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Managerial Merry Go Round


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We’ve been to most Leeds home games, performances have been good

Results however…..

He’s just brought in 4 new players last week and not had the chance to play them for 90 minutes yet

Play Manchester United twice this week in the league

Let’s see how this pans out
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And JG already being punted for the gig at Motherwell. ( the Daily Ranger - I haven’t linked)
Too soon, I’d have thought…
Did his family move up to Aberdeen…?
(anyBuddie, itk?)
I know he was renting a flat in Aberdeen last summer with his family still living in Glasgow at that time. Don't know if that has subsequently changed.
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8 hours ago, shull said:


To be honest did really, really well with Luton maybe totally punching above their weight in championship but the gulf in standard of basically everything between Premier league and a very workmanlike championship team is frightening. He is a decent manager but too early for Premier league.

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Ian mcCall noo too

Not just McCall [emoji44]

We have this evening relieved Ian McCall, Alan Archibald and Neil Scally, of their duties in relation to the first team with immediate effect

The club would like to place on record it’s sincere appreciation to all three for their contributions to Partick Thistle over many years
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