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  1. Latest Scores

    Fcuk off Livingston.
  2. Hospitality Prices 2017/18

  3. Paisley Boooooo Boys!

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-43471024 Can just imagine the scene. Came straight from booing St Mirren to the ice rink. ‘Haw! You’re shite!’
  4. Latest Scores

    Dundee United’s game tonight is kinda’ like Donald Trump’s inauguration - hardly anyone bothered turning up to see something shite and orange coloured.
  5. Without his maverick skills, we’ll be goosed.
  6. Aye. Two weeks in Magaluf.
  7. From my view, the biggest drawback to being in the top flight is the Old Firm. Simple as that. Yes, Hearts have some arseholes, and an away day at New Douglas Park, IMHO is trumped by an away day at Falkirk, but what can you do? Just try to enjoy it. There’s three scenarios for the club long-term IMHO. One, St Mirren are an established top flight club. Two, we yo-yo between the top division and the second tier, enjoying a Championship win maybe every five years(ish). Three, we drop into the second tier and float around it for donkeys years, unable to get out. Despite flirting with it, I genuinely don’t see us dropping lower than the second tier. So, if you prefer scenario two, how can you really enjoy a Championship title if the reward for winning it is a return to the top flight you hope we don’t hang around in for too long? Would anyone really hope St Mirren win a Championship, then drop back down ASAP so we can win another one? Nah, for me, on balance, the best scenario is for us to try our best to get to, and stay in, the top flight. The biggest problem for me the last time wasn’t so much the relegation battles, it was the grim football we served up while fighting them. Played in a stadium many of us still felt wasn’t home. Bottom line, there’s no ideal scenario, so while the OF are toxic, there’s always away days in Edinburgh, good crowds v Killie, and Aberdeen always bring a good support to our midden. The players will want to be playing at Celtic and Sevco, it has to be better commercially, Jack will want it. If we are fighting relegation, so be it. I just hope we give a good account of ourselves and try to play some fitba’..... .....Edit: and avoid any 7-0 style gubbings by the ugly sisters. Don’t mind losing if we fought hard, but cannae’ be doing with those roll over and play dead days.
  8. Ton 's Debt

    If you used to have a rival but they died, If you used to have a rival but they died, You should have looked out for the bucket, With ‘Save the Morton’ on it..... ....If you used to have a rival but they died.
  9. Cannae’ update some HoF panels in over five years to reflect the new inductees, but they’re going to fill in corners with seating? Aye, right ye’ are.
  10. I Feel Fine

    Lady Gaga ‘Edge of Glory’.
  11. 99/00 was great, but the best I’ve experienced (and ever likely to experience) was the Fergie’s Furies period. I’m sure those too young to remember it think us auld farts exaggerate it, make it into something it actually wasn’t, but hand on heart, we don’t exaggerate how good it was. For those three years or so, it really was magnificent. Even in defeat, being kicked off the park at Motherwell in the cup, it was electric in Fir Park that day. The whole town was energised, the OF weren’t overly dominant forces, Christ, Clydebank FC were some team. Samba Adidas shoes on ice, beating Dundee at Dens to win the title, a team with the likes of Fitzpatrick, Stark, Richardson, Reid, Hyslop, Torrance, McGarvey.... After that, for me, the next best thing was the 2013 League Cup, because it erased the memories of 2010, and the 1987 Scottish Cup, because it erased the memories of three painful semi final losses to the OF and Aberdeen. 1987 and 2013 were indeed cathartic moments.
  12. Skyview and Involvement with St.Mirren FC

    I still get great use out of my CETCO toaster and BBQ tongs set.
  13. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    In regard to them actually catching or overtaking us, yes. However, while we carry on our own merry way, what’s wrong with wanting the hapless Arabs to get pumped every week too? I’d love to see them slip out of the playoffs, go into administration, disappear into oblivion and shove their big spending on duds like Scott McDonald right up their jute and jam sphincters. I’d rather see Morton get a playoff berth. GIRFUY Lorraine Kelly.
  14. No shit, Sherlock.

    If we get promoted, the last thing our announcer should do, when facing either ‘Old Firm’ side, is to announce how many of them there are, and to thank them. Our BoD will likely hand over half the ground to them, will turf out our own South Stand fans to accomodate them, and while the stewards and police treat St Mirren fans in one fashion, will allow the hordes to stand, smoke, chant sectarian songs and most likely set off smokebombs / display political banners. A lot of these cnuts will be from Paisley, Johnstone, or anywhere nearby you care to mention. Thank them? Aye, right ye’ are. Fcuk them.