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  1. pozbaird

    Help ???

    There’s clearly something lacking in div’s armour.
  2. pozbaird

    Great Tasting Lager.

    I’m enjoying Curious Brew lager and IPA. From an English winemaker who uses champagne yeast to make beer. Tastes great IMHO. Very crisp.
  3. pozbaird

    International Team Kits

    Ah, stupid old me has got it now. It’s a co-incidence we play in blue and white and have a blue and white flag. So happened Queens Park played originally in blue and that’s where we got it, not from the national flag colours. Right ye’ are. Apology offered, more caffeine needed.
  4. pozbaird

    Stadium developments

    Would need to clear it with our new manager Alan Shrubs. FFS. That’s rank. Wank Tank for me.
  5. pozbaird

    International Team Kits

    The Scottish flag is blue and white, the Scottish national team play in blue shirts and white shorts. Unless I’m missing something. I was more wondering about the likes of Japan, who have a red and white flag, always play in blue, or Germany, who play in black and white, having a national flag that is black, red and gold / yellow. There must be historical reasons for such a departure.
  6. pozbaird

    Stadium developments

    Wouldn’t be a very poplar idea.
  7. pozbaird

    Stadium developments

    I never suggested you didn’t. The fifth word of my post should maybe have been ‘anyone’, the ‘you’ was a generalisation, not intended merely as you personally.
  8. pozbaird

    Stadium developments

    I don’t know how you can argue against it. It’s June, the school holidays are nearly upon us, but the airdome is shut with the official website saying they don’t know when it will open. To my eyes at least, the airdome ‘experiment’ is very seriously flawed, if not failed. IMHO the club should not be talking about expensive stadium redevelopment while there’s an unfit for purpose burst baw’ lying out the back of the North Stand looking like a StuD forum argument that has had the air sooked out of it.
  9. pozbaird

    Willo flood

    Why would we have wanted a past-it wee bawbag who now just runs around in circles booting opponents left, right and centre?
  10. pozbaird

    Stadium developments

    My point though is that instead of talking about doing any of that, talk should instead be of getting something built that can be used 365 days a year, in a Northern European country where inclement weather is guaranteed, the bouncy castle is a pig in a poke.
  11. pozbaird

    Stadium developments

    Instead of talking about filling in corners, safe standing areas, offices.... why not get something that works to replace this damn thing? It’s Scotland, it snows, it rains, it gets windy, it gets icy... no shit. Not fit for purpose. It’s the middle of June FFS, not January, and the bouncy castle is shut with no idea of when it will be open again? https://www.stmirren.com/news/community/community-news/1928-dome-update-3
  12. pozbaird

    International Team Kits

    Watching the World Cup has re-ignited a question in the recesses of my brain... what’s the deal with nations who play in a kit that doesn’t contain the colours of their flag? I have a vague idea about one or two of them, but no real definitive knowledge. Seeing as how I’m bored, there’s nae’ Stubbsy endorsed signings, and everything is all a bit Wank Tank at the moment... without Googling, anyone clever enough to know about any of these, or any I may have missed? England Norn Iron Japan Italy Germany Netherlands Australia New Zealand
  13. pozbaird

    Gavin Reilly

    Mr Stubbs should indeed pick up the phone and get deals done for players, as I’m sure he is / will be / needs to sooner rather than later. He shouldn’t be anywhere near phoning Gavin’s agent. A decision has been made and Stubbs has made it. The next phone call Gavin’s agent makes will likely be to Falkirk, Dunfermline, Morton, Queens....
  14. pozbaird

    Speculation Thread

    I’m ITK about one thing. I was chatting to GLS at the stadium when I was getting my car park pass, and he told me where he’s going on his summer holibobs this year. I’d rather be ITK about the ten incoming players I reckon we need, but it’s better than nothing, enjoy Saltcoats GLS.
  15. pozbaird

    New Assistant Manager

    I wonder how much we’ll get.