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The Stephen Robinson Interviews Thread


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36 minutes ago, beyond our ken said:

A return to the hangdog & perplexed SR of this time last year and a certain resignation in his body language

He knows the game is just about up for a top 8 finish never mind top 6, despite what he  says

Agree with that. Blaming injured strikers (who never score anyway)and inexperienced defenders, whom HE signed, it seems he has conceded any prospect for top six. Maybe just as well because can you imagine the prospect of more OF games and the tankings that would ensue. Perhaps best leave top six to Ross Co, Livi, St Johnstone, Motherwell, who have all proved they can actually achieve that feat.

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6 hours ago, faraway saint said:

Utter drivel.  

We don’t have enough players of any real ability to make a dent on the top 6 

you should realise I am not battering him, I just accept a certain reality for us and see us as very much in the 7th to 10th place bracket 

as a club we are simply marking time until another upturn, or more likely another downturn 

that’s just us, nothing bad in that 


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The fact we're pushing to finish in the top half of the top division, and have been for a few seasons now, is marvellous. But it's always going to be a big ask for  a club like ours, with the resources we have - we shouldn't rightfully be in the top-six.

Last night was a poor result, although I think we could have nicked a point. But looking at Aberdeen and St. Johnstone's games, I still think we have a good shout. I think Stephen's done brilliantly this year, despite a slow start. He's got Main playing well, and brought in some decent players. I was wanting to see him punted at the end of last year, but I was wrong about him. We still occupy sixth spot. We can do this. :) 

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7 hours ago, eastlandssaint said:

Pretty obvious that the players and the manager have earned their place over 33 games.

Every point picked up before yesterday's disappointment is the reason we're where we are although it's still not good enough for some.

Make ye greet. :(

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