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  1. Absolutely young Gary, the whiners and the greeters will latch onto anything and everything in order to publically expose there needy personalities. Its a black and white striped strip.....without seeing it we already knew what it was going to look like. The strip is fine....the strip will be a title winner.....the strip will be famous. But for now let them cry.
  2. I like the ginger speccy duo, I really do. As illustrated by Poz above some people just like different things. For example I really like "the last farewell" by Roger Whittaker, beautiful song but I find his other songs dreary pish. I like almost everything that the Who did and nothing...I just wanted to mention that.
  3. 1) About what? 2) I fail to understand what it is you think I fail to understand
  4. You have my agreement in full, in full indeed. Unfortunately certain forum user's never miss an opportunity to have a wee greet.....this is such an opportunity. As for the final sentence In the above post......nail on head, nail on head.
  5. Just support the club instead of examining every minute detail and crying about it online. I am proud of the efforts my club are making.
  6. Good post See you can do it, now burn that high horse of yours, burn it indeed.
  7. Yes it was, you unfairly criticised the Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co and for that you should be publically whipped! Adding an incentive to buy a season ticket is NOT A BAD THING. The more season ticket holder's we can get the better. The younger those season ticket holders the better! Unfortunately the dawn of social media allows many to post fake rage such as this thread without engaging ones brain first. In my day one would have to write a letter, fold the letter, place the letter in a post box with a first or second class stamp (that you paid money for) and then you would wait for a reply. So well done to the club for adding an incentive to becoming a season ticket holder. PS You are doing what we asked, making Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co first team playing squad great again!
  8. Poor, poor posting Shull. Great initiatives by the club and a reward/perk to our most valuable of supporter's, the youngest season ticket holders amongst us. Well done SMFC, these are the kind of initiatives that set us apart from your below average football clubs. If only I were a whipper snapper again, I would be pestering my maw/paw "I want to go mummy and daddy, gies a season ticket so I can go, please, please, I promise to never take heroin or any of that kind of rubbish now please, please I want to fitba summer camp with my heroes" Season ticket holders are of the upmost importance to our club. Look after them for they look after the club
  9. In the meantime this would be a perfectly acceptable conversation to conduct in the speculation thread.
  10. We already send coaches to Europe all the time. I was in France a few years back and I saw both a Marbil coach and a David Urqhart coach......
  11. He was released by Alex Rae Did Alex Rae ever make a mistake?
  12. Ah this has fair cheered me up. Just think, when Stellios was last in Scotland it had less stupid, halfwitted Tory bastards in it.....ach well if Stellios likes fox hunting he may be pleasantly surprised. Welome back Super
  13. Just been and voted......Mhairi Black of course as I am not a f**king idiot. Anyway I did notice that the Lib Dem candidate was one Eileen McCartin....anyone remember her? She is the treacherous boot who tried to undermine the Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co when said club were applying for planning permission to build a state of the art training complex at Ralston. A story in the Express whereby a "jog Scotland" representative stood with said boot to complain that the glass and dog shit ridden grass was a huge loss to joggers (failing to mention that the "jog Scotland" representative was really a fellow lib dem candidate). I regret not meeting her during the election camapign as I would have enjoyed the opportunity to regail a story of her dishonesty and absolute unfitfulness for office.
  14. I yearn for news of the Stellios.