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    ontariosaint got a reaction from billyg in Hugh McLaughlin RIP   
    Def one of my favourites, read the game so well and his autograph was front & centre on my Junior Supporters membership card. Loved Shuggie too, sad news!
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    ontariosaint got a reaction from Fulton71 in Hugh McLaughlin RIP   
    Def one of my favourites, read the game so well and his autograph was front & centre on my Junior Supporters membership card. Loved Shuggie too, sad news!
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    ontariosaint got a reaction from eastlandssaint in Hugh McLaughlin RIP   
    Def one of my favourites, read the game so well and his autograph was front & centre on my Junior Supporters membership card. Loved Shuggie too, sad news!
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    ontariosaint got a reaction from MenstrieSaint in Hugh McLaughlin RIP   
    Def one of my favourites, read the game so well and his autograph was front & centre on my Junior Supporters membership card. Loved Shuggie too, sad news!
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    ontariosaint reacted to BuddieinEK in David Harvey   
    Great article...
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    ontariosaint got a reaction from BIG BEN in Best Saints Goal You Have Witnessed   
    Mallan's goal is superb and probably the best I've seen, albeit on video, but some of Ally McLeods in the early 70's were of similar style. Mazy runs and slotting the ball in the corner of the net were typical - particularly in the 4 he scored at Ibrox and I was there for that wonderful night to be a Saints fan!
    All the best to Buds for 2015 and our Saints Team.
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    ontariosaint reacted to ALBIONSAINT in January Signing Targets   
    His father Jock had great ball control 
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    ontariosaint reacted to belfast billy in Rangers v St Mirren, Wed 22nd Jan 2020   
    I can go back even further
    Buddies 1 Rangers 0 Hugh gilshan late 1960s
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    ontariosaint reacted to TPAFKATS in Irish Signings   
    Gus has been busy. Have we unearthed a source of talent in Ireland, or did we just change the name from Oran to Gus for some of those easy jet flights we had already booked?
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    ontariosaint reacted to lugton in Our Greatest ever player   
    Munoz may have been a great midfielder but he wasnt a better striker than Somner or a better full back than Munro . I would even say Stark would trump Munoz.
    Willie Fulton was the greatest defender I ever seen.
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    ontariosaint reacted to rabuddies in Our Greatest ever player   
    Have to agree, a full back, midfielder and winger - consistent and he knew where the goals were.  Easily the best I've seen in the 60 years I've been going to games.  My first hero was Willie Fulton who just made the game look easy.
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    ontariosaint reacted to turrabuddie in Speculation Thread   
    I hope so too
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    ontariosaint reacted to eastlandssaint in Saints In Spain   
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    ontariosaint reacted to Isle Of Bute Saint in Saints In Spain   
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    ontariosaint reacted to Russian Saint in Speculation Thread   
    Well said that man. I was ready to post similar after scrolling through pages of school playground comments.
    I’m all for differing opinions and so on, but there’s no need for such childish behaviour from supposed adults.

    I want to read about speculation (hence the forum title) regardless how far fetched, wishful thinking and speculative they may be.
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    ontariosaint reacted to jaybee in Cammy Murray (Hall of Fame)   
    Just seem Cammy is being honoured in the Hall of Fame and wanted to say excellent, as he was a great servant to the club back in the 1960's and like it says in the blurb; he always seemed to be playing, I cant recall him ever being injured, they obviously made the Iron Brew stronger back then. Both him and Tony Connell at left back made a great defensive pair and played together (if I remember correctly) for a good few years.  I think we picked Tony up from Third Lanark when they folded, he looked a bit like Jimmy Hill and had an almost identical set of whiskers and he was a damn good defender, just like Cammy. Hey ho memories eh?
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    ontariosaint reacted to shull in Cammy Murray (Hall of Fame)   
    In the 68/69 Season, under Wright we were undefeated in our first eleven league games leaving us high up the Division. 
    The final game in that run was 1-0 win over the Dead Club with Gilshan scoring the winner at a foggy Love Street. 
    43000 attended. 
    My first season. 
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    ontariosaint reacted to Isle Of Bute Saint in Robbie Nielson   
    Nelson is a wee bit above himself but I don't really care Oran has class way above Nelson. Oran is a far better manager to pull off the January window with a fraction of what Dundee United spent shows we have the better manager.
    To punch the air as Nelson did after extra time surprised me he had the game won he thought. Anyone know how what end penalties should be taken ? That was Mr Nelson's last excuse of the play off where the shoot out took place was not good for his players. 
    Dundee United tried every trick in the book to make it better for them. No Shed for us unlike last season , no drum , no flags. 
     Nelson was right with his comment  Dundee United have woken up but not at the expense of the club we all love.
    Had a great night in Rothesay when I got back so many well wishers telling me they were glad we are staying up and sending over drinks. Pub phoned me a taxi when it was time to go home. The driver Bob is a big Morton fan he came into the pub to get me and gave me a big hug well done he said. Even had my scarf out the window of the car going through Greenock, well you have to.
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    ontariosaint reacted to linwood buddie in Speculation Thread   
    This is a belter, made me chuckle 
  20. Haha
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    ontariosaint reacted to TPAFKA Jersey 2 in Saint Mirren v Alloa Scottish Cup January 2019   
    Unexpectedly attended the game today as I had to come up the road this week due to my wee mammy sadly passing away. 
    What a tonic that was!!
    Of course there’s an argument that it was disgraceful we found ourselves 0-2 down in the first place, but you have to give the team a lot of credit for that comeback. Showed real character. 
    I commented to my brother in law when Kearney swapped Flynn for Cooke that it was a bold move, but it really paid off. I thought Cooke did very well. 
    Special praise for big Popescu who looks a real find. He won everything in the air. The keeper also looked very composed. 
    McAllister lifted us again when he came on. Looked very sharp.
    S McGinn had a bit of a stinker for the most part today and Erhahon is never a left back. He got done several times today by their right winger.
    All in all though, a great end to really shit week. 
    Thank you Saints! 
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    ontariosaint reacted to div in January Arrivals   
    Don't think there is much of a split on Alan Stubbs.
    Most fans acknowledge that he was an absolute car crash of an appointment. By the same token though I don't think many of us complained too loudly when he was given the job.
    Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
    On Gordon, I'd always expect the Chairman to get some flak from certain supporters, no matter what.
    Stewart Gilmour took the club out of the clutches of a con man, got rid of all our debt, got us a brand new stadium and a training complex. We won the Championship twice, and we were in the top flight for over a decade, during which time we reached two national cup finals, winning one. We also reached two other national cup semi-finals.
    And he STILL got hate!
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    ontariosaint reacted to Dibbles old paperboy in January Exits   
    Perhaps next year when we do a 2020 calendar we could have Pick do team photos in January 2020 and printed onto stickers that slot in over blank spaces on the calendar printed and sold before Christmas.
    Since May we must have seen about 25 players out the door with more to follow over the next 10 days or so.
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    ontariosaint got a reaction from St.Ricky in Speculation Thread   
    Vclav Hladky (GK) rumoured on Facebook
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    ontariosaint reacted to Desperately Seeking Susans in Kilmarnock v St Mirren   
    Hey, I'm trying  to avoid seeing EP scores for MOTD!
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