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  1. You have to wonder what security will be like at the 2 cup finals this weekend? Plus Cardiff on the 3rd of june.
  2. Aye??
  4. Howcould that be the 3rd strip? Too much like the 1st strip to be worn by the team!
  5. Do Well pubs not open at 11am same as most places?
  6. Dont doubt that, but, how much does the shop / club make from a £10 sale?
  7. Jimmy Bones goal of the season (1981) vs Aberdeen was filmed from that crane. A young ginger haired no.7 played for the visitors that day!
  8. Was a 12 year old in the centre stand that day!! [emoji23][emoji23]
  9. The same Bobby Holmes that was physio 80s / 90s?? In all my days I never realised that Ally Mcleod played for Saints!!
  10. But, when would they announce it? & where? See??? You are only adding to the confusion!!
  11. Surely it would be evening? Unless BBC1 take it on?
  12. When you consider some of the daft ticketing requirements for certain games, the decision NOT to make this all ticket is just plain daft!
  13. On the park - we may have been "disappointing" - But, we are still a "name" with a big support compared to the clubs East Fife usually have to cater for!
  14. The stadium can accommodate up to 1,980 spectators all of whom are seated in a single stand running along one side of the pitch. There are open areas for future expansion. In 2008 plans were announced to increase capacity with the erection of a covered terrace/stand at the sea end of the stadium. Due to the economic climate in 2009 these plans were put on hold. The stadium's capacity was temporarily expanded to 4,700 for a Scottish League One match against Rangers in October 2013 ============= So, would they consider temporary expansion for this tie??
  15. Don't recall unless it was on the wee half terracing along from the main stand? (We were behind the goal)