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  1. Buchanan is a good signing. But I do believe that JR know Davies won't be back. don't know anything bout other lad.
  2. can play midfield but mostly he's played centre half for u20s. great prospect but injury prone the past 2 seasons.
  3. another piece of great news. great player.
  4. Maybe he didn't want 2 year deal. Lot of players these days don't so they can keep there options open.
  5. fantastic news. honestly thought he would have moved on. But delighted he's staying. coys
  6. must be on drugs. even Langfield is a better goalie.[emoji12]
  7. predictive text mate lol
  8. Even the thickest agent would know the very least we would have hot 300.000k.
  9. st.mirren fans should be told what the deal is. But I have funny feeling they don't want us to know. why keep it a secret. it was the Bod that said no players would be sold on the cheap. Is this why there so quiet on what the money is. Suppose to be in this together. not much evidence of that so far. But good Stevie. Do us proud.
  10. amazing day and night. never get fed up seeing the wi nning goal
  11. Happy with that. Good back up goalie. always been a good shot stopper. just his kick outs let him down.
  12. delighted AE has signed 2 year deal. let's hope Harry Davis signs up again.
  13. cos of JR and his staff I have a buzz going to the football again. under Rae I was waining missing games had no enthusiasm for it. but it's all change. can't wait till next season already. coys
  14. Campbell done well. but what was that awful bagpipe music when somebody other than Mallan scored. change that ffs.
  15. other 2 great goals I can think of at 2021 stadium was Carey v hearts and Greg Wylde v Ross County. Buts Mallans was better than both of them.