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Speculation Thread


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Which would you have back in Paisley given the choice? Higdon or Sutton?

Higdon No question. Sutton is a good finisher that would get on the end of things. Higdon gives you that and a bit of link up play and a few goals conjured out of nothing. Yes Higdon is slow as a week in jail and turns slower than the QE2 but so is Sutton.

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No, not intended as a rhetorical question, so you must have assumed the answer was obvious, I'm guessing?


No question.

Sutton is a reliable enough goal scorer, but he doesn't have the eye for goal that Higdon seems to have developed, and his positional sense isn't nearly as good.

If my recollection serves me right, Higdon is also more effective when required in a defensive capacity.

Just my opinion, mind.

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For once in the speculation thread we can actually venture a guess (not throw wild rumours) at who the two keepers are that the club are on the point of signing.

My 1st speculation will be Neil Alexander of you know who.

My 2nd guess would be a keeper who is younger who can then cover in the under20's team, maybe from a lower league?

I don't think the club will take a punt at Craig Gordon, albeit if he was fit and could stay fit he would be a fantastic player to have in our side. thumbup2.gif

I have seen rumours of Cornell and a French 19 year old coming as our keepers, however I'll stick with the outside bet of Alexander.

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You are deluded

You're the one claiming to be in the know, and peddling 'done deals' that turn out to be a load of shite, then you call me deluded?


It doesn't seem to matter whose name gets associated with St.Mirren, within minutes if not seconds the 'He's shite!' brigade are on here moaning. I've not been here all that long and I just wonder has anyone ever enjoyed universal approval? How about Steven Thompson? Did any of the usual suspects weigh into him? I can't imagine that even he got away scot-free.

Think you're being unfair on the 'shite brigade' there. I remember virtually universal positivity regarding our signings in the summer 2011 window, Thommo, Teale and Carey etc were all met with approval.

Since then there's been a bit of negativity regarding signings, and this negativity has been correct. Every single permanent signing from the summer of 2011 has been a dud, from Haddad to Imrie to Guy to Robertson to Puri etc etc.

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I see Ross County are chasing the ex Chelsea left back Ben Gordon who was on loan at Kilmarnock for a while. Surely he could do a job for us, liked what he did at Killie. He's also a free agent.

First spell at Killie great Second spell at Killie shite. A bit like Carey at St Mirren

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