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  1. Hey you I've got one of them. but that's cos I'm old [emoji45] [emoji14]
  2. try the court bar their running 2. bus 1 is sold out mot sure bout 2nd bud.
  3. saints v Hibs. saints fans singing to John mcginn. your just a shite Steve Mcginn. Brilliant. John and Stevie Mallan were busting a gut laughing on the pitch. great moment.
  4. I was there. the young man ran on the pitch when Mallan scored and joined I with players celebration
  5. Cos it's player of the year and not and half year I would for Mallan he was the best of a bad bunch under Rae. But been superb under JR. YPOTY Easy one Lewis Morgan.
  6. same as you. I have no hatred towards Morton or their fans. their supporting their hometown team. But do like beating them [emoji16][emoji106][emoji469]
  7. good video by the young man. good on him following his hometown team.
  8. thank God none us are the boss lol
  9. utter drivel
  10. Hes been given free hospitality for Raith game for all his years of service.
  11. Think what is being said not all as it seems. More going on than many think. But good luck Phil.
  12. Retirement [emoji2] [emoji2] [emoji2] [emoji2]
  13. JD sports have a contract with St.Mirren till the end of the season. so ads round stadium will be there a wee while yet
  14. that's an insult to amateur refs. standard of refs in the pro game in Scotland is absolutely woeful. I mean when fifa made Willie Collum it's choice as Scotland top ref you know how poor the rest are. in the last 2 world cups no Scottish refs took part in those tournaments. in a word there. HOPELESS.