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  1. ... and they couldn't even glue that one centrally in the white stripe.
  2. Bummer for the Sevco fan on the foreign holiday catwalk this summer... Oh, that kit is SO last year's look dahling...
  3. Good point, well made.
  4. Aye, but don't grown men have more important things in their lives than watching other grown men kick a bag of wind into a big net in the first place?
  5. Fcuk sake. Just listen to his singing voice - permanently jaked!
  6. I repeat - it's the close season, folk buy the kit, like to see what they deem a nice kit, gives something to discuss when not much is going on. Certainly nothing on-field yet. If no-one should give a fcuk about the kit, why give a fcuk about anything other than full-time results?
  7. I might be wrong, but I don't think English is the first language of whoever typed this 'Design feature' part... http://www.joma-sport.com/en/sponsor/st.mirren-football-club I love a moan, so here's another one. In the video at the end, as well as the photos...At least affix the club crest in the middle of the white stripe you fcuking idiots.
  8. Fcuking boooooo!
  9. Nah... get yourself to Orlando. http://www.holylandexperience.com/
  10. Released later than some other teams. Badly presented images on Twatter that Div also deemed poor to be used on the e-store. A Joma presentation video that showed a completely different kit badged up with a Saints crest. An SNS photoshoot that appears to show the players wearing different shorts, certainly different socks. The design is clearly subjective, so while I personally wonder why there's black jaggy bits, a crap looking treatment of the sponsor logo, half-white and half-black under-arm areas, and a yellow Joma logo with red names and numbers, possibly a big bendy white arse-shape on the back of the shorts, and four-hooped socks..... one man's dug's dinner may well be another man's delight. Anyway, just answering your query about possible moaning 'issues'.
  11. It's the close season. It's either the new kit being discussed or, erm, well... normally 'gie's a signing FFS'... but Joma Jack has stymied that line of discussion by cunningly signing players, and signing em' early. FFS Ross!
  12. Found out why REA has been quiet recently - he's in Argentina running this place... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-40416626 Holy Shit!
  13. Shorts and socks look different from previous images. No four hooped socks and shorts would appear to only have a white stripe down each side and no big white arse shape. A co-ordinated and coherent launch from St Mirren. Aye right... a half-arsed pre-launch Twatter leak of images that did the kit no favours, were probably only half of the correct kit, and should never have happened at all. Who posted the images on Twatter anyway?
  14. Sad news. Hard to bear.