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  1. As the guy from Dunoon who got scraped off the roadside will attest.
  2. McLeod leaves with £25,000 for being one of the worst players ever to (dis)grace the Crucible stage. Wish I was as bad at snooker as him.
  3. Hibs fans won't want to see their team lose to anyone who has Rudi Skacel in their line up.
  4. I believe the Lord is certain we will lose to Hibs, as he says 'as we go down to Hibs'. Struggling though to get my head round the mentality of some of our fans who believe that Hibs are certain to lose to Raith and Ayr yet think that we can't beat them also.
  5. You'd hope so as these will be games that have not been budgeted for.
  6. Away goals do not count in these ties. Season tickets probably not valid either, sorry Shull
  7. We could win this game and still be relegated, equally we could lose it and still stay up. Apocalypse not yet confirmed.
  8. The likes of Airdrie, Clyde and Ayr have never been that well supported, certainly not in the last 30 or so years. It could be argued that these teams have found their level whereas the likes of Partick and ourselves have a higher natural level as we are better supported.
  9. Dunfermline, Morton and Partick all seemed to manage to survive it. I just don't get this apocalyptic stuff.
  10. Only 2 tickets left as of last night.
  11. What about us? Win our last 2 games and Dumbarton lose one of theirs then we will stay up on goal difference, making the above irrelevant.
  12. My wakefulness is not in doubt. Being relegated to League 1 would be a massive blow financially but even more so to our prestige. That said it doesn't have to be forever, no reason why we couldn't do a Livingston and come straight back up.
  13. And rightly so. Once the bookies get wind of the certain Raith win then those odds will shorten.
  14. Neither can I. I thought we would have been down weeks ago.