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  1. One for all the golfers in forumland...

    Paisley GC is undoubtedly the golfing jewel in the town of Paisley, miles ahead of any other course in the area. Especially now with Johnny Clelland as the greenkeeper. Paisley GC is in outstanding condition and a joy to play on. The course is of course called the Paisley Bushes golf club. Kilmacolm is the 2nd best, cracking wee course. Coachrane castle is a decent enough course but it gets a wee bit squeezed toward the end of the round, undoubtedloy a result of the compulsory purchase of land in the 1940's. Renfrew GC is a boring, boring and even more boring course. Long, straight holes that lack any sort of character. When you add in the noise of the scrappies next door and the aeroplanes passing only metres overhead I find it to be an all together unpleasant hit. It also suffers from poor drainage. I like the club house though! Barshaw is a cracking wee course with some enjoyable holes. As it is looked after by Renfrewshire council it will never be a top drawer course but I will defend the Royal and Ancient Barshaw to the hilt. Many a Paisley bairn started playing on this cracker and it is hugely important in bringing young un's into the game. Unfortuantely my gowfing days are drawing to a close and I hardly play these days....this will likely be my last year. I have started playing the bowls though......
  2. Johnstone Burgh In Crisis

    Johnstone Burgh 3 Greenock Juniors - 1 Good win... Gang forward
  3. Super Stelios

    I disagree Stellios does not need to be coached. Stellios is a wonderful footballer with wonderful natural abilities that manifest themselves in the most wonderful of ways. As wonderful as our coach is at our wonderful club one must stress that a truly wonderful player such as Stellios is surely too "wonderful" even for our wonderful coaches. If you read that and you are still unsure let me assure that that I hold Stellios in high regard, wonderfully high regard! PS He appears to be a decent bloke as well....how wonderful!
  4. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Predictions for the derby The Buddies to win by three clear goals Gavin Reilly to be on the scoresheet Sammy the ginger Samsonite to play well The Buds to be top of the league as we pass the Erskine bridge on the way back to civilisation. Shull to have his weekly meltdown regardless The public houses of Paisley to be brimming with happy Buds come Saturday evening
  5. Sky Sports Fantasy Fitba

    I have a vague idea what these are...if a few get together and you post a link I will join
  6. Is that you berating a fellow fan? Well after Saturday my mood is high, it is high indeed. If one cannot enjoy a day like that without a needless meltdown then as I say football is not for you. Do something more constructive with your life as this soccer game is clearly not making you happy! Anyway, we have 3 points and a derby on Saturday....woohoo!
  7. It was well over the line, no question at all about that. Anyway Sammy the ginger Samster Samson had a fine game from the 4th minute onward. He contributed to what was a fine win over a club that are one of our fiercest rivals. We have 3 points in week one, we played decent fitba and we still have some players to come back into the squad. Saturday was a good day for our great club. If any of our forum members cannot enjoy a day like Saturday without berating players for a mistake or having the audacity to get injured then I submit that perhaps football is not for them and our great club and its supporters and this forum would perhaps be a little better off. Saturday was a good day, a good day indeed.
  8. Yes BM it most certianly is my forum chum, certianly is indeed. Can someone remind me..did we win our first opening game of the season since 2006 yesterday?
  9. Rory Loy

    He is a good lad......I for one wish him well. May I take this opportunity to point out that Shulls horrendous posts above are not representative of proper football fans.
  10. Absolutely PB..Sutton was supberb today, he was so superb I mis-spelled it to draw attention to how superb or supberb he really was. We were a little rattled in the first 20 minutes after Samson's initial mistake but the lads did superbly well, The new signngs impressed my somewhat and I will take this opportunity to repeat how pleased I am that Cammy Smith plays for us. Gavin Reilly looks a player, as I stated elsewhere he works his plums off today and I like the look look of the lad. ETA I see I said works instead of worked but hey...today is a good day
  11. Andy Ryan

    14 to go my forum chum, 14 to go
  12. Rory Loy

    Stop trying to justify yourself Shull. Your post was of the type we would expect for LordLookAtMe or others of that ilk. Aadmit you let everyone down and move on. Your reputation as a half decent poster on this here forum commands that you do. I also understand that the boy is off for an x-ray as he may have broken a rib. An horrendous injury that I have suffered more than once and I can attest to the severity of such an injury. I for one wish him well and I invite all decent supporter's of the Saint Mirren professional footbal club pte ltd co first team playing squad to do likewise.
  13. Rory Loy

    Now I like the look of that boy (as a footballer you understand).
  14. Rory Loy

    Really bad post Shull...you are better than that. Rory was a stalwart of our great escape and a bloody good player to boot, he does not deserve such childish derision. He was playing very well in the first half and unfortunately (for him) he sustained an injury. I would like to see him back with the Buddies. You never know, maybe this rib injury will blight his season (and have a real negative effect on one of our fiecest rivals) and he can return to the Buddies in the future and help us with our European push. Dissapointed in you Shull, if you could see me now you would see a stern look and a firm shaking of the head. You have let the forum down, let it down indeed.