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  1. Doing my job for me there
  2. Who inherits his video collection?
  3. I believe that is known as damning with faint praise. Ross will be in charge regardless of what happens this season, time to accept thst and move on.
  4. Sounds good, might join you. Is it licensed?
  5. Who had been sacked about 4 months previously and was threatening to hold out for his entire contact to be paid up (about another 3-4 years if I'm not mistaken), and given the financial position of the club at the time administration may have been the outcome. It would be a real shame to use an unbudgeted windfall to sack a manager.
  6. It is because of all the previous pay offs that Ross will probably be staying even if the worst were to happen as we have to move on from that cycle.
  7. The compensation he would be due would suggest a firing is unlikely.
  8. Stalking? Merely giving my opinion just like yourself, no need to fall out about it.
  9. You say that 'he wasn't the right man for our needs' as if that was undisputed fact when it is no more than an opinion. I happen to think he is the right man for our needs and more importantly so does Gordon Scott. Ross appears to be a long term appointment as we attempt to move away from the short term shitfest sacking cycle. He has built his own team and things are improving, give the guy a break.
  10. Is it the guy you described as Saints legend earlier in the season before he became our manager?