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  1. He played right back V Dundee as well. Waste of a strong midfielder imo.
  2. It's a dead tie. think we will give fringe players and youngsters a start.
  3. As much as I think Davis is a good player. If we don't get decent forwards in before the Falkirk game we are in trouble. with Irvine and Stelios at right back were ok. It's at left back were in trouble if Eckersley gets another injury. I'm sure JR and JF know this and will try to sort it out within the budget they have.
  4. maybe were luring Falkirk into a false sense of security. Then we will pounce on Aug 5th. 🤣🤔
  5. all of them were full backs. Whyte is not that's the point. he's more a defensive midfielder.
  6. would you play John Sutton at right back
  7. 100% agree Saints fans are getting a false perception of this young lad. He's a excellent young player. But playing him right back is a shocking decision. no once but twice
  8. large brandy would have been nearer the Mark bud
  9. Was waiting for our car driver lol. just as well paul they couldn't hear what I was thinking. would have been x rated.
  10. Back home early from Firhill. Absolutely dismal. No heart. No effort. Spineless. Manager picked players and played them out of position. Darren Whyte at right back. He's a center mid or center back. Irvine at left back we know how well he player there the 1st half of last season. Nothing upfront. It was worse than anything seen under Rae. If JR thinks he can go into the league games with this squad he's sadly mistaken. And for the guys who left the game on Tuesday night saying it's a learning curve don't worry. Start worrying. you know who you are. Disgraceful
  11. can't see were the goals will come from bud. need to be a dodgy 1.0 I think. We badly need a striker.
  12. Was sad news indeed. especially when it's children. RIP Connor.
  13. I think if Harry Davis comes in you might see Jack Baird go out on loan.
  14. Robert. there's guys we've signed would struggle to get a game in league 1 or 2. I'm not gonna mention there names again. And im not having a go at JR but his tactics Las night were woeful. High balls to Reilly while a 6ft odd guy was virtually playing right wing. It was a terrible disjointed performance. This was a league cup game not a pre season friendly so it mattered. but someone forgot to tell the players.
  15. oh sorry. we were excellent on the night. beaten by a brilliant Livingston team. ya numpty. what would you call it.