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  1. Bit of a lapse there from Jack with that shirt.
  2. A Final one I'd imagine.
  3. Too soon for JR to go to Aberdeen. If they were looking within Scotland it would be more likely they would go for someone like Alan Archibald.
  4. They actually have a Scottish offshoot, the SDL. These are guys who wish to 'defend' Scotland but at the same time hate it and want it subsumed into Greater England.
  5. No doubt paying considerably more money.
  6. I'd rather not, links to scum like Britain First isn't my bag.
  7. Oh yes that rings a bell.
  8. Who's his brother?
  9. Yep. Case of the wrong player at the wrong time brought in by the wrong manager.
  10. Now for Stelios, Loy and Davis to sign and no one will stop us next season.
  11. Ryan Hardie and Scott Gallacher?
  12. No doubt some misery guts will say it's bad because Alloa would have brought 30 more away supporters.
  13. I like Martin too, although he could probably do with losing a bit of weight.
  14. To be fair it wouldn't be Black and White Army without an 'ahm no gaun' tantrum.