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  1. Fun activities will include a kid's disco, face painting, and the Billy O'Brien 'bung a baw at a Fifer' competition.
  2. Clearly, there's now a way Div can do his Periscope stuff and the stewards won't touch him. Div simply carries on while the St Mirren support loudly sing 'The cry was no surrender...' or 'Soldiers are we....' Stewards / polis will do fcuk all.
  3. It's not over, but Adele is warming up.
  4. Down periscope.
  5. The stewards threw him out after O'Brien's shocker to save him from further punishment.
  6. Ross must go/stay/go/stay/go/stay/go/stay/go....
  7. What the actual fcuk from O'Brien!? Jesus wept - get a bit of feelgood factor and you know what's coming... the boot in the haw maws.
  8. Big Front Door chinned by Big Fife Dickhead.
  9. Or, simply remove the HoF panels as they provide nothing, buy pots of paint and brushes, get a team in and paint the grey breezeblock some colour or other. That's what a SMiSA committee member suggests.
  10. A car crash of a post.
  11. 7. Get it sorted MacPherson. 8. FFS Cheesy! 9. FFS Webster! 10. FFS Langfield! 11. Get Clarkson on.
  12. I agree with Drew. No, sorry, I agree with Brendan Rodgers and Neil Lennon. Edit: Probably the first and last time I'll ever agree with Lennon and the sitting manager at that mob.
  13. I'm no Neil Lennon fan, nor do I particularly care about the fortunes of Celtic FC and their manager. However, if St Mirren have played well in two difficult games against bigger clubs with bigger resources and probably better players, and the opposition managers say something nice about us, I'm quite happy to believe they said it because they believed it and believed it was deserved.
  14. I agree. Wish he'd said 'St Mirren were only in the lead because we were half asleep, McKay-Steven was shite, and Boyata was doing his best Efe Ambrose impersonation. The pitch was guff, suited the lower league hammer throwers. Craig Gordon's kick outs were pish. Dembele sclaffed an easy chance wide, otherwise we'd have mopped the floor with these losers. I kicked my team's arse at half time to wake the barstewards up. Lazy chunts won't be in my team at Ibrox next week'. If he'd actually said that, I think he would have got less grief on here than he has for paying us a compliment.
  15. 1. I'm sure Jack will take his comments as a nice compliment, then forget about it and move onto Raith. 1a. Can't see a 4-1 defeat causing any Billy Big Baws thoughts. 2. Probably. Which I find mildly amusing.