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  1. QoS Game

    Played well 1st half. some great forward play. 2 great goals. But 2nd half we never played the ball on the ground like we did 1st half. Big shout for Bairdy and Mccart never played together before. they done well. Keep picking up points and hopefully when get all our players back we will challenging for top spot. were would we be without Morgan.
  2. QoS Game

    There will be spare seats [emoji14]
  3. QoS Game

    I applaud you and daughters loyalty. 🤔
  4. QoS Game

    The rain is to be on all day. But I hope the game goes ahead.. Tho if not our suspended players will not play against Brechin next week and I hope we could handle them without Buckie and Eckersley.
  5. Darren Whyte Gone

    Good luck to Darren. Good player who isn't been given a chance. would rather have him at CB than Gary Irvine. But not to be we would rather have a Celtic reserve player than our own. what's the point of that.
  6. Lewis Morgan

    cos he's not staying past this season.
  7. spare tickets for qots game

    I've not had a comp since my friend Kenny McLean left. See Kenny Hamilton he's the man with all the comps 🤣🤣
  8. Injury Updates

    Think Duffy is a squad player in case of injuries to Reilly.Smith or Sutton. Jack said he's short of match fitness yet 4 u20s games and he's not played in one of them. Strange.
  9. Lewis Morgan

    Think we will sell in Jan if we get good money and Lewis comes back on loan till end of the season. Think that's what JR was hinting at at the QandA last week.
  10. Ben Gordon

    at his own request. numpty
  11. Ben Gordon

    at his own request. numpty
  12. Ben Gordon

    at his own request. numpty
  13. Ben Gordon

    Ben Gordon has had his contract terminated at his own request at East Fife. He is available now. Anybody think we will sign him till January as were struggling for center backs. or will we just ride it out til there all fit and available.
  14. Just about calmed down after yesterdays debacle and I'm not just talking about on the pitch. We were beaten by a better team. quicker. STRONGER. more desire in all departments than us. Apart from Sammy and Morgan the rest can hang their heads in shame. The fans put in more effort trying to get in to the game than Mcginn and McShane did on the park. Conceding 5 goals in 2 games is not promotion form. Jack and James need to sort out our defending. What Eckersley and especially Buckie were doing we will never know. Not blaming ref even tho he was hopeless again. As for Dunfermline FC organisation 0 out 10. absolutely amateur.
  15. Good night. Jack and James come across superb. You can see why there players want to do their upmost for them. Funny double act as well. Great way to spend a few hours. Thanks also to SMISA for organising the evening.