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    E=Mc2 reacted to Eric Arthur Blair in St. Mirren v Dunfermline Athletic 13-07-21   
    Here's the goal for those who haven't seen it
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    E=Mc2 reacted to Doakes in Season tickets   
    In fairness ticketing seems to be notoriously difficult to get right at low cost. The club could use one of the big companies like Ticketmaster, but would probably wipe out at least 1 player wage. As long as it gets sorted out before the start of the season I'm not overly bothered 
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    E=Mc2 reacted to stlucifer in Season tickets   
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    E=Mc2 got a reaction from eastlandssaint in Season tickets   
    Were we supposed to be able to purchase from today?
    I registered last week.
    I even received an email acknowledging my registration with an order number.
    I looked a few minutes ago and as far I can see they are still only looking for registrations and not orders.
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    E=Mc2 reacted to jaybee in Season tickets   
    But given that season ticket money directly impacts who we sign , surely that just detracts from the team which given last years improvement seems rather silly, I for one would rather pay and increase the potentiality of the team.
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    E=Mc2 reacted to Danish Buddie in Season tickets   
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    E=Mc2 reacted to Sonny in Season tickets   
    I haven't seen any references to emails being sent to individuals just links on social media on where to register. Once registration is complete a confirmation email is sent.
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    E=Mc2 reacted to munoz in Season tickets   
    With season ticket sales going directly to the transfer budget, it's a no brainer for me.
    We'll all get back when we get back.
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    E=Mc2 reacted to linwood buddie in Season tickets   
    I enjoyed watching games from the comfort of my recliner so I have no problem not getting lucky in a raffle and watching from home especially in the sh*tty weather.
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    E=Mc2 reacted to FTOF in Season tickets   
    Maybe, I'm in the minority, but I couldn't give a shit about rewards.
    I bought a season ticket to help support the club through difficult financial times.
    The club has thanked us several times for the financial support we've provided throughout the year. More than enough for me. 
    I had a good laugh at the dummy out of the pram highlighted statement.
    Brilliant? I think not.
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    E=Mc2 reacted to ALBIONSAINT in Season tickets   
    Call me Coco 👍🏻
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    E=Mc2 reacted to stlucifer in Season tickets   
    3 or 4 more than last season.
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    E=Mc2 reacted to Yflab in Speculation Thread   
    His surname is Erhahon.
    Ethan has played over 60 times for St Mirren since he made his debut as a 16 year old. He has been capped at multiple age groups by Scotland and is tipped to become the next St Mirren academy graduate to gain a full international cap following in the footsteps of McLean, McGinn and Morgan.
    He has only just turned 20.
    Who would you suggest we replace him with?
    Surely with your scouting prowess you could be using your skills and experience to help source excellent talent for Saints.
    You still can’t name one individual player you have sourced. 😂 
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    E=Mc2 reacted to elvis in The Scottish Play Offs 2021   
    Can't believe how bad Killie are .
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    E=Mc2 reacted to faraway saint in Kilmarnock V Saints   
    How many times have you seen Dundee this season? 
    I happen to think they will scoosh Dundee, and I haven't seen them but I've seen enough of Killie to think they will have enough to beat them. 
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    E=Mc2 reacted to magnus in Kilmarnock V Saints   
    I think Killie could beat Dundee easily IF they had a decent goalie.
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    E=Mc2 reacted to Bgsaint in St Mirren v St Johnstone. Scottish Cup Semi Final   
    I get the less disappointing bit! It’s not that it wasn’t disappointing, course it was but the players created enough chance that on a different day they might have won, which wasn’t the case against livi in the league cup. St. Johnstone’s form over the last two months also  meant rightly they were big favourites. 
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    E=Mc2 reacted to ontariosaint in Dummet strikes again   
    Sorry you are probably right but I was just so excited...It's a SIGN
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    E=Mc2 reacted to Slash in St Mirren v Hamilton Accies SPFL Premiership 1/5/21   
    If you can post on this forum then you could watch all the home games on St Mirren TV. I reckon you are on the wind up.
    Here’s the link https://tv.stmirren.com/
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    E=Mc2 reacted to TPAFKA Jersey 2 in Road To Hampden - Scottish Cup 20/21   
    In terms of the first bolded point, I haven’t seen anyone advocate spending “a big chunk of it” on players. Merely suggesting that with the guarantee of a European shop window and some extra cash, we could attract a better quality of player, which we undoubtedly could  without doing anything stupid or unsustainable.
    On the second point, of course there would be extensive travel expenses, but you’re talking thousands not millions.
    Honest tae f**k, only a St. Murn fan could throw a downer on a potential £3m windfall. 🙄
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    E=Mc2 reacted to TPAFKA Jersey 2 in Ayrshire Killie Boys v St Mirren Scottish Cup Quarter Final   
    I’d imagine if you reversed that for us in terms of home and away record it would be similar. 
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    E=Mc2 reacted to Smithers Jones in Ross County v St Mirren, Wed 21/4   
    When Durmus arrived I wasn't convinced he was any good, if he didn't beat his man with his first couple of attempts his confidence dropped and he didn't want the ball. Fair play to him, he has become a very important addition to the squad. I don't like him as much on the right or in the wing back role but he's done well regardless of where he has been asked to play. I really hope we can keep him.
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    E=Mc2 reacted to Tommy in Ayrshire Killie Boys v St Mirren Scottish Cup Quarter Final   
    After watching the highlights, i am sure our keeper will do better than the Montrose guy did today.
    Lafferty will need to be watch carefully but i feel Killie defence is suspect with Findley away and Broadfoot getting slower with his age.
    Burke in my view is still Killie danger man for us. 
    Hopefully the injuries to some of our midfield players will improved before the game.
    Also hope the team play with a back 4 instead of 3 at the back. 
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    E=Mc2 reacted to oaksoft in Livingston   
    So they deliberately shut down their youth setup so they could plough that money into the 1st team to potentially win a Euro spot against teams who have not done that.
    And now they're pleading poverty?
    No sympathy for cheaters.
    They have the finances of a Championship club. If they can't afford to compete at this level fairly then they deserve to be relegated. Hopefully next season.
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