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  1. Theres a nice wee cafe with a blue awning that I am thinking of......shut on a Monday I believe!
  2. Specially made bread? Is It some sort of French style café in Port Bannatyne perhaps...just at the pier? Lovely sourdough, lovely sourdough indeed
  3. I find myself in agreement with the middle bit of your post and I have cleverly put in bold in that part of your post in order to make the middle bit of your post more obvious in order to assist the readers eye in locating the part of your post that I agreed with. Anyway.... 1) Did he mean it knowing full well that he will be dismissed, pilloried and could even be arrested? No I do not 2) Is he some sort of "celebrity" with a large enough following that he really ought to be held to some sort of standard? Yes I do 3) Is the BBC a London centric pishbucket? Yes it is 4) Should Danny Baker be sacked for being so incredibly stupid? Yes he should 5) Would one of us mere mortals risk being dismissed from our menial and less important jobs (than celebrities have) had we tweeted something equally as stupid? Yes we may well have 6) Should lessons be learned about what we post on social media? Absolutely 7) Are people too easily offended these days? Yes they are 8) Does this fake rage somehow justify the stupidity of posting such "risqué" things on social media? No it does not 9) Is stupidity then a sackable offence? Yes it is 10) Could Danny Bakers ill informed tweet cause upset to a new mother (regardless of who she is) should that new mother be exposed to this tweet? Of course 11) Is upsetting new mothers by insulting the new born baby in any way justifiable? No it is not 12) For those fathers amongst us, how would you react if some fudbucket posted a picture of a chimp/monkey/ape insinuating that your new child looked like this chimp/monkey/ape? I would have tied him to a chair, cut his balls off and force fed them to him 13) So is Danny Baker a bit of a prick? yes he is 14) Is he a racist prick? Probably not 15) But a prick anyway? Yes absolutely 16) Does old Tom feel sorry for him? Not in the slightest, not in the slightest indeed
  4. 1) I agree 2) I agree 3) I agree That is exactly why I felt this subject was worthy of discussion. It is a sad indictment on the sport we love that such situations exist. I believe this trail has been blazed in just about every other mainstream sport, I believe we have had openly gay Rugby players Boxers Basketball Tennis and so on...... However the fitbaw is not alone, after a quick google I learned that several American footballers have "come oot" but only after retirement, none apparently during the old playing days!!!! Very sad state of affairs, very sad indeed
  5. My sexual preference these days is Retired
  6. I have just watched the BBC news. I dont often watch it as it a tissue of misreporting and London-centric pishwater, however a wee report was just on about the complete lack of openly gay footballers in Scottish football. This is a bit sexist as it should state "mens football" as I understad womens football has many a gay women who are happy to be open about it. Anyway, its about time our footballers did feel comfortable enough to reveal (if they wish) there sexuality. With the amount of young men currently "on the books" at our smashing club it is a statistical likliehood that a number of those men are homosexual or bisexual. The last figure I recall was thon big Justin Fashanu, whom I believe was openly bisexual. I do hope that this last bastion of ignorance is soon broken and I hope that all at our club are accepting when this inevitably occurs. I couldnt care less what hole people crave, I just hope they are good at football. A fair discussion to be had fellow buddies......... Time we broke this stupid barrier, time we broke it indeed.
  7. Why don't we return to our routes and turn out in a nice beige strip with knee length shorts? We could even insist that our manager wear a nice three piece suit and a bowler hat. I shall stop short of insisting on the good old lace up baw. The only problem with the strip would be the soup stains I am bound to cause, beige and soup, especially tomato soup tends not to go too well with beige. Yes beige, beige indeed
  8. Absolutely brilliant news...did the club buy it all? Now where do I go to see it See it I will, See it I will indeed
  9. At a time when the team is responding so well, the fight and the heart has returned, results are starting to fall our way and the fanbase is beginning to dare to believe we have this rotten thread Some folk rejoice in misery, rejoice in misery indeed/
  10. Norrie McWhirter was a very different player to Hugh Murray. Norrie was a natural sweeper, read the game superbly, could tackle, could pass and oozed class. His free kicks were rather tasty as well (a centre half who took free kicks.....you young un's wont be used to that). Norrie was NOT short of anything and WAS a top notch player. The fact that Norrie never went on to earn more money at higher level club(s) than ours was a travesty for football (although selfishly not for us). Norrie McWhirter should have been capped for Scotland and if he had left us would have found himself in the Scotland team very quickly. Nowadays he would walk into the Scotland team as Scotland does not currently have a centre half anywhere near the class of our Norman McWhirter. Miss you Norrie, Miss you indeed
  11. My old farter is producing buttons at this one. Dare I say I have hope, I have expectation and I have a dream.....my club has never shattered any of them before. COYS, COYS indeed
  12. The kind of lot Paisley museum might be interested in!!!!! Interested in indeed
  13. The stadium is wonderful but one must never, ever rest on ones laurels lest one eventually devolves into something akin to Greenock So in the interests of evolution I propose the following improvements A big sign at every entrance stating the following enforced rules 1) NO TRACKSUITS 2) NO LABOUR VOTERS 3) NO KNOWN CRIMINALS/VAGABONDS/PEOPLE FROM GREENOCK 4) NO OLD FIRM FANS 5) NO SIN BINNED BAWA FORUM USER'S I would also have a Smisa section whereby all Smisa members are penned into a section at the rear of the family stand. The Smisa section will be surrounded in sound proofed Perspex in order to protect normal people from the overly loud and constant whining and opinionated self important urine that will be generated without pause. A redesign of the catering facilities should also take place. Nothing complicated just a simple design whereby the person taking your order does not have to walk from the counter (where she/he took your order) to the Bovril dispenser, stand in a queue at the Bovril dispenser, pour your Bovril and return to you, leaving said Bovril on the counter before walking to the warm pie machine, standing in a queue at said warm pie machine before returning to you and leaving your warm pie on the counter before quoting you a ridiculously high price for said Bovril and pie. Thereafter take your £20.00 note and walk to the till, stand in a queue at the till before placing your £20.00 in said till, removing your £1.20 change, walking back to you, hand you the change and thus finally finish the transaction!!!! Note:- The overpriced transaction can be extended to include a soft drink, thus he/she walking to the soft drink dispenser, standing in a queue at said soft drink dispenser, dispensing your soft drink, adding ice and walking back to the counter, placing soft drink on the counter before dealing with the next phase of the transaction. A similar phase can be added for sausage rolls/hamburger/cheeseburger and/or hot dog (s). I would commission marble statues of important Paisley Buddies in order to educate/stimulate intelligent conversation. People I would immortalise is such statues would include: 1) Saint Mirin himself (although he would be taller, more athletically built with a rugged chiselled chin than the small fellah outside the chapel of his own name) 2) Walter Fitz Alan 3) Cuthbert 4) Ta Ta Bella 5) Henry Herbert Asquith 6) Esmael Goncalves 7) Dan McGarry 8) Kelly Marie 9) Robert Tannahill 10) Agnes Naismith (and the other 6) 11) James Dunlop 12) Gerry Rafferty 13) Dougie Vipond 14) Arthur Henderson VC 15) Hugh McIvar VC 16) The owner of Café Malatso that gives free Christmas dinners to those who would otherwise be alone 17) Jock Bradford 18) The Paisley Snail 19) Marjorie Bruce 20) Fulton MacKay 21) Hector Nicol 22) Dale Greig 23) James McKechnie VC 24) John Hannah VC 25) Samuel Evans VC 26) A tribute to the Woodside first aid station, the canal boat disaster and the wee darlings of the Glen 27) Danny Kyle These statues would be paid for by Smisa since I wouldn't let them near my beloved club.
  14. I watched the sentencing live on BBC news. Very, very harrowing and one can only imagine the intimate details that the judge did not read out. A true monster. He has been given a life time restriction order. My understanding is that this order allows for him to be detained for the rest of his natural life. After 27 years he CAN apply for parole but the parole board would need to be satisfied he can safely return to society. A possibility I can only imagine as being remote, remote indeed. May this monster lead a miserable existence.
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