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  1. You'll get a discount if you opt to add the missing 'N' and 'Y'.
  2. If you like our goalie, and you think he's sexy, come on sugar let me know.
  3. I can't be doing with all this excitement and feelgood factor. This isn't what being a St Mirren fan is supposed to be like. I'm in danger of enjoying myself here.
  4. What kept you? Someone in the phonebox you use to whip on your FFS cape?
  5. Aberdeen - Alex McLeish... makes sense.
  6. Drew? Where are you? Warm up yer' catchphrase...
  7. That's a cool T-Shirt he's wearing in the feeshal website photo. Cool for a fit 18 year old... not a flubbery old fart like me. Would have loved a shirt like that for heavy rock gigs back in 1978 though.
  8. Those were the days. That Clydebank Christmas game was mental.
  9. Go on, the pull is strong in this one.
  10. Thoughts? Someone knows a bit about the Seattle Seahawks.
  11. Good luck. Welcome to the 2021 Theatre of Feelgood Factor.
  12. Aye, it's a sign that they'll need to widen the cockpits of jet fighters to fit Val Kilmer's arse in.
  13. The media down South might catch on to a deleted tweet from an 18 year old lower league footballer. Well, they might, but they might not give a fcuk. They might be concentrating on the sickening story itself which is no-where near finished even revealing the identity of victims. The media might be more interested in the critical terror alert and the prospect of the scum who did it not acting alone. They might be more interested in any inter-community tensions that may arise in the Manchester area, and if they DO turn their attention to social media, they may be more interested in the sort of sick Tweets that claimed kids who had been dead for years were missing after the concert in Manchester, re-opening painful memories of bereaved families. No, on the whole, unless someone deliberately informs the media, maybe the Scottish media in particular, then Horne should be safe from widespread national grief dished out in his direction. What he clearly isn't safe from, is the wider St Mirren support thinking he's a thick tattooed fcukwit who displayed questionable gobshite views at a sensitive time. Just after a tragic event that chose a venue full, mostly, of innocent young girls. Teenagers and wee weans going to see a pop singer. FFS doesn't do the actions of that cnut justice. The ball is firmly in Horne's court. At present, I certainly have him marked as #thichasfcuk. Doesn't mean I want him drummed out of the club. Far from it, I'd rather see him given a chance and a fair go, ball is in his court though.... he brought it upon himself.
  14. Every new signing gets a fair go. New signings don't generally post shite on Twitter before the ink has dried on their contract though.
  15. I meant we're all getting somewhat excited and enthusiastic.... it's a shock to the system. We need calmed down. This feelgod factor could give us heart attacks.