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  1. Adam Sandler for Paisley

    Big question is....Is he any good in defence??
  2. Adam Sandler for Paisley

  3. Catalonia

    Yorkshire was never a country! - Catalonia was! Scotland was!
  4. SMFC Match ticket map errors

    Maybe Stewart has the rights?
  5. Thomas Stickroth Goal...

    That's before we talk about Victor Munoz, Steve Archibald, Roy Aitken, etc! They would be £20k a week nowadays!! - And we still felt we were paupers back then!!
  6. Love Street. Now & Then

    Cant imagine how many times I walked up that ramp / slope!!! Were the barriers always there? Or, a later addition? PS: The subs that were announced pre-game, would stroll into the first team now! - happy days!! (Thanks for sharing this Lucifer!)
  7. Love Street. Now & Then

    The "slope" ?? Was that a 1980s invention? - Im sure I can remember steps before the PDex stand was turned from terracing to seated!
  8. Our Compere

    Do you really need a bloke in the stand to tell you who scored? He has the same view as the rest of us!
  9. Former saints in telly action today.

    Nobody mentioned Concalves was on telly today (& scored!) ??
  10. The Old Boy Was Right

  11. So Farewell Then Magnum

  12. Friendly - Dundee 4th July.

    Round about April hopefully!!
  13. Coats / Clarks Of Paisley

    Surprised no Buddy has linked it yet!! - Enjoy!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08tl9nr
  14. St Mirren Scoreboard

    At the start of last season, we should have turned the STANDS around!!
  15. General Election 8th June