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  1. Love Street. Now & Then

    I once had a thick velour of sediment in my Bovril. Does that count?
  2. Brucie passes away (89)

    No-one will outlast Chookie Embra'. A smile, a song, casual racism and a firm handshake... puts Forsyth's song & dance man schtick into perspective.
  3. So Farewell Then.... Brucie!

    I was never a fan either, but fair play to the guy. Tell you what, when you read about Jimmy Calderwood and others... I want to be like auld Bruce.... going strong until a ripe old age, got your faculties, slip away at 89 peacefully surrounded by your family. Fcuk yeah... where do I sign!?
  4. Challenge Cup

    Hammer them, then get Linfield at home. 'St Mirren would like to welcome all visiting fans, and a ragtag bunch of knuckledragging nenderthals with Sevco leanings, into our South Stand for a fun-filled family evening of Bells Ramsdens B&Q Petrofac Irn Bru Norn Iron Welsh Diddies Colts & Overage Colts cup football. Season ticket holders who wish to move can do so, we would suggest moving to New Zealand. One town one team.' Remember where you read it first.
  5. Just even thinking about an article on our club website 'Jack Ross gives his reaction following the match with Hearts U20 Colts' gives me the boak.
  6. Guess what! I also go to St Mirren games to watch St Mirren win.
  7. IRN BRU CUP....2017/18

    It's the Diddy Cup - so I'd need a Kit Kat Kolt.
  8. IRN BRU CUP....2017/18

    If we had lost to EK, I would have shook my head, mumbled FFS St Mirren! to myself, and received a couple of wind-up texts from Sellik supporting mates. I would have replied to those texts in good spirit - then I'd have put the kettle on and maybe had a Kit Kat chunky. End of. If we'd lost to EK in the Scottish Cup, I'd have been somewhat more miffed.
  9. IRN BRU CUP....2017/18

    I'm not suggesting St Mirren should deliberately throw a match, any match. I'm not suggesting any St Mirren manager should tell his players to throw a match. I'm merely saying, should St Mirren lose in the Challenge Cup - I personally would not give a flying fcuk.
  10. I wonder if any St Mirren fans will go to this and get a staunner' if we win, pretending we've just beaten Heart of Midlothian FC in a cup competition? Hint... The Bootleg Beatles aren't the real Fab 4, and Gallus Cooper was merely a wonderfully named Scottish Alice Cooper tribute act. Final hint, the mob currently wearing five comedy stars and masquerading out of Govan urnae' the real Rangers. I am no Billy Big Baws... I can handle the fact St Mirren dropped out of the top flight. We deserved to be relegated. Despite me seeing us win the Scottish and League Cups, winning Division 1 titles, reaching many major semi finals and playing in Europe... I do not think we are big shots and should be automatically up there with Aberdeen and Celtic... However, I retain a strong sense of pride and love for my hometown team, and we should simply not be lining up against fcuking U20 Colt teams. Never. Unless as a pre-arranged closed doors friendly, or something to fill a blank international week to get match fitness for some first teamers. A fcuking joke.
  11. Does this mean Fir Park has a Plummer and a fat pipe fitter? Just need an electrician and a joiner.
  12. Challenge Cup

    I'm a moaner, but I won't be anywhere near the final. Hearts Colts U20 with optional auld heads? FFS. Scottish football can fcuk off, just fcuk off.... naturally I exclude the good ship Smurrnn and all who sail on her.
  13. Scottish Clubs In Europe 2018/19

    'Mon the Arse Tanner.