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Would we be able to get a work permit for the boy?

I think we should be able to get a special dispensation as he's only 17 so wouldn't be able to meet the usual requirements (played in 75% of the international team's games in the last couple of years).
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Have look at the St Mirren link on that page. We have midfield Michael Higdon with strikers Dargo, Wardlaw etc whistling.gif

The link on that page is well out of date, but the article is genuine. Don't know who is going to weigh him up though, as he is apparently not going to Spain with the main squad.

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I would never try to tarnish your good name, nor your undoubtedly reliable source but if its all the same to you i'll stick with what I see coming directly from these sport pundits.


To be fair I know Ronnie well he gets a lot of his leads through me

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You're a total wind up merchant read my posts,I stand by everything I've revealed

What I see happening is a mention or 2 of a player being linked with us, whether that be on here or on twitter etc. You them decide to try and put some substance to the story by either stating they will be at SMP for signing talks in the next few days or saying Raman has just been off the phone to you telling you it's guff. I don't believe I've read one exclusive from you that's come to fruition. If we're to believe what you say, it shouldn't be long until Novo and Langfield are unveiled should it?
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