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  1. scottd

    New Assistant Manager

    Played alongside Stubbs for Bolton in the 90's.
  2. scottd

    Farewell Dirty Den

    Is he really dead though? Maybe just resting in the canal.
  3. Unfortunately the team didn’t live up to it.
  4. scottd

    Stubbzo's Surprise?

    Spalding back as number 2 with new software for his algorithm?
  5. scottd

    League Opener

    Hamilton or St Johnstone at home, as then the game will most likely be a Saturday 3pm kick off and not moved around for TV.
  6. scottd

    Stubbs Confirmed

    Pity he never stayed there.
  7. scottd

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Good luck in trying to get DOP to admit any chance of error.
  8. scottd

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Ian Murray was three years ago for goodness sake. It was a poor appointment by a board who had lost their way and has no relevance to what is occuring at Saints these days.
  9. scottd

    Irn Bru Scottish Challenge Cup

    What next? Women’s teams? Wouldn’t put it past Dongcaster.
  10. scottd

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Gow who had already been brought to the club by Teale.
  11. scottd

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Have to say I’m not sure about Kearney, would probably be too much of a gamble. Mellon though would an interesting appointment.
  12. scottd

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Totally agree David. I honestly don’t know who some of our fans think we can attract. Either Stubbs or McIntyre would be a safe pair of hands appointment which I reckon is what we need as we return to the top flight.
  13. scottd

    New Manager Latest Odds

    At Hampden. What was he doing there? Talking to Gus perhaps, better not tell Shull he might crash his taxi with excitement.
  14. scottd

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Didn’t work for Queens Park last season
  15. scottd

    Harry Davis

    Shouldn’t be an issue as they aren’t allowed in the EFL.