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  1. Listen to what? Dundee say they made no approach.
  2. You've taken that too far. No point living in the past.
  3. Hope you are right but I've got a bad feeling.
  4. 2-1 to Europa.
  5. It's a done deal sadly. The narrative is set if the colts do well in the Irn Bru then they will have deserved their chance, do poorly then it will show the need for young players to be exposed to competitive football. You would hope the clubs would show some backbone but they will be bought off as usual.
  6. I'm sure if we lose at home to East Kilbride you won't mention it or use it to criticise the manager in any way.
  7. Both teams will have to agree pricing, it is doubtful that EK would agree to something that will leave them out of pocket.
  8. Season ticket holders will get that one for free.
  9. Just saying. Anyway I don't think he'd fit with Jack's style of play.
  10. Farid El Alagui is available.
  11. This post by FB is for once partially correct. All those fixtures will occur at some point this season.
  12. Signed for Dumbarton.
  13. They have escaped the opening round due to last seasons league positions and will join in for Round 2.