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  1. Saints Logo

    PMs sent, and e-mail sent with crest attached as a Photoshop jpeg and Illustrator vector file saved as a pdf.... glad to have been of help. COYS.
  2. Unfortunately I can't ignore you when you're being a fcuktard and changing thread titles. It's kinda' noticeable. One minute it's 'Celtic in Europe' then it's 'Celtic in Europe for those who love the co-efficient', then, after a joke about the wally who invaded the field, you change it again to 'pozzbaws is a cowardly cnut'... pozzybaws? Really? I'm happy to have a forum vote to see who else is fed up with your childish pish. Fancy it? Fancy seeing the results? Fcuking knob.
  3. Well fcuking stop doing it then you complete prick.
  4. Guaranteed lifetime ban - unless he's in the Green Brigade... in which case, a smack on the wrist and a pat on the head, don't do it again.
  5. Probably the kind of cnut that gets kicks by changing forum thread titles.
  6. Some daft cnut just earned himself a lifetime ban there by invading the field. Wasn't Rod was it, pished again?
  7. 0-3. Rod Stewart off to the airport. Sweet.
  8. Excellent. Ripping the pish out of them. Hope they hit 7, let the cnuts know how it feels when they do it to us diddies.
  9. Lewis Morgan

    Indeed - and hope that when his move comes, we have secured a nice sell-on clause, and Morgan's move is more like Kenny Dalglish & Liverpool and less like, erm, many others.
  10. Lewis Morgan

    Got to hope that, as a lad with his head screwed on, he, and indeed his agent, might think the best thing is to see out the entire season at St Mirren... keep progressing, keep picking up MoTM awards, pick up Scotland caps, pick up rave reviews, pick up more suitors, and pick up a Championship medal.... and then, instead of getting a decent move in January, get a great move in the summer. We can but hope. He won't be signing a new deal with us, we know this. Like McGinn, Mallan and McAllister, he won't be around for the long haul, we also know this. We also know that the days of Jim McLean and Dundee United signing players to a hundred year contract are gone. We know that the club are powerless to stop players moving. We know the post-Bosman landscape. All we can hope is that he plays the patient game and fancies sticking it out for a tilt at the title under Joma Jack and gets his big move just a bit later than January.
  11. Headlines You Can't Ignore

    STV news, two minutes ago - panda isnae' up the duff. No baby pandas. For the sixth year in a row, panda not with child.... tune in again in mid-August 2018 when the summer tourist season has slowed down again and everyone visiting Edinburgh is in a venue watching poncey shite at the festival.
  12. Lewis Morgan

    Wish he had the same one as Neymar Jr.
  13. 16/09/17 HUGE weekend for ST.Mirren

    Read my post again. I said a quality Engerland club.
  14. Great strip

    No they wouldn't. They could show 25 mins of any Scottish game and cut back on the pundits and it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference. Not these days when there's wall-to-wall live EPL games on, live English Championship games, live Scottish games, live La Liga games.... live Bundesliga, Seria A, Erdivisie, MLS, internationals.... FFS there's live games moved to BBC Sheep Shagger TV with Teuchter commentators... the days of 25 min highlights and Arthur Montford's jackets were the days when a live game was a big deal. It was the cup final, the World Cup, or Scotland v England in the home internationals. Not only that, but you had to watch the live game as it happened. No TV hard-drive to record a zillion hours of TV onto. These days, the best bit about Scottish highlights shows is Thommo's beard. MoTD remains an excellent highlights show for English top flight football with good highlights and good punditry - but there's no chance of a Scottish version being required or made these days. Kinda' sad isn't it? In the same way it's sad Love Street, Fergie's Furies, and the Glasgow Apollo are gone. C'est La Vie, as they say in Italy.
  15. St Mirren songs

    To the tune of 'Can you hear the Morton sing, no-oh, no-oh...' next time we get him... Collum is the referee, oh-no, oh-no, Collum is the referee, oh-no, oh-no, Collum is the referee, the game is fcuked by five past three, Oh-no, woah, no-no....