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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from Leicester Saint in Hearts And Us.   
    I have no concerns over Hearts points deduction. Its time we dismiss ourselves from looking at THAT end of the table and start looking upwards. If this is Dannys make or break season then we should look at who we are trying to catch for the highest finish.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to shull in Hearts And Us.   
    Hearts 2 Us 3
    What a day that was.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Drew in Speculation Thread   
    I'm wondering if any of the young, fringe players will make a McGinnesque breakthrough this year.
    Much will depend on the transfer activity of the next few weeks, but I have a hunch that Mo Yaqub could feature in some capacity.
    At the very least, he'll be a regular sub as we've already lost Dummett, Imrie, and Carey as left-sided players. I hope he is given decent game time in the pre-season matches, and that the coaching staff are looking to properly blood him in a starting 11 sooner rather than later. I've not seen a great deal of him, but he looks to have the physique and pace to compete for a chance to prove himself at the very least.
    While, like everyone else, I'm awaiting new additions to the squad with anticipation, I'm also keen to see lads like Yaqub, Naismith, and Reilly make a genuine push for 1st team places.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to RickMcD in Jack Smith   
    You really are a pretty revolting scrap of humanity. Why don't you piss away off to an OF website and give us a rest from your utterly sickening spleen.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to shull in Des Clarke - Shite !   
    So called Comedian is on Radio Scotland at the moment.
    Must be accompanied by canned laughter.
    He is not funny and his column in the Paper at the weekend is dire also.
    Absolute pish so he is.
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from lovestreet in Imrie Gone   
    Gowser has a better attirude under mentoring from danny and tommy. Im sure same will go for harkins.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to lovestreet in Imrie Gone   
    He's known as ZZ for Zidane if we can get the big fella playing he will be a joy to watch.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to shull in Imrie Gone   
    It was up to Dougie to make himself first pick.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to pozbaird in St Mirren Strip 13/14   
    Did someone take a shite in your kettle this morning?
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    kevo_smfc reacted to blcknwhte_lj in St Mirren Strip 13/14   
    Didn't realise there was a newer kit post
    How about a Dortmund style third?
    Worked for them in the champions league

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    kevo_smfc reacted to 2becks in Pre-Season   
    There are some flaws in what you say, firstly the main reason for not playing at home is that Tommy does a huge amount of work on the pitch over the summer (it's being re-laid again this year) and he wants to give it time to settle. There is a reason we have the best playing surface in the country. Secondly, there is no financial difference in playing at home or away in friendlies, the clubs come to mutual agreement to make sure that's the case, or they just don't play one another. Finally, Strathclyde polis no longer exist.
    Apart from that, spot on.
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from Murray7 in Speculation Thread   
    How about this big guy to replace Parkin? What a tank!
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    kevo_smfc reacted to dmc in 33 Years Ago...   
    ... A young man tragically took his own life.
    RIP Ian Curtis.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Isle Of Bute Saint in Carey And Parkin First To Go.........   
    Many Saints fans don't get why Parkin was brought in. He was back up for Thomo not brought in as our main striker. Parkin is a handful if he gets regular games as a main striker he will do well playing to his strengths. I wish him all the best for the future
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Herdo in Carey And Parkin First To Go.........   
    Aye coz parking is sure fire to bury anything lol! Like ive said before were not in the position to carry guys that play well 1 in 10 games, we need it the other way round
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    kevo_smfc reacted to insaintee in Carey And Parkin First To Go.........   
    Bring back Billy Memhet
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Sergie's no1 fan in Carey And Parkin First To Go.........   
    How many superb games has Graham had in the last 2 years,. washe worthy of a new deal on that basis? We can't keep him on just so other teams can't sign him, even though he'll end up having 3/4 blinders against us next season. Up until January he was a cert to be released at the end of his contract and nobody would of been too bothered ( apart form JJ ). Then he had a superb performance in the semi against Celtic at left back, Dummet returning pretty much killed his chances of a regular game along with Isma coming in and McGinn being introduced to the team ahead of him.
    Yes he has the ability to win games and he needed a good run in the team which he has never got, you have to ask why. It all can't be Danny's fault, his attitude has came into question since he first joined us well over weight. Maybe they didn't agree which each other and working together would never of worked next season.
    I'll be sad to see him go because there is a player in him somewhere, who knows maybe that bad injury he had at Huddersfield has changed him.
    As for Sam, he done what was asked of him, he was always going to be a back up player. Came on as a impact sub a few times this season and changed some games for us, scored in the cup run and got himself a winners medal.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Griff in Carey And Parkin First To Go.........   
    Think theres another three players that you can add to the list of players potentially going out .
    Which makes for quite an exiting time post season , as we see what players come and go.
    Would like to see us continue to bring quality players in on loan ,and maybe even keep the Geordie boys.
    But lets just wait and see who do bring in , with so many players going out , we could potentially see 6 experienced players coming in , four or five players from the lower leagues , and a couple of decent players coming on loan , which could at the end of the day , see us with a very strong squad.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to Ayrshire Saints in Carey And Parkin First To Go.........   
    I'm pretty sure Carey wants to leave Scotland so doubt he will sign for another SPL club (unless that's the line he's spinning to the club to get away). The way people are reacting you would have thought he was the first name down on the team sheet each week. Given he was under contract and versatile on the left I would have kept him as a squad player but that's all he has been however he probably wasn't going to merit another loger term deal so why not move him on and get someone else in.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to scrappy coco in 750G Loaf   
    they cnuts are only interested in making dough,,,,
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    kevo_smfc reacted to JJ McG in Speculation Thread   
    I would take Brian Easton if Dummet doesn't stay with us.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to pozbaird in New Kit 2013-14 Sneak Peek   
    Looks like a Manchester City kit - after they realised United had moved 15 points ahead of them.
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    kevo_smfc reacted to gordonjbell in To Everyone Who Has Slated Danny Lennon...   
    get it right f**king up ye
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from RossTheBoss in Speculation Thread   
    Nothing to worry about mate, will just been complete speculation. Our captain wont leave for another SPL team. Also, the boy Gauld only just signed an extension at the end of last week, and is highly rated at Tannadice.
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    kevo_smfc got a reaction from Kendo in Danny Grainger   
    Sorry ged are you the forum police? About 99% of rumours on here are made up or attention seeking. Ask an administrator if yout want it shifted.
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