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8 minutes ago, whydowebother said:

West Ham seem to fancy there chances, but like you, I’ve seen Liverpool enough to know they can turn this round



ETA: I think I’m in the hotel they use for Darts tournaments ? North Lakes .... sounds familiar





Trust me no to be watching it, sounds a good game.

No sure about North Lakes, Google it FFS! :P

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On 2/24/2020 at 10:08 PM, whydowebother said:

Absolutely, none of the current crop would get in our team back then with perhaps exception of Lladky ?

So many excellent players of which we haven’t seen the like since

Agreed , but it's a totally different ball game now , and we did lose at home to Ayr shortly after the Liverpool game , losing two joke goals in the process. 

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Yes indeed. 

Scottish Football may well get allocated TWO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE PLACES instead of one. 

Who will qualify for these PLACES every Season? 

And those TWO SECTARIAN CLUBS will continue to rake in the MILLIONS while the 40 Diddy Clubs get crumbs. 

Aye, let's support our Govan Friends tonight. 

Let's not. 


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