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  1. Trophy Day

    Does anyone else have a plan for title clinching day? As the title winning day comes a' closer so does my title winning day plan that does not differ at all from the last time when I followed exactly the steps detailed below. I shall continue to attend the football as normal, nothing changes, wouldn't want to jinx anything now. However when the title is clinched I shall stay and clap and scream like pre-pubescent girl at some boy band concert as our team enjoy the well deserved lap of honour. I shall then return home as usual (although a half hour or so later due to immediate post match celebrations). This is where my title winning planning kicks into effect. I shall then need the following 1) An envelope with some skimmed off pension money 2) A clean underpant (it is a special occasion) 3) Freshly pressed trousers 4) New shirt that I bought 6 months ago and yet to wear 5) My new brown brogues (actually several years old but I only wore them to a wedding once) 7) My good tweed jacket I shall then enjoy a very quick shower (the current wife has been briefed to be ready to assist as I cant reach certain regions anymore and I have little time to waste on this important evening) before donning the better attire before heading straight back into "the toon" I love where I shall visit various public houses singing songs and generally getting pished. Incidentally the planning does not go much further, I accept that by closing time the clean underpants I donned will be pish stained as will my freshly pressed trouser. I may or may not be in possession of both brogues but who cares we will have won the league. Now should we win the league on a day we are not playing (yes it's perfectly feasible) I shall follow the same steps as above. It also worth noting that the "guid claithes" will get an extra whirl as I have no doubt that Jack, James and his band of heroes will take a drive around the town on an open top bus (after the Morton game perhaps)? Let us enjoy our successes when we can, let us enjoy our successes indeed. Note: How much is a pint these days? I once heard a rumour of a pub charging more than £2.00.
  2. Ton 's Debt

    I agree with everything said so far, I am just getting in before the usual pests ruin what has thus far been a damned good thread. As for the highlighted bit I don't see the relevance to us. You see I have chosen to accept the prophecy of a certain Mr Fitzpatrick and as such I fully expect that we will not only be comfortable in the top six but those pesky bigots from Glasgow will struggle to keep ahead of us (for the time being, Champions league doth beckon).
  3. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Apparently he is ill, shitting water perhaps? Get well soon Lewis. Great result, great indeed.
  4. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Supberb result. Danny Mullen showed us he can play, Ryan Flynn showed us he can play, Liam Smith back to his best (great goal son), Gary Mack strolled about like a middle aged Maldini, Davies was his usual good self, Samson assured and even had the confidence to excite us all when he deliberately let the ball bobble over his foot (stop it you ginger joker my old heart cannae take it), Magennis never stopped working, Reilly showed good workrate, Eckersley hardly troubled and contributed admirably, Stephen McGinn was assured and slightly less heavy legged than he has been in recent weeks (is he carrying an injury), Cammy Smith his usual brilliant self (that could have been some goal son, but well done you wee darlinng), Jack Baird great to see him come on, Ian McShane hardly phased by anything when he came on and Myles Hypolite (or however you spell it) even had a nice wee touch or two, Jack Ross looked smart as ever, James Fowler supberb beside him, Jamie Langfield what a goal keeping coach, Brilliant, brilliant result. This league title is so close I can taste it, I can smell it, I can sense it in my pisswater. Tonight an old man is happy, this old man likes being happy, happy indeed.
  5. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    One more sleep, just one more sleep Thats me away to bed, I will likely scratch my baws for ten minutes, fall alseep, forget to take my teeth out and wake up with said teeth making an imprint on the side of my face. Anyway one more sleep until this huge game, the hugest game yet and the hugest until next week which will be huger (I am getting my self stuck in that huge spiral again). Anyway night folks........when I awake it shall be match day and that title will be brought a little closer. I
  6. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Huge game this one even huger than our last game but although huge not as huge as our next game which in turn is huge but not as huge as the following game which is even huger and though that in itself is huge it is not as huge as the game following that one which is huger still Now that the hugeness is out the road I am feeling completely calm and positive about tomorrow. The whole team has been off the boil of late but such is our class results have been delivered nonetheless. This week our beloved team have had the opportunity to rest and recuperate due to last weeks game being postponed. This is good. Thy morrow I hope to see a more energetic performance as we enter the "final push" in our championship win and onward journey toward European football being played at Greenhill Rd. Lewis Morgan is a terrific player and some of the comments on this very thread are pitiful. We can and will do this. Carpe diem Buddies, Carpe diem indeed.
  7. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Agreed. The good news about Dunfermline is that they are not a direct team, they tend to try and play the ball on the ground and that suits us just fine. That is of course until we score then they push that giant of a man up front. Anyway Gary Mack has his measure. Could we see Massimo make a debut?
  8. I remember a game, it was ages ago Anyway I can't recall who we were playing but we scored first. It was a really good game and both teams were trying really hard. Anyway low and behold they equalised and we went on to win. Thrilling game, unforgettable. Pretty sure it was at Love St (might have been away). Anyone else at that game?
  9. Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    I will offer my prediction.... More chance of an 8 year old boy not getting eyed up at the Vatican than this game going ahead. The inevitable call off gives oor Jack and Jimmy the chance to rest our wonderful team (give Stephen McGinn a few days off to rest his weary legs). It also leaves Dundee Utd with one hell of a busy schedule, a punishing schedule that will see them drop away into oblivion. The call off may suit us......a weeks rest and whatever happens elsewhere WE will have a game in hand over our nearest rivals. Remember fellow supporters of Paisley's finest sporting establishment in history.....we WILL win this league, We WILL win it indeed.
  10. Vote Now For Street Names

    I see Jock Bradford has been ignored. Pretty poor stuff considering he was the first captain of ours to lift the Scottish cup. As a fanbase we really should be better educated with regard to the great men who laid the foundations of our great club.
  11. How many points will win the league?

    I have been using the google somewhat and had a look at the Scottish Championship/First division tables for this century. This journey starts of course with our beloved team winning the 1999/2000 season. Now the lower points totals I shall list here, look like 70 should be enough but as stated above we normally get 76 points when we win this league, lets hope for the same! 2001/2002 Partick Thistle won with only 66 points. The team in second had 56 pts. 2006/2007 Gretna won with only 66 points. The team in second had 65 points. 2008/2009 St Johnstone won with only 65 points. The team in second had 55 points. 2003/2004 Inverness Caledonian Thistle won with only 70 points. Notably though Clyde ran them very close and finished with 69 points. 2013/2014 Hibernian won with 71 points, Dundee in second however had 69 points. So my detailed review of the league tables for this century suggests that 70 tends to be the magic number. Knowing our luck Livingston will go on a magical run and we will have to work that bit harder but we shall prevail. Prevail we shall indeed. A further study of the bridesmaids (those who finish in second place) is as follows 2016/2017 - Falkirk 60 pts 2015/2016 - Falkirk 70 pts 2014/2015 - Hibernian 70 pts 2013/2014 - Hamilton Academical 67pts 2012/2013 - Greenock Morton 67pts 2011/2012 - Dundee 55pts 2010/2011 - Raith Rovers 60pts 2009/2010 - Dundee 61pts 2008/2009 - Partick Thistle 55pts 2007/2008 - Dundee 69pts 2006/2007 - St Johnstone 65pts 2005/2006 - St Johnstone 66 pts 2004/2005 - The Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co first team playing squad 60 pts 2003/2004 - Clyde 69pts 2002/2003 - Clyde 72pts 2001/2002 - Airdre 56pts 2000/2001 - Ayr Utd 69 pts 1999/2000 - Dunfermline 71pts So on average 70 points should be enough but still doubtful. 71 has only been achieved once this century by a bridesmaid (Dunfermline 1999/2000) and 72 also achieved only once (Clyde in 2002/2003). Get the champagne on ice Buddies and lets just get 70 points as soon as we can. My sphincter will untighten at 73 points and positively relax at 74. We are on our way, on our way indeed.
  12. Believe

    Belief is a funny old thing and I do not see the relevence of discussing belief at this time. Belief and knowledge are two very different things. To illustrate this point I shall list some things that I believe and some things that I know Things I know How to play Jenga God does not exist. Labour are incompetent fools who are an embarassment to democracy and to the founding principles of Keir Hardie People from Greenock smell Rangers football club died in 2012 The Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co first team playing squad will win the championship and be promoted to "the tap league". Things I believe Cosmos is the best chippy in Paisley Shull is a fruitcake (a likable one but at the moon he doth bark) Paisley should have won the city of clulture bid and the faceless judges are so stupid they probably vote Labour Donald Trump is so stupid if he were British he would vote Labour So you see the difference between fact and belief? Or fact and faith? Belief/faith is just an opinion, we all have them but belief/faith is unimportant when compared to knowledge. Knowledge is king. So in essence I dont give a rats arse what the belief/opinion of fellow supporters are with regard to us winning the championship. As I have stated elsewhere on this little forum of ours I DO NOT BELIEVE that we will win this league. I KNOW WE WILL. We will indeed.
  13. Points Difference For the "RUN IN "

    Meaning they will be sloppy.....Utd have no influence over us apart from 1 game at Tannadice. Utd (and Livi for that matter) have no influence on the Brechin game on Saturday nor the re-arranged Falkirk game nor the......oh you get the point. I do not believe that the Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co will win this league. I know they will, they will indeed.
  14. Wake up call

    I also recall a day not unlike Saturday in the 1999/2000 season. All buses were full, the supporters had a swagger, the team were unbeatable (according to some), we even had a drummer, we went to Brockville on a fine sunny day. The team came out to a huge roar of Paisley Buddies, hope was in the air, we were daring to allow ourselves to hope. What an atmosphere, what a joy. Of course by half time we were 0 - 3 down!!!! It happens and every time it does someone panics, someone shows they cannot cope and someone uses social media to advertise the fact. I do believe we are on our way, on our way indeed.
  15. Initially Jack was on £50,000 per annum, this was increased to £75,000 per annum after Jack received and rejected an offer from Dundee Football Club. At that time Jack, being a fabulous human being, also made sure that his assistant (Mr James Fowler) received a pay increase of £10,000 per annum. I know this as I often go out late at night and rake through the bins of staff and players of Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd co. Using this method I know all sorts of things. I can for example confirm that Connor O'Keefe received one valentines card and the handwriting thereon matches that of his mother.