them. Did anyone note the conduct of La Liga in forcing them play yesterday? Or the attempt by Las Palmas to heighten tensions by adding the Spanish flag to the Las Palmas strip for that one game? The Spanish FA and the Scottish FA appear to have much in common.
  6. Catalonia

    One must salute the bravery of the Catalonian people for turning out to vote, the people who manned the polling stations etc etc....what brilliant people. The Spanish government have made a right Labour of this.....Catalonia will in all likliehood declare itself an independent nation. Good luck to them and it will be very interesting to see how the international community responds. Our government have already shown themselves to be weak. Interestingly I have been following the story all day over on the twitters and Scottish Labour have disgraced themselves today, these people really are the daftest of idiots. Kezia Dugdale to her credit condemned the violence early doors but our Renfrewshire Labour councillors have conducted themselves appallingly, apparently its the SNP's fault! How unlucky are we in that however bad Labour are in Renfrewshire we see, to have the poorest calibre of Labour idiot.
  7. The Saint Newspaper - Issue 2

    Sounds like a very good idea. Have you considered asking the fans council to take over? They do have a track record of doing everything better then smisa!
  8. The Politics Thread

    Ah the old politics. Some people, even Buddies can be very stupid when it comes to politics. Here are some basic facts that we should all be well aware of. 1) The Tories are horrible bastards who don't like Scotland. London is all that matters to them. If you are Scottish and vote Tory you are a halfwit. 2) Labour are the most incompetent shower of dotards (yes I learned that word from Kim Jon aka rocketman) that the political world has ever seen. Labour themselves are the biggest threat to this country. Last time out they collapsed our economy, started an illegal war and killed Dr Kelly. Gordon Brown is hopefully the last ever Labour prime minister. His incompetence should be taught at school to ensure that future generations never make the same stupid mistakes that allow Labour any where near power in our society. Labour are unintenionally evil. If you examine the calibre of Labour candidates the country over you will find them to be of a very poor standard. Renfrewshire being an excellent example......if any of you paid any attention to the ranting halfwit that was Cllr Terry Kelly you would know exactly what I mean. Where do they find these people? The answer is everywhere, hopefully in time our education system will improve and eradicate Labour voters but until that day......don't vote Labour. 3) In Scotland we are lucky, we have another choice. T
  9. St Mirren Targets for the Season

    A ray of sunshine. One must consider that Harry Davies will return, Gary Mack will return. Every reason to be hopeful unlike our unhappy forum friend above.
  10. Disgrace

    Contact the fans council and they will raise it with the club on your behalf. This is exactly what the fans council are for and also why the fans council are such a great outfit and way better at everything than Smisa.
  11. The Unique Original Thread

    The nuts in my poo number in tens
  12. The Unique Original Thread

    One may scoff but Shull's wisdom is in his rantings
  13. Gary McKenzie

    A piece I heard on Share radio earlier today "So the bank of Gary Mack is currently in a downturn with all trading suspended. Analysts at JP Morgan Chase and BNP Paribas remain bullish however with high hopes that trading will return later in the season and a resumption of dividend payments but both have stopped short of a "buy" rating and have held a "hold" advice note for all investors. In our view here at Share radio the bank of Gary Mack remains a riskier investment but still miles ahead of the Royal Bank of Scotland that, even with the end of the banking crisis apparently in sight is still in our view some way off of delivering either a dividend or any significant growth to it's beleaguered investors. No the bank of Gary Mack is one of the better banking invesetments like Lloyds, who have become a leaner and more streamlined business, dividends can reasonable be expected during the next calendar year".
  14. Gavin Reilly. I Year Contract

    This lad is doing really well, really well indeed.
  15. Anyone but England

    Anyone but England I love to see England lose, I hope they lose, lose and lose some more. The other night wasn't difficult as success for our wonderful nation is more important than England losing so not much of a conversation to be had here really. On occasion I have wanted one of the bigot brothers to win as such result has directly benefited the fortunes of the Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co first team playing squad so again nothing earth shattering. In the past it has been known for the Greenock underclass to do us the odd favour by winning a football match..... Anyway I do take great delight in watching England fail at football. Gary Lineker, Glen Hoddle, Ian Wright are to England as Derek Johnstone was to the now defunct Rangers. The wankery of them permeates society on many levels. Christ almighty with a smattering of Moses, but why in the name of any made up God is it acceptable that England games are on council television and the rest of us have to pay extraordinary stupid prices to watch our nations on Sky sports (the same organisation that over funds the English football love in). English football is paid for by idiots who give far too much money to Sky for a product that is simply not worth it. Instead of giving Sky £120 per calender month take your family on holiday, buy a new car, put better shoes on your children but FFS get a grip of yourself and stop funding these arseholes. Yes forum dwellers anyone but England, anyone indeed.